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How to get Abstracts From Liver Meeting 2008 (AASLD)

Here's how to access the abstracts at Liver Meeting 2008.  A list of all abstracts under the heading of "viral hepatitis" will follow.  Not sure if late breaking abstracts are included.

(1) Go to: http://www.aasld.org/Pages/Default.aspx
(2) Register (We're all Hep C researchers, aren't we)
(3) Sign in
(4) click on "Liver meeting 2008"
(5) click on "Abstract and Presenters" (left bar)
(6) click on "View Itinerary Planner"
(7) click on "Search" (left bar)
(8) Fill out Search forum as appropriate. For the global search below, I simply went to "categories" and chose "viral hepatitis" from the drop down menu. I left the other fields blank. For more specific searches -- such as by sub topics or author - fill out appropriate fields.
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1790. Accelerated Fibrosis Progression in African-American (AA) Liver Transplant (LT) Recipients with Hepatitis C Virus (HCV).  K. R. Krishnan; R. Kim; M. G. Peters; S. Feng; J. P. Roberts; N. Terrault View Pres.

1791. Diagnostic accuracy of Transient Elastography: a comparison between chronic hepatitis B and C correlated with optimal-length liver biopsies..  C. Verveer; B. E. Hansen; P. E. Zondervan; H. L. Janssen; R. J. de Knegt View Pres.

Tue, Nov 04
8:00 AM
No itinerary selected

1780. Characterization of hepatitis C virus carriers with persistently normal ALT levels by human leukocyte antigen alleles and proteomics analysis.  F. Sasaki; H. Uto; Y. Sato; K. Kumagai; M. Oketani; A. Ido; K. Kusumoto; K. Hayashi; S. Stuver; T. Okanoue; H. Tsubouchi View Pres.

Tue, Nov 04
8:00 AM
No itinerary selected

1781. The HCV Serum Proteome: A Search for Fibrosis Protein Markers.  K. Cheung; K. Tilleman; D. Deforce; I. Colle; H. Van Vlierberghe View Pres.

Tue, Nov 04
8:00 AM
No itinerary selected

1767. Ferroportin c.1-310 CGG(7_9) as potential predictor for the treatment response in hepatitis C.  T. Ellermeyer; J. Büttner; S. Kaiser; H. G. Hass; E. Gentz; T. Fiedler; B. Bochow; R. Weltrich; H. Lochs; H. Schmidt View Pres.

Tue, Nov 04
8:00 AM
No itinerary selected

1788. Effective use of FibroTest attributes to generate decision trees in hepatitis C.  D. Lau-Corona; L. A. Pineda; H. H. Avilés; G. Gutierrez-Reyes; B. E. Farfan-Labonne; R. Nuñez-Nateras; A. Bonder; R. Martinez-Garcia; C. Gutierrez Ruiz; C. Corona-Lau; M. A. Olivera-Martinez; E. Wolpert; G. Robles-Diaz; D. Kershenobich View Pres.

Tue, Nov 04
8:00 AM
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Tue, Nov 04
8:00 AM
No itinerary selected

1789. Blood tests of liver fibrosis in patients co-infected with HIV and HCV.  P. Cales; P. Halfon; D. Batisse; F. Carrat; P. Perré; G. Penaranda; D. Guyader; L. d'Alteroche; C. Michelet; P. Veillon; L. Weiss; P. Cacoub View Pres.

Tue, Nov 04
8:00 AM
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1793. Between-laboratory variations for Fibrotest-Actitest measurement in patients with hepatitis C in ANRS HC EP 23 Fibrostar study..  J. Guéchot; E. Lasnier; M. Vaubourdolle; A. Paris; J. Zarski View Pres.

1779. Interim Analysis of the Natural History of Chronic Hepatitis C Genotype 1 and 6.  W. Seto; C. Lai; J. Fung; J. L. Young; J. Yuen; D. Wong; M. Yuen View Pres.

1792. Acoustic Radiation Force Elastography versus Transient Elastography for non-invasive assessment of liver fibrosis in viral hepatitis: a new Alternative? .  M. Friedrich-Rust; K. Wunder; F. Sotoudeh; S. Kriener; S. Martens; T. Poynard; E. Herrmann; J. Bojunga; S. Zeuzem; C. Sarrazin View Pres.


1796. Combination of 13C-methacetin breath test by online molecular correlation spectroscopy and transient elastography improves diagnostic performance of non-invasive fibrosis assessment in chronic hepatitis C.  O. Goetze; A. Grau; A. Geier ; T. Gerlach; M. Fried; B. Mullhaupt View Pres.

1783. A simple diagnostic algorithm to evaluate liver fibrosis in patients with chronic hepatitis C .  S. M. Martinez; M. Bruguera; J. M. Barrera; X. Forns; J. M. Sánchez-Tapias View Pres.

1768. Acute /recent HCV infection. Clinical Laboratory variants. Host andViral characteristics..  T. Tsertsvadze; L. Sharvadze; M. Karchava; A. Abutidze; E. Dolmazashvili View Pres.

1784. Follow-up study of ALT levels in patients with Chronic Hepatitis C and baseline normal ALT..  B. Ruiz-Antorán; J. Calleja-Panero; O. Nuñez; D. Suárez; M. Barenys-De Lacha; J. Ortiz-Seuma; I. Latorre; B. Peñas; J. de la Revilla View Pres.

1782. Noninvasive Monitoring of Hepatic Fibrosis in Hemodialysis Patients with Chronic Hepatitis C.  C. Liu; C. Liang; C. Liu; S. Hsu; J. Lin; S. Chen; H. Tsai; P. Hung; M. Lai; P. Chen; J. Chen; J. Kao; D. Chen View Pres.

1785. Predicting Clinical Outcome Using Standard Laboratory Tests: Analysis of the Hepatitis C Antiviral Long-Term Treatment against Cirrhosis (HALT-C) Cohort..  M. G. Ghany; A. F. Lok; J. E. Everhart; G. T. Everson; W. M. Lee; T. M. Curto; E. C. Wright; A. M. Stoddard View Pres.

1769. Correlation of transient elastography (FibroScan) and hepatic artery doppler sonography in patients 30 years after single source hepatitis C genotype 1B outbreak in Germany.  I. Schiefke; M. Wiese; J. Wiegand View Pres.
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1775. HBV superinfection in HCV chronic carriers is associated with severe acute hepatitis and clearance of HCV chronic replication.  N. Coppola; M. Pisaturo; A. Masiello; G. Tonziello; C. Sagnelli; V. Messina; P. Filippini; E. Sagnelli View Pres.

1764. Re-evaluation of the genetic cirrhosis risk score in patients with chronic hepatitis C virus infection.  F. Grünhage; T. Mueller; R. Günther; C. Hellerbrand; U. Spengler; C. P. Strassburg; B. Schlosser; V. Weich; H. Wasmuth; F. Lammert; T. Berg View Pres.

1776. Error Factors for Transient Elastography in Chronic Hepatitis C.  V. Calvaruso; C. Cammà; V. Di Marco; S. Maimone; F. Bronte; M. Enea; M. Pleguezuelo; E. Xirouchakis; M. Misseri; P. Manousou; G. M. Dusheiko; A. K. Burroughs; A. Craxì View Pres.

1774. Spontaneous viral clearance in HCV seroconverters .  C. van den Berg; J. Schinkel; T. J. van de Laar; R. Molenkamp; D. van Baarle; R. Coutinho; M. Prins View Pres.

1770. The Impact of Hepatic Steatosis on the Natural History of Chronic Hepatitis C Infection (CHC) Infection.  T. J. Cross; A. Quaglia; S. Hughes; D. Joshi; P. M. Harrison View Pres.

1771. Evaluation of Transient Elastography and King’s Score for the Diagnosis of Fibrosis in Patients with Chronic Hepatitis C Infection.  T. J. Cross; V. Calvaruso; S. Maimone; I. Carey; A. Quaglia; F. Grillo; G. M. Dusheiko; A. K. Burroughs; P. M. Harrison View Pres.

1786. Sequence Analysis of the Hepatitis C Virus in Patients who Relapse after Sustained Virologic Response: Relapse or Reinfection?.  K. Hara; T. Heller; P. Nagabhyru; T. Liang; J. H. Hoofnagle View Pres.

1777. Hepatic steatosis decreases with advancing hepatic fibrosis: findings from the Hepatitis C Antiviral Long-term Treatment against Cirrhosis Trial (HALT-C).  A. F. Lok; J. E. Everhart; R. T. Chung; H. Kim; G. T. Everson; J. C. Hoefs; J. K. Greenson View Pres.

1794. Mortality and end-stage liver disease related to hepatitis C in injecting drug users..  K. B. Kielland; O. Dalgard View Pres.

1772. HCV in Liver Cancer Patients Has Characteristic Mutations in the Core Gene.  S. Fishman; S. Factor; C. Balestrieri; S. M. Desai; A. M. Di Bisceglie; G. Benson; A. D.

1778. Coffee Intake Is Associated with Lower Rates of Liver Disease Progression in Chronic Hepatitis C: Findings from the Hepatitis C Antiviral Long-Term Treatment against Cirrhosis (HALT-C) Trial .  N. D. Freedman; J. E. Everhart; K. Lindsay; M. G. Ghany; T. M. Curto; C. C. Abnet; R. Sinha View Pres.

1787. Neurocognitive Changes in CHC patients: the Effect of Interferon Therapy.  F. Barakat; D. L. Oliver; O. Vigil; M. Cherner; S. Woods; R. K. Heaton; I. Grant; S. Letendre; W. Perry; T. Hassanein View Pres.

1773. FibroTest diagnostic value according to ethnic origin and chronic viral hepatitis C (CHC) and B (CHB) etiology..  M. Munteanu ; Y. Ngo; V. Thibault; R. Morra; D. Messous; Y. Benhamou; F. Imbert-Bismut; T. Poynard View Pres.

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839. Identifying transmission pairs in hepatitis B source and contact tracing: agreement of epidemiological and phylogenetic analysis in the multi-ethnic community of Rotterdam (2002-2005).  I. K. Veldhuijzen; T. H. Mes; M. C. Mostert; H. G. Niesters; S. D. Pas; J. J. Voermans; R. A. De Man; H. M. Götz; G. J. van Doornum; J. Richardus View Pres.

858. High HBV DNA load, HBeAg positivity and considerable hepatic necro inflammation in patients with incidentally detected, asymptomatic chronic HBV-infected individuals from Bangladesh.  A. Mamun; R. Salimur; S. Akbar; K. Mobin; K. Md. Fazal; K. Md. View Pres.

859. Lack of correlation between viral load and extent of liver damages in patients with chronic HBV infection at Bangladesh.  A. Mamun; R. Salimur; S. Akbar; K. Mobin; K. Md. Fazal; K. Md. View Pres.

831. High Prevalence of Hepatic Steatosis and its Impact on Fibrosis in Chronic Hepatitis B.  W. Bleibel; G. Hussain; M. Lai; C. Hayne; N. H. Afdhal; D. Lau View Pres.

815. Age-specific prognosis following HBeAg seroconversion in chronic hepatitis B.  Y. Chen; C. Chu; C. Yeh; Y. Liaw View Pres.

821. Surface Antigen Seroconversion after Allogenic Hematopoietic Stem Cell Transplantation in Patient with Chronic Hepatitis B Virus Infection.  S. Woo; C. Kim; S. Nam; J. Choi; S. Cho; J. Yang; J. Han; Y. Lee View Pres.

820. Fusion HBx from HBV integrant in human hepatoma cell line is implicated in the development and progression of hepatocellular carcinoma.  R. Muroyama; N. Kato; M. Otsuka; J. Chang; M. Omata View Pres.

819. Mechanism of hepatitis B virus persistence following an acute infection – a study using duck hepatitis B virus of the roles of virus replication and cell turnover..  G. Reaiche; M. Le Mire; W. Mason; A. R. Jilbert View Pres.

832. RIG-I signaling Expression in Monocyte-derived Dendritic Cells in Patients with Hepatitis B virus infection.  G. Zhao; Q. Xie; H. Wang; L. Lin; H. Zhou; N. Jia; Y. Yang; C. Shi; B. Gong; X. Xiang; Q. Huang; Q. Guo; H. Yu View Pres.

818. Reactive oxygen species induce liver fibrosis in uPA/SCID mice with human hepatocytes infected with specific hepatitis B virus genotypes.  M. Sugiyama; Y. Tanaka; I. Maruyama; T. Shimada; S. Takahashi; T. Shirai; K. Hino; I. Sakaida; M. Mizokami View Pres.

834. T-1993C Polymorphism in The Promoter of TBX21 Gene Is Associated With Susceptibility to Persistent Hepatitis B Virus Infection.  S. Chen; W. Zhao; G. Deng View Pres.

844. Single nucleotide polymorphisms and functional analysis of Class II transactivator (CIITA) coding region in chronic HBV infection.  X. Zhang View Pres.

862. Hepatitis B Virus Basal Core Promoter Mutation and DNA Load Correlate with Expression of Hepatitis B Core Antigen.  C. Liu; P. Chen; Y. Jeng; J. Kao; D. Chen View Pres.

851. Influences of hepatitis B virus genotype and precore mutations on reactivation of occult hepatitis B in patients with hematological malignancy.  F. Sugauchi; Y. Tanaka; T. Sakamoto; A. Kusakabe; K. Mtsuura; M. Sugiyama; S. Nojiri; J. Takashi; M. Mizokami View Pres.

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867. Accumulation of Hepatitis B Virus DNA in hepatocellular carcinoma of patients with sustained virological response for hepatitis C virus .  A. Tamori; T. Hayashi; M. Shinzaki; S. Kobayshi; S. Iwai; H. Morikawa; M. Enomoto; H. Sakaguchi; S. Shiomi; S. Kubo; N. Kawada View Pres.

826. CD4+LAP+ regulatory T cells mediate the enhancement of the anti-HBV immune response: A novel method for an adjuvant-dependent augmentation of anti-viral immunity.  M. Mizrahi; G. Lalazar; A. Ben Ya'akov; T. Adar; L. Zolotarov; Y. Ilan View Pres.

868. Increasing frequency of acute hepatitis B with imported strain genotype A in Japan.  Y. Tamada; K. Yano; A. Komori; S. Abiru; K. Migita; M. Nakamura; H. Fujioka; H. Yatsuhashi; H. Ishibashi View Pres.

833. Hepatitis B virus-replication could induce sHSP60 and enhance regulatory T cell activity via toll like receptor 2..  Y. Kondo; Y. Ueno; S. Kon; J. Inoue; M. Ninomiya; E. Kakazu; M. Shiina; K. Tamai; Y. Wakui; K. Kobayashi; K. Fukushima; T. Kogure; H. Niitsuma; Y. Tanaka; M. Mizokami; T. Shimosegawa View Pres.

822. Cytopathic effect of hepatitis B virus obtained from fulminant hepatitis patients.  J. Inoue; Y. Ueno; Y. Wakui; K. Fukushima; T. Kogure; Y. Kondo; E. Kakazu; H. Niitsuma; T. Shimosegawa View Pres.

863. Drifting of HBV specific CTL epitope HBcAg18-27V to HBcAg18-27I in most HBV genotype B and C virus strains in China.  S. Ma; M. Liang; X. Hu; Y. Yu; J. Chen; L. Yang; C. Li; X. Xu; Z. Wang; J. Hou View Pres.

827. Perinatal transmission of hepatitis B virus: viral load and HBeAg status are significant risk factors.  E. Wiseman; M. A. Fraser; S. Holden; A. L. Glass; B. Kidson; L. G. Heron; M. Maley; A. Ayres; S. Locarnini; M. Levy View Pres.

838. Histological Findings Of HBeAg-negative Chronic HBV -Infected Patients With Persistently Normal Serum Alanine Aminotransferase Levels.  Q. Xie; Y. Yang; H. Zhou; H. Wang; H. Gui; L. Lin; W. Cai; W. Zhu; X. Xiang; B. Gong; Q. Guo; H. Yu View Pres.

861. Hepatitis B Viral Factors Influencing the Histological Changes Of HBeAg-negative Chronic HBV Infected Patients With Persistently Normal Serum Alanine Aminotransferase Levels.  Y. Yang; Q. Xie; H. Zhou; H. Wang; H. Gui; W. Cai; L. Lin; G. Zhao; C. Shi; H. Yu; Q. Guo View Pres.

864. Large deletion mutants of hepatitis B virus with amino acid substitutions in the core region emerges and dominates around the onset of active hepatitis in persistent HBV carriers.  N. Yamada; H. Yotsuyanagi; H. Miyoshi; T. Tsutsumi; H. Fujie; Y. Shintani; K. Moriya; C. Okuse; M. Suzuki; F. Itoh; K. Yasuda; S. Iino; K. Koike View Pres.

828. Cellular immune response to recombinant surface and core HBV antigens is not impaired in blood donors with occult hepatitis B infection.  M. Bes; S. Sauleda; N. Casamitjana; A. Esplugas; J. I. Esteban; M. Pirón; L. Puig; J. Guardia; V. Vargas View Pres.

816. Cleavage of duck hepatitis B virus envelope protein by endosomal proprotein convertase promotes viral cccDNA formation in non-susceptible LMH cells.  Y. Tong; R. Machida; S. Tong; J. R. Wands; J. Li View Pres.
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850. Limited Value of Single ALT Determination for Assessing Chronic Hepatitis B.  E. Heathcote; P. Marcellin; I. M. Jacobson; M. L. Shiffman; H. N. Trinh; K. J. Peschell; D. Goodwin; J. Sorbel; E. A. Fagan; F. Rousseau View Pres.

853. Estimated Prevalence of Chronic Hepatitis B (CHB) in Foreign-Born (FB) Persons Living in the United States (US) by Country/Region of Origin.  S. Welch; B. Chiang; P. Shadday; C. L. Brosgart View Pres.

817. HBx protein is necessary for HBV replication in human hepatocytes..  M. Tsuge; N. Hiraga; M. Imamura; S. Takahashi; K. Chayama View Pres.

835. A previously unidentified subset of CD4-CD8-T cells contributes to the persistence of chronic viral hepatitis via virus specific killing of CD8+ T cells.  W. Yan; X. Wang; Q. Xiaoming; J. Zhang; T. Chen; H. Wang; X. Luo; Q. Ning View Pres.

849. Control of HBV replication by HepaRG cells innate response .  J. Lucifora; D. Durantel; B. Testoni; O. Hantz; M. Levrero; F. Zoulim View Pres.

840. Is liver biopsy required for all patients (pts) with HBeAg-negative (HBeAg-) chronic HBV infection and HBV DNA <20,000 IU/mL?.  G. V. Papatheodoridis; E. K. Manesis; S. Manolakopoulos; I. Elefsiniotis; I. Giannousis; G. Kafiri; A. J. Archimandritis View Pres.

830. Impact of HBV variant fitness on their selection during anti-HBV therapy.  S. Villet; G. Billioud; C. Pichoud; J. Lucifora; O. Hantz; C. C. Sureau; P. Deny; F. Zoulim View Pres.

872. Mechanism for the Dependence of Hepatitis B virus genotypes G on Coinfection with Other Genotypes for Viral Replication.  T. Sakamoto; Y. Tanaka; M. Sugiyama; F. Kurbanov; K. Matsuura; A. Kusakabe; N. Shinkai; F. Sugauchi; M. Mizokami View Pres.

847. Future Hepatitis Activation and Hepatocarcinogenesis in HBeAg-Negative HBV Carriers with Persistently Normal Alanine Aminotransferase, a Prospective Cohort Study.  T. Nakazawa; Y. Shibata; A. Takeuchi; Y. Okuwaki; K. Ono; Y. Miura; H. Hidaka; Y. Tanaka; J. Takada; M. Watanabe; A. Shibuya View Pres.

871. The Frequency of T126 in Surface Antigen Increase with Disease Progression in Patients with Chronic Hepatitis B Virus (genotype C) Infection.  C. Kim; S. Yoon; C. You; J. Jang; S. Bae; J. Choi; J. Yang; J. Han; S. Choi; N. Han; C. Lee; Y. Lee View Pres.

823. Efficacy of hepatitis B vaccine against antiviral drug-resistant hepatitis B virus mutants in the chimpanzee model.  S. Kamili; T. Sozzi; G. Thompson; K. Campbell; C. M. Walker; S. Locarnini; K. Krawczynski View Pres.

860. Modulation of ERK, AKT, apoptosis and cell cycle in primary mouse hepatocytes and Huh7 cells by wild-type and rtM204I HBV..  R. Chin; U. Nachbur; C. Bock; J. Silke; J. Torresi View Pres.

854. Plasmacytoid Dendritic Cell function is impaired in Chronic Hepatitis B Infection.  D. Ratnam; K. Visvanathan; P. U. Cameron; W. Sievert View Pres.

824. New insights into HBV pathogenesis from kinetic analysis of HBeAg titre decay during potent antiviral therapy..  A. J. Thompson; E. Shudo; R. Ribeiro; K. Visvanathan; P. V. Desmond; G. K. Lau; A. S. Perelson; S. Locarnini View Pres.

841. Pattern of serial HBV DNA level and HCC development in Patients with Liver Cirrhosis.  J. Kwon; J. Choi; H. Woo; J. Kim; C. You; S. Bae; S. Yoon; N. Han; C. Lee; Y. Lee View Pres
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