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I have a question concerning Hepatitis C

I have Hepatitis C.  My Dr. never gets into details with me.  I was asked recently If I was having bleeding issues?  When I said no, she never explained why she even ask the question.  Does anyone here with hep c. have dry tongue and eyes?  Low blood platelets?  I was on a interferon treatment years ago and found out low blood platelets are a side effect of the interferon.  Anyone else have this problem.  Please let me know.  Thanks
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Hi Teneg. I will try to help. First, interferon lowers platelets on most people, along with white count. They should go back to normal when treatment with interferon ends. Those with late stage disease often have platelets below normal. But unless they are at 50,000 or less, it is not usually an issue.  I have had dry eye syndrome my whole adult life. I got hep C when I was 21 years old. I believe hep C caused it. However, there are other things that may cause those symptoms. Just having hep C can cause autoimmune  issues that will affect the eyes, joints, and skin. Make sure you let your doc know so they can rule out other things to be the cause.
Hi Clementine02
Thank you for getting back to me.  I am going to MAKE my Dr. sit down and talk to me. With some written questions for her. I was told I had it 20 yrs. ago.  Looking back I know I must have contracted it many yrs. before that. Lloyd Wright has a blog about Hep C.  He said interferon's side effects of low blood platelets stay with you.  It freaks me out about the whole hep c thing.  And I have know for 20 yrs now.  I haunts me everyday of my life.  So I guess I try to bury my head in the sand and remain stupid. Thank You Again.
All the Best To You.
Stay away from Lloyd Wright books. The best book is by Dr. G. Eversen, Hepatitis C, A Survivor's Guide.  Low platelets do NOT stay with you unless you have late stage disease or some other reason for having them. Once cured they will go away unless you are a cirrhosis patient like I was.
Yes please ignore Lloyd Wright he is a quack trying to sell his books.

I had a low hemoglobin treating with ribavirin I only developed a low platelet count after I was diagnosed with cirrhosis. I treated with interferon and ribavirin 3 times with no reduction in platelet count.

Cirrhosis cannot be diagnosed with ultrasound although it can be used to confirm a diagnosis of cirrhosis. Liver damage and cirrhosis were previously diagnosed with liver biopsy. I had those done every 5 years going from F1 to F2 to F3 and finally F4 which is cirrhosis in Jan 2008. Not they have less invasive methods to diagnosis liver damage. A blood test called Fibrosure and a machine kind of like an ultrasound called a Fibroscan. They are not quite as accurate as needle liver biopsy but almost and the best way to diagnosis liver damage except for a liver biopsy.

Ask your doctor if you have liver damage and about the Fibrosure or Fibroscan tests.
So if you have cirrhosis, you can still get treatment for Hep C.  How long can a person live with cirrhosis?
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Hi have you asked your doctor this question? Not even sure what that means bleeding problems. A better question would be do you bruise easily. Have you had an upper endoscopy? Do you receive regular abdominal ultrasounds and blood testing every 6 months?

I treated several times years ago with the old interferon treatments as well but they did not work for me. I was cured of hep c 2 years ago with the new generation medicines after being infected for 37 years.

I developed a low platelet count around 80 a few years after I was diagnosed with liver cirrhosis in Jan 2008 as a low platelet count is often the first symptom of liver cirrhosis.

Has yoyr doctor said anything about the condition of your liver? Are you seeing a hepatologist or at least a gastroenterologist?

Try asking your doctor questions about your low platelet count. Why is it low? What does that mean? How is my liver.

My question for you is are you going to be treated for hep c again with the new medicines so you can be cured?

Best of luck
Hi Flyinlynn
Thank You for writing me.  I have seen a hepatologist a few years back. He sent me for a ultrasound which came back normal.  I had a ct scan for different reason this past Jan. 2017.  Which did appear to be scaring on liver. I told them at ER I had Hep C. Then they acted like it was no big deal.  When I previously treated my viral load shot up.  So I quite the treatment.  I was taking the interferon shot and a placebo riboviron.  For a study there were conducting.  I realize there are new drugs now with some success rates.  I am very happy for you by the way.  Clear of the virus has to feel great.  What type of side effects did you experience?  I am more afraid of the drugs then the virus as stupid as that may sound.  But I will look into it and consider treatment.  Again, thank you so much for your information.
The new medicines had for the majority of patients little to no side effects a far cry from why we experienced with the old medicines.

Most patients myself included had maybe a few mild headache and whether that was the treatment or maybe just a headache who knows. The recommendation I would have is make sure you are drinking enough fluid per day the reconnended for everyone 8 glasses it does seem to help with the headache. But other than that it was a walk in the park for me.
Thank you so very much for information.
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Do not be afraid of the new drugs. They are a walk in the park compared to interferon and ribavirin.
Thank You so very much.
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I agree, please don't be afraid of the treatment. The newer drugs are so much easier, shorter time period.

I can't believe the doctor would ask if you have bleeding problems. Unless that was an awkward way of trying to see how sick your liver is.

Before I treated my platelets were low, that is how I was diagnosed.  They were at 65 but I was also taking a lof of Advil which can affect blood. Aspirin is even worse.

I hope you can get in to see a liver doctor to explain everything about your health.

Good luck!
Thank You so much. I need to suck it up and get her done.
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