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I have hep c and cirrhosis, Ascites anyone

I have had hep c with cirrhosis for about 8 years now, I have only had ascites once in that time,I have been on water pills ever since,I have been on Harvoni treatment now for almost six weeks and last night I gained around 8 pounds in a matter of hours, Has anyone experienced this while n treatment? I bumped up my water pill dose today to see if that helps
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I haven't heard of anyone gaining weight like that, I would contact your doctor and let him know.
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I would think that's highly unusual, and you should really contact your doctor asap cause it may be serious and maybe your meds need to be adjusted accordingly.  So do you think that you have ascites right now while being on Harvoni?  Also, are you on Ribavirin and are your water pills, Lasix?
yes I think I have ascites now, not on Rbavirin and yes taking water pills,60mg furosemide and 50mg spironolactone a day
I am on Harvoni only, tx naive, hep c 1b for 22 years. I'm approaching wk.7 and have had bloating and weight gain (5lbs) and inches over the last wk. I'm going to try to see my doc early next wk. No known fibrosis or cirrhosis but last biopsy 13 yrs ago. Sorry you are also experiencing this
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That's unusual that you would have ascites after starting Harvoni.  Either way, see your doctor and call Gilead the drug manufacturer to see what they say about it.  First, see your doctor though as you need to find out how to proceed.  Your doctor may want you to add Ribavirin to your meds just for an extra boost.  Please let me know what happens, as we are all on here to find out more about this hideous HepC.  good luck!

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