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How to read Fibroscan results?

In my case it tells from 3 months ago:  F2-F3.
Should I take it as F2 or F3 ?
They measures 2 points:
point 1 - 11.9 with CAP = 312
point 2 - 8.1 with CAP = 336
what does CAP mean? How should I take this cap results.
my  hepatologist just take is as F2-F3 fibrosis, is he right ?
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Your FibroScan results may also be less accurate if you have:
A body mass index (BMI) higher than 30 (obesity)
A build-up of fluid in your abdomen (ascites)
Too little bile flowing out of your liver (biliary obstruction)

I’ve also heard it’s better to have the Fibroscan on an empty stomach
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CAP score Higher than 290 dB/m

Steatosis Grade S3

Amount of Liver with Fatty Change 67% or more

This is the high end of the score table. With a score of 400 being max score
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“ Your CAP score is a measurement of fatty change in your liver. Your healthcare provider will use your CAP score to find out your steatosis grade.
The CAP score is measured in decibels per meter (dB/m). It ranges from 100 to 400 dB/m. The table below shows ranges of CAP scores and the matching steatosis grade and amount of fatty change.”

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I’m sure your hepa is right he went to a lot more medical training than you or me.

I would read F2-F3 as a fibrosis score of F2 to F3 so basically half way between the two so F2.5

Or their saying could be F2 could be more like F3 as I previously mentioned Fibrosis scores are less specific in the mid ranges than when predicting either no damage F0 or cirrhosis F4  
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