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INCIVEK triple therapy....First dose jitters for mom

Hi everyone..My mother is recently starting the INCIVEK triple therapy for HCV. She is worried about the side effects that are expected..and how soon do people tend to experience them. I am also new to this and I read all the literature and brochures...but I think hearing firsthand from people is a little more easier to grasp!...so anyone advice would be great! is she going to lose her hair, or suffer some sort of hairloss...I know she is worried, and is trying hard to keep a straight face....

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2 oz American or Cheddar cheese
½ cup chopped black walnuts = 35 gr fat
½ cup hazelnuts = 35 grams fat
¼ cup macadamia nuts = 26 gr fat
1 cup trail mix = 20 gr fat
100 gr seasoned croutons = 18 gr fat
3 tbsp bitter = 21 gr fat
2 tbsp nut butter (peanut/almond) = 20 gr fat
2 oz/100 gr sweet dark chocolate = 20 gr fat
1 slice apple pie = 20 gr fat
1 cinnamon roll = 20 gr fat
1 cup ice cream made from coconut milk = 20 gr fat
50 gr vinaigrette dressing = 25 gr fat
200 gr black olives = 20 gr fat
200 gr sardines = 20 gr fat
3 oz goose liver pate = 25 gr fat
3 oz tilapia = 20 gr fat
A regular size 2 oz hot dog = 15 grams of fat
1 cup of zice cream = 38 grams of fat
2 oz glazed doughnut = 12 grams of fat
1 oz cream cheese = 10 grams of fat
2 eggs cooked in 1 tbls olive oil = 24g fat
1 medium avocado= approx. 20g of fat
salad + 3 tbls salad dressing= 21g fat
oatmeal + 1 tbls olive oil + 16 almonds= approx. 20 g of fat
oatmeal + 1.5 tbls olive oil= approx. 20 g of fat
Garden of Eatin tortilla chips (14g fat/24 chips) + 2 tbls guacamole (5g)= appox 19g of fat
3.5 tbls coconut + 1 whole milk yogurt blended into a smoothy= 20g of fat
1c granola + 1c whole milk or yogurt=approx 20g of fat
egg salad, tuna salad, chicken salad made with 1.5 tbls mayo= approx. 20g of fat
PB and J sandwich with 3 tbls peanut butter

I know there stuff you said your mom cant eat and some repeats in there but it is copied and pasted from different lists people have posted

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she may not have any bad symptoms...some do some don't.....drink lots of water...don't miss one dose of incivek....on tx sometimes you can say things you don't really mean....be ready for that....don't let that stuff bug you....eat fat ...i was into butter...it got me through...butter on this or that...2 table spoons = 22 grams of fat....i would play on the safe side and be ready for possibly not working....getting anemic...rashes...lots of stuff these drugs can do to us...have a pill organizer...i used a wider mouth water bottle to get that water down fast !....got an h2o bottle at walmart..warmer water was easier to get down....i lost some hair on tx...just try real hard to stay on track...ask questions here.....good luck....billy
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I think it's best to start triple tx prepared for the worst and hoping for the best.  There are many things your mom can buy in advance and have stocked at her house to help take care of some of the side effects.  As WD says, she may not have many side effects.  With triple tx with incivek the ones to anticipate are extreme fatigue, diarrhea/anal pain or discomfort, and a rash.  For the diarrhea and anal pain/discomfort, my husband used an over the counter cleanser called Balneol to keep the area clean and protected.  He also took one Loperimide, an over the counter antidiarrheal medication to help keep stools firm to prevent diarrhea that irritated the anal area.  For the rash, he used Eucerin body wash in the shower, took cool showers and patted his body dry, and used Eucerin moisturizer after the shower.  He also had two prescriptions to help with the rash (Hydroxyzine and Triamcinolone ointment).  For the fatigue, he rested as much as possible, but made sure to walk in the fresh air at least once a day.  As WD said, she should drink lots of water, take her medications on time (set alarms), and take her Ribavirin with food and take her Incivek with food items containing 20 grams of fat.  Basically, if she's prepared with the over the counter items and foods containing 20 grams of fat and some alarms/pill reminders, she'll be better able to stay on track and not be overwhelmed by side effects.  Also, if any side effects do occur, I recommend that she contact her doctor right away.  They are easier to manage when addressed early rather than later.
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Hello, You answered a post of mine a couple days ago and when my mother is taking her medication we sit and I share with her posts from this forum. She had a couple question regaurding FOOD...expecially the 20grams of fat she has to eat. What other food did your husband eat, she needs more ideas. She can not eat eggs, or butter, or CHEESE. and its only her second day and she can not even look at peanut butter sandwickes or nutella!....she is also nervous about rashes, she had a rash before the triple therapy and it was due to her Hep C. Also would you recommend the OTC anti-diarrheal medication taken now to avoid anal problems in the future.?? I know its a bunch of questions but believe me, its also a Godsend!

Thank you so much-
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mounds candy bars (5 gm per bar) small honey buns (10 gm per) olive oil works well to cover needed fat gm's, peanut butter worked well 2 big spoonfulls covers 20 gm's and was the easiest to get down. Here are somethings others have used.
Taylor Ham - 6 gms/slice (you may know it as pork roll, if you are south of New Jersey!)
Egg – 5gms
American cheese – 5 grms/slice
Bran Muffin – 5 grms
Frozen Waffles – 3.5 grms each
Pancakes – 7.6, (4)
Biscuit – 5.1 grms
Granola – 33 grms / cup
Cream Cheese – 10 grms/ounce
Milk Chocolate – 10 grms/ounce
Cheeseburger 4 oz – 30 grms
Potato salad – 10 grms/ ½ cup (eggs Mayo type)
Hot Dog – 18 grms
Yogurt – 7.4 grms, 1 cup
Eskimo Ice cream – 17 grms
Nature Valley Roasted nut Crunch – 1 bar – 13grms
Peanut Butter – 8 grms/tablespoon
.1 avocado = 31 gr fat
40 potato chips = 20 gr fat
1 medium French fries = 28 gr fat
2 oz bacon = 20 gr fat
1 plain bagel with cream cheese = 19 gr fat
1 cup raw shredded coconut = 27 gr fat
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Wow..thanks so much...This is a huge help to her...she is only at day 2, but every little bit of information helps.....
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hrsepwrguy gave you some great ideas for foods that are high in fat.  I don't think I saw almonds on his list, and that was one of the foods my husband ate.  He also ate a lot of Klondike bars, but they have dairy.
For antidiarrheals, my husband took Loperimide.
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i'm in my 11th week on Incivek. so far the nausea and fatigue are my worst problems. i take zofran for the nausea and zertec to make sure i don't get the rash...so far so good...one more week left. i found that consuming the fat was the hardest thing to do, especially with the nausea. but it's almost over for me. keep us close and good luck.
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i like how to the point your words are to her question about treatment whoa's...i like SO many am starting triple therapy on jan 8th....nervous, and all the expected emotions..thank you for your sensibility.
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Hi free4balance,
I have some information listed in my journals about managing side effects.  Will you be doing triple tx with Incivek or with Victrellis?
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Mayonaisse - 1 measured Tbspn = 10g
Hormel Pepperoni (yummy) -  1oz = 13 grams
Oreo Double - 2 = 7 grams
(Make strong coffee add) 4oz 1/2 n 1/2 = 12g
80% lean ground beef = 1/4 lb = 20 grams

I'm starting week 25 today, hair been thinning but not as bad as I thought it would before starting tx. Tell your mom not to worry about that.

Waiting on SVR result Jan 7, been undetect at wk 4 and 12. 24 more weeks due to liver damage if SVR confirmed.
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re Day 2.

My first weekend (started on a Friday) was a nightmare, bad chills and sweats, week 2 barely any chills, unnoticeable after that. Just fatigued for a day or two after pegasys doses. Had my share of itching fits though.
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