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I Have A Favor To Ask...Please

Hi Everyone, I had an appointment yesterday with My Gi, & I told him about all of You on this Site...He will be attending an HCV Conference soon, & was wondering if You would Not mind posting Information about Yourself, So I can print it out for Him...
He ask for the following info...
Geno Type~Age~Male/Female~Height~Weight~VL~What Tx are You on?
All Medications You are taking....And the Status of Your TX..
Even those that have completed Tx...

I don't mean to be Intrusive, but he is Trying to get an Idea of how the current Tx is working...

I am 42/F, 1a, 5'7, Weight 107, on Pegintron/Rebetol, 34/48 this Friday, I was undectable @ week 12, & Negative @ week 29..
I am fortunate enough not to have to Take any Ad's, or other meds, except Xanax when needed (Husband will not come home if I don't take it) LOL

I would Truly Appreciate Your help..And I Thank You in Advance!!
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I'm not sure if you're interested in mine or not, but I found out yesterday where I stand and wanted to thank all of you!

I am F/41, geno 1b,
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...and I hit the "post comment" by accident...

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I an 1a, male 53,185lbs, peg/co peg,ad,start 950,000vl, mild fibrosis, no ERV (YET)
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Female 1b, 5,500,000 IU/ml between stages 2 and 3 before treatment, was on Pegasys/Rebetol Combo for 53 weeks, 120 IU/ml at 12 weeks, undetectable at 24 weeks, 48 weeks and 2 months past treatment.

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age - 47

genotype - 1a

sex - male

height - 6'

weight - 150 lbs (170 pre-tx)

viral load - 3.2 million (pre-tx)

medications - 180mcg Pegasys (now taking 90mcg); 1000mg Rebetol (stopped at week 50); Neupogen (took every 3rd week, not currently needed); Xanax (when needed); One-A-Day (w/out iron) & a Zinc (my nurse said it helps the interferon) vitamins; Tylenol PM (when needed)

treatment status - undetectable at week 12 & throught treatment, on week 59 (50 full combination treatment, 9 at 'maintenance dosing')


BIOPSY STATUS = STAGE 3 (I would also include that because my understanding is the viral load doesn't matter that much, it is the biopsy results that count.)
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Female, 46 yo, 1B, VL 596,000, 121 lbs pre-tx (now 116 lbs);  
meds are .5 Pegintron and 800 mg Rebetol;
at wk 12 - VL 370; will do 20/48 this Friday.  

If I'm undetectable at 24 wks and continue, my dr is now talking about an additional 12 wks since I am a slow responder.

No other prescription meds at this time with exception of bc pills.  I do take a children's multivitamin, 800 IU's of Vitamin E, and calcium daily.
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