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I really found a person who is UND with homeopathy.

Hi guys, I just found a person today who is UND now. I didnt believed him but he went home and bring his reports with him. In the reports, he doesn't have Hepatitis C virus. He was patient of Hepatitis C 2 years ago. He went here and there to find the cure and every one told him that there is no cure except interferon and riba. He advised me that i should not take injection of interferon because they have many lifelong side effects etc. He gave me the address of the homeopathic doctor from which he got treatment. According to him, the homeopathic treatment was of six months and during this time perious his antibody level went higher and higher. and then he became UND.
He says that he knows many other persons who became UND with homeopathy treatment of that doctor.
In his reports, i have seen enzime and eliza method in which he was positive for hcv. and then after two years he was UND. He even done PCR RNA and he is UND.
Should i also go for Homeopathic treatment from the same doctor or i should go along with Interferon and Riba.
I am confused, however the information i am giving you is true because i am the witness of his reports.
Please advice,
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Remember, about 20% of people clear the virus on their OWN. It means he is one of the lucky people who was able to clear the virus with his own immune system, it isn't proof that the homeopathic remedy worked. I'd have to see the DNA test that showed he is clear a year after to believe it was true because viral load can fluctuate also. If people DID permanently clear the virus due to some homeopathic treatment, I am sure it would be big news. Lots of people claim it is true that certain natural remedies clear the virus, but the scientific evidence or proof is never provided. It is true that a percentage of people do clear the virus on their own.
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but i thought there was a time perioud of 6 months in which they can clear the virus. after six months, hepatitis c becomes chronic and cannot be cleared itself. In this case he was a patient of hepatitis c since 2 years and then started the treatment and became UND.
Also i have another question,
When  a person becomes undetetectable through Interferon and riba. will he be negative in Elisa and enzime test too? and will his sgpt and sgot will become normal for the remaining life? And finally can he donate blood after becoming negative through Interferon and Riba?
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Not 100% sure on this, but isn't Elisa an antibody test? If so, he may have been undetectible all along, just exposed to the virus, as antibodies remain even after the virus is gone.

What you would want to see is a before homeopathic treatment positive PCR and an after treatment negative PCR. From what you report, it just seems you've just seen an after treatment negative PCR. Maybe he would give you copies of his tests and you can post results.

That said, I believe a small minority of folks have spontaneous clearing of the virus, however, your friend's statment that "he knows many other persons who became UND with homeopathy treatment of that doctor", makes me think that either the homeopath isn't really curing his patients or that indeed he has a cure no one else seems to be aware of.

Homeopathy aside, you do realize that if you have little or no liver damage that a reasonable option is to wait for newer, kinder drugs.

All the best.

-- Jim
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When a person becomes undetetectable through Interferon and riba. will he be negative in Elisa and enzime test too?

He will most probably remain positive on the Elisa for the rest of his life. Are you talking about "enzymes"? Liver enzymes generally normalize after a successful treatment.

And finally can he donate blood after becoming negative through Interferon and Riba?

I don't believe so in the United States.
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I was wondering that too. When you complete treatment and achieve SVR are you cured or just undectable for the rest of your life, unless relapse.
I though I read there is no cure for HCV.
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But if some one doesnt have virus, what will the antibodies be doing in his blood? doesnt that mean, interferon donot cures the disease 100%. if it is curing 100% then one should be und in antibodies test too. The person i am reffereing is now negative in all tests including PCR, and antibodies.
And Yes i have very low level of liver damage according to my doctor. should i wait for better medicines.
Kindly please give me links to the new medicines which are likely to come in the next year.
Thank you very much,
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