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Hydrocodone and Pegasys

   I was wondering what is a safe level of hydrocodone (5/500) that a person can take a day while treating w/ Pegasys?  I have type 3a and have been on tx for 5 months now.

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You really need to talk to your Hep C doctor and the pharmacy filling your Hep C meds.

Everything you ingest is processed by the liver so the less your have to take the better off you are. That also includes herbal supplements.  Some are toxic to the liver.
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Sorry Deb I don't know and I would think this would be a question for your hepdoc cause he knows the extent of your liver damage and stuff like that.  A few now and then won't hurt but if you do have advanced damage you might want to see if they can prescribe the hydrocodone without the acetaminphen in it - I'm sure they do make it that way.

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