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IV ozone therapy Hepatitis C 100% effective in irradicating for good?

Hepatitis C - IV ozone therapy over 6 treatments 100% effective in irradicating for good?
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I this was effective, why would hundreds of thousands of patients be undergoing antiviral therapy with interferon and ribavirin?
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Yeah, And I've got a bridge in NYC for sale too! jerry
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If you search the web for Hepatitis C Treatment, look only at the official medical sites.  None of the sites that offer nutritional or alternative therapies have ever publicized anything that has been shown to eradicate the virus.  If you choose to play with one of those other therapies, don't spend a nickle unless you can find a reference to it on an official medical site.  Many of those alternative treatments have been evaluated by the medical research community and they can let you know if it is harmless, harmful or might actually have a minor effect in reducing the amount of virus in your blood.  None, so far, has been found to kill the virus.  Only interferon, in combination with other helper pharmaceutical drugs. has been proven to kill the virus.
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Actually, ozone therapy is commonly used in almost every hospital in Germany, since the 1960's. Also Russia and Cuba currently use the technique. It was developed by Tesla.

However, while ozone therapy will clear the blood of the virus, it does not penetrate into the intracellular breeding ground of the virus, so the viral levels will rise after treatment and it will not eradicate the virus. Commonly ozone therapy is used daily over a period of about a month to reduce viral loads. It has no negative effect on lysis of red or white blood cells and is perfectly safe with a proven track record of safety.

Unfortunately, viral load seems to reflect the strength of the immune system, so, while ozone therapy may be helpful in terms of viral load in the short term, eventually viral load will rise back to their "normal" levels after cessation of the treatment. Also, it is illegal in the US, so patients must travel abroad for the therapy.

Just to inject some facts into the dialogue of the expert opinions above.

Mike H
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because we are stuck in a monetarium society and everything is based upon money and debt, the sad fact is, many of these forms of therepy that actually works and can actually cure serious illnesses they will never be main stream because many jobs will be lost. If they openly admitted there was a cure for cancer and we cured everyone, millions of people will be out of jobs and this will inturn effect the economy world wide, this is why you will never seen any true actual cures being legally allowed to be in use.
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i totally agree with what mike-mc said
dallas bay
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