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I hv gone Twice for a Liver biopsy

Both times I hv been told I hv LOW Platelets...
The first time, I was given a Transfusion of Plasma & they were able to do it!
Now! my Specialist wants me to see a Blood Specialist
Gezz-Louise  this could be sumptin' much more dangerous than just Hep C
because I read where it could be a Bone Marrow Issue
I'm frightened of this Outcome or Prognosis  
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I'm sure someone who has had a problem with low platelets will chime in soon.  I understand that you're frightened, anyone would be.  At the same time you need to find out what is going on with you and what will make it safe for you to have another biopsy.  Another area of importance is are they gonna have to do some type of preparation for you to even get tx'ed?  Good luck to you in your search to find out the answers to your questions.  
God Bless
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You might want to discuss Transjugular Liver Biopsy with your specialist. It's sometimes used in low platelet situations.

Hope things work out,

-- Jim
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I have low platelets.  My spleen is also enlarged.  The reason for my low platelets is from the condition of my liver, not a bone marrow issue.  I don't know if this info will make you feel better or not.  I hope you see the other doctor soon.
Good Luck to you.
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My husband also had very low platelets. It was explained to us that often people with HepC will have this issue.

I did some googling to understand the problem more thoroughly and what I learned is that it is the spleens job to keep about a third of the bodys platelets as part of its function which is to recycle aging or damaged red blood cells . When a person has HepC , the spleen can enlarge.That results in a greater number of platelets staying in the spleen, which in turns creates a low platelet count.
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