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Il28b testing update

the profile has just changed and it's good for us, but requires understanding as it just got more complex.

I will try to explain and then give you the study.

We have long chains of encoding within our DNA. Each strand within that long chain has a combo of the basic proteins. When we speak of the alleles within a group, it is these pieces of data we referrence.

the patient only need know that how these proteins are encoded within your cells determines how strongly your body may be able to fight this virus.

Past threads have discusses the first test that became available as a genetic predictor.

Now labcorp (through Arup) is making available 2 single nucleotide polymorphisms rather than 1.
what that means is that we will know the Interleukin program within 2 of our gene programs, and have a better predictor of outcome.

Now here's where it gets tricky.

the original test some members already got showed a 2-3 fold increase in SVr with the right genes.
this test is known as the IL28b rs12979860
with this test the best combo to have is C/C, followed by C/T, and by TT being the worst.

Now they have moved up the chain to test one more set of alleles, and this test is call the IL28b rs8099917.
with this group T/T is the most favorable outcome, followed by G/T followed by GG being the worst.

now you see where confusion could come in. TT is least favorable with the test for one grouping, and most favorable with the group next door!!

here's the study:


now I just happened to have had this testing done and my results arrived today.

to my surprise I was CC  on the rs 12979860 and TT on the rs 8099917
it doesn't get any better than that.

this means that I should be able to clear with a PI added especially if I keep my IR down and get my Dietary restrictions in place.
It also means my diet had a great deal to do with why I didn't clear because I was extremely compliant on tx and my genes helped, so I should have cleared, except for being stage 3/4 which also may have lowered my chances.
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Congratulations on the good genes !

Imagine you would have known this on your first tx.

It is very interesting how someone with a viral load of 300K @ wk16 can be CC type.
Interferon is the powerhouse that drives down the virus and even if you had a
Riba absorption problem on your first tx a 5.48 log drop from wk16 to wk24 by solely
increasing Riba concentration seems highly unlikely at that stage.
Were you IR on your first tx ?

You mentioned on your other post you had a breaktrough , 300k wk16 and than went UND by wk24.
What PCR did you use on that wk24 UND ?
In order to have had a breaktrough you must have been UND first. Are you saying your
VL started rising before you became UND ?

Would be interesting to see exact  stats from your first tx. Baseline,wk4,wk12,wk16,wk24
VL , HgB , Abs. Neuts and glucose.

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"It also means my diet had a great deal to do with why I didn't clear because I was extremely compliant on tx and my genes helped, so I should have cleared, except for being stage 3/4 which also may have lowered my chances."

Yes, fibrosis stage was a big factor in relapse, for you and for me. So was age and BMI in your case.  I hope everyone that reads your thread does not believe that if they follow the dietary restrictions YOU believe will thrust them forward to SVR it means they WILL achieve SVR.  You are not doctor and you can't prove your theory that high carb, low protein intake and whatever else you add or subtract to your dietary intake is the key to success.  Sharing information is fine, but people should know not take things that you write literally and apply it to their treatment and expect stellar results because much of what you write is speculation.  The only thing any future HCV patient can be certain of is that the PI they take is the heavy hitter.  Being a CC, changing diet and adding PI still does not mean SVR will happen and people shouldn't be mislead into believing so.

My advice to anyone is Buyer Beware!  Don't believe everything you read.  It's nice of merrybe to share her thoughts but it isn't necessary to alarm yourself if you don't follow her protocol.  Everyone is different and nothing ensures SVR, not even a PI.

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Non response to peginterferon alfa and ribavirin in IL28B CC & CT patients can be overcome by high dose continuous interferon alfa-2b administration in combination with ribavirin for chronic hepatitis C


(Lifted directly from Susie's site without permission. Sorry Susie, I was getting the PegAssist and Commitment to Care phone #s through your homepage because they're so darn accessible there. My compliments to DayLilly.))
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Hopefully, everyone takes what ANYONE says with a "grain of salt" -so to speak.  THere is just so much new information coming out all the time -well, some of us DO want to know it all. We know it could be disproved and day -coffee is now good! so is chocolate!  But everything in moderation and nothing suggested in the above or the riba absorption thread suggests anything radical.  If my treatment fails, I too will be searching for answers and trying to help others succeed. I personally plan to be sure to eat some riba absorption foods with my dose and avoid the others -but just at riba time.

As another IL28B CC person, I am glad merryBe brought me to earth.  I am treating with the Lambda,  very compliant,  have very little liver damage, exercise, but, have my age (over 50) against me.  Still, I thought for sure I'd clear.  We'll see.

I am so grateful for the people that have the patience to read through the medical jargon and point out to me that there may be something important here (merryBe). And for the people that say "watch out" (Trinity4).

Yours in the struggle-

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"It also means my diet had a great deal to do with why I didn't clear ..."

Now, that's a giant leap for mankind.
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thanks for the update.   had the original test done, came back as CC and figured it meant i was a Cool Cat and tx would be a success.   nothing like a little dose or reality.
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