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I have Hep-C and No Health Insurance.

Hello.  I have had this disease for quite some time.  I am in the worst state, I beleive it goes by levels, my level is 4.  I have recently been put on medicine to help my body filter out the high levels of amonia i am experiencing.  I cannot obtain health insurance due to my current illness.  I have been advised to apply for Medi-Cal which i am working on just not sure how strict the application process is.  I am located in California.  I am seeking any help possible in regards to the application?  I do not make much money due to my illness and after write offs i basically net 0 dollars.  I do not have a house in my name.  I do have a life insurance policy but it isnt anything to write home about.  I have a car in my name and thats about it.  I need help and need it quick or i will not last long.  I am curious as to how accurate my application needs to be in order to ensure i get the help i need?  I had health insurance but was kicked off after a period of time and can no longer afford the rates they try to give me today.  Any information is appreciated.  I am not sure if any of this makes sense but it makes me feel better that i am at least reaching out for help.  Thank you.
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Hi there,

Sorry to hear you’re having troubles like this. I don’t know too much about MediCal; it’s California’s version of Medicaid, for others that are reading this. I was in a similar position, although while I had health insurance, I couldn’t afford the high co pays, etc. I filed for and received entitlement to SSDI, and eventually Medicare kicked in.

I believe they allow you to own your own home, and you can have one older model car on title. I can’t help with info on the life insurance policy. I tell you what; try calling HICAP in the morning, and see if they can help; they are Medicare advocates, but might be able to help with the MediCal as well; if not, perhaps they can refer you to an advocacy group for that program:


You’ll want to open that link, and find the office in your county; see if they can help. I spoke to someone from HICAP regarding my mother’s situation, and they were very helpful; in fact, I was able to speak with them very frankly. I couldn’t have done that with a Medicare counselor for obvious reasons.

Best of luck to you; keep taking the Lactulose so your head stays on straight; you’re going to need all your marbles to get through this.

Be well—

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First of all relax. Take a deep breath.
You are not alone. You can get help.

Besides medi-cal which you definitely need to apply for, you should phone area hospitals and Universities to find a good heptologist ( liver doctor), in case you don't already have one
Ask if they provide charity care.
I see a very good doctor at CPMC in San Francisco. UCSF is another good place in my area.
Charity care at CPMC covers doctor visits, lab visits, and pathology ( lab results) done there at thier facility.
A financial adviser at CPMC would tell you what's covered and what isn't.

If you ask for a recommendation and give an area in California someone might be able to help you.

If you decide to do the hepatitis treatment you can get your meds for free from either Roche or Sherringplough the makers of interferon if you are low income.
If the treatment works your liver will repair itself.

It sounds like you are on lactulose due to your high ammonia levels. If so, I think you may have cirrhosis. It is important you stay on this medicine or you can become delirious. I know because it happened to me.

Also, eat a very low salt diet. This will help to prevent a condition known as acsites.
Don't use ibuprofen. Do some searches about keeping your liver healthy.
And, I don't know if I need to say this but don't drink ANY alcohol.

Med-cal allows you to own your own home and car. I know there is a limit to how much money you can have in the bank but I'm not sure what it is.
They have a web site online. Go and check it out.
It is best to be truthful but you needn't volunteer any information not asked for.
They can check your bank accounts and employment information.

I don't mean to scare you but if your liver becomes bad enough you would need a transplant. Medi-cal will pay for one and there is no priority given based on which insurance you have.

I had decompensated cirrhosis when I was diagnosed with hepatitis C. I already had ascites. My belly was big, like a pregnant woman. Four years later, I had a transplant and now I'm doing great.

Good luck,

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After some research, discovered that I dont qualify for medi-cal.  So, I was wondering if any of you are aware of the quickest way to be granted social security disability?  should I just apply online and go into the office to hand deliver documents?  Insurance is of course, my priority. I feel a little desperate since Im experiencing very obvious physical changes/deterorations to my body. any info would appreciated!  
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I was practically fast-tracked through SSDI; it took me only 5 months to be approved from the time I filed. Even then, there is a 12 month waiting period to receive Medicare benefits. I made an appointment for an interview with a social security counselor at the local SS center; they filed the application for me. I should mention I was more the exception than the rule however; many folks spend years trying to recieve entitlement.

What part of California are you living in? CPMC does offer charity care, as Orphanedhawk mentioned; this might be a good place to start. Call the (650) number posted above and see what they have to say.

Best to you—

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I'm pretty sure I'm right on this. If you apply for Social security disability and you dont have any assets of any large amount, You can qualify for supplemental social security.(SSI) if you qualify for SSI there is no waiting period for medicare and you will automatically qualify for medicaid. And with no assets or income you shouldn't have any problems qualifing for Roche's patient assistance program. INF/ribavirin are delivered to your home fedex and there's no charge for the meds. IM pretty sure Im right,but you can go to ssi.gov and check for sure. GOOD LUCK
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Thank you all so very much for all your help.  It is amazing to see such a great website or better yet a community of people are willing to help one another.  I really appreciate everything.  Godspeed.
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I’m sorry; I got the threads mixed up, and thought I’d listed the number for CPMC in here. The main hepatology number for California Pacific Medical Center in San Francisco is (415) 600-1000; and ask them about charity care program.

Welcome to the discussion group, by the way. Take good care--

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Can you get SSDI if you are diagnoised with hvc?
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HCV alone will probably not qualify a person for SSDI. You have to prove that the disease you have will prevent you from working; it’s best to go to the Social Security Disability site and read their literature:

“Disability" under Social Security is based on your inability to work. We consider you disabled under Social Security rules if:

•You cannot do work that you did before;
•We decide that you cannot adjust to other work because of your medical condition(s); and
•Your disability has lasted or is expected to last for at least one year or to result in death.


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While you look for your Help, I would like to suggest another
Website at which you can get Information also from other
Hepatitus-C people, who are in your situation, who can also offer you,
support and Info and answer your Questions !!!

Good Luck.

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Sorry,  I,  forgot to Include The E-Mail Address;

    (http:/hcvsupport.org )    


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It might help with your disability claim to have a letter from a doctor stating your condition.
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