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I'll show you mine if you show me yours..... open thread

Well , I feel liek hell , it must be Sunday. Do you guys mind if we take a minute to catch up on some sides to maybe figure out how to handle some of them?

Over all , and I really shouldn't be saying this , My sides have leveled out and are nowhere near as agrivating as they were for a while . My ribarash finally went away , mostly. I used the Gold Bond lotion until I went through a whole bottle and the rash was still there. I did a lot of fact finding on the net of how to deal with rash and one of the site recommended Aloe Vera.
I started using vaseline intensive care with Aloe Vera and I swer within a week the rash had nearly faded all the out. Just in the last couple of days it has started to re-appear at the same location but I think its because I let up on the AV. I havent gotten any additional rash and consider myself lucky.

My big problem these days is that both my upper and lower lips are split , right in the middle. I cant tell how big the split is , obviously to my mouth it feels like my entire lip is split in half , but in the mirror it looks like maybe just shy of a quarter inch. I cant seem to keep the dryness away long enough for them to heal properly. I've been using vaseline and campho phenique but I really dont know if its helping or not.

Lastly , this really doesn't hurt or anything but its wierd and I cant figure it out. My legs , I have always had darker , like tan , coloring to my legs and it seems like the tan coloring is going away and just remaining in blotches. Not like my tan is fading , like my skin is changing. Its really ugly.
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I use this stuff called Kiehl'a lip Balm for dry and chapped lips. It stays on for a long time. You can't get it everywhere. I know they sell it at Nordstrom's.

Yes, my favorite topic, sides. Gotta hate 'um. It seems like just when I think I am getting a handle on them, a new one pops up. Right now all I want for Christmas is NO achy bones.
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yeah, it all sucks. period. i've got all kinds of **** happening to me that's never happened before. my biggest complaint right now, and by that i mean this very minute, is muscle loss and the aches that accompany that. why is it your muscles melt but not your fat? dr. said 'cuz muscles need more oxygen than fat cells and with riba doing a number on the hemoglobin/oxygen levels...well you get it. just my dumb luck. the one time i could have an illness that might make me lose weight and i lose muscle instead. so i'm going to be a bald mass of fat on the flood when this is over. great.
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Oh, and don't forget blotchedy (yes we all are!!) eyes are perpetually redrimmed and feverish looking, lets see, bright green boogers and or nosebleeds, phlegmy, although I have to say the ribarash is gone now, lubriderm with oatmeal whipped that, but it was replaced with the dermagraphia, reflexes slow as the seven year itch... I tried to "help" hubby build my pigeon coop, lets see he smashed my finger, twisted my ankle, and ran over the same ankle with the trailor, gave me a blood blister on my palm,.... why, because I am so slow-physically and mentally- man dyce and strator, I don't know how yall have all your fingers and toes..You are studs!!  I would be dead in a week...
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Yeah those boogers. I hate when your nose is so dry they stick tight to the inside of your nose and won't come out. Really irritating!

I also love that red-rimmed eye look on blochy white skin. With hair loss and a few electric plugs we could all look like Herman Munster.
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phlegmy , shoot with an I . If I allow myself to become dehydrated , the phlem gets thicker and It's horrid.
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Don't really have the strength to post but oh well, what's new?

Amer, I'm with you on the muscles.  Feel like a bag of jello that slip down the toilet if I don't hang on!  Plenty of fat, but muscle tone is gone, gone, gone.

52- You almost sound dehydrated but I find that hard to believe.  Maybe it is cause we don't get the sun so much with tx.  My hands are that kind of blotchy.

My biggest thing now is the pain.  My right leg is really hurting 24 hrs a day.  There is the usual flu like stuff but this pain can be incredible.  I hate taking extra pills but been succumbing to pain pills lately.  Absolutely do not have any good days in any week now.  Friday was 42/48.

Boogers?  What is the longest two finger pull ever done?  lol

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Its like  , I really dont know how to discribe it , its like there is more blood in the tissue of my legs than there used to be. My legs have taken on a more red-pinkish hue. It wierd. When I rub my hand accross my leg , it kind of goes away and then comes back. Any ideas of anything specifically  cause that.

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I havent had too much of a problem with the upper respiratoy. I do get the fevers constantly. I have lots of weird little issues going on right now. I feel like I have a new pinched nerve in a different spot all the time, charlie horses. Exhausted, but cant sleep.
One day I want to eat everything in sight and then the next, the smell of food makes me want to throw up.
I hate the metallic taste in my mouth,...its like Im sucking on a roll of quarters! LOL
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I look terrible. I used to look alright. I look terrible. I don't care either. They say "Look Good - Feel Better"? Scr*w that. I don't have the energy for makeup or dressing up. I just want to look as bad as I feel and I do. So there.
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Here, here!  IF they don't like how we look, there are different directions to turn their head.

Well said, my friend.

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About your lips...

Try taking a zinc supplement.  It has helped me.  My doc said there is a prescription he could give me but to try the Zinc first.
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Ya gotta love the new tx look! The walking zombie with a limp? What's makeup? Clothes? I'm lucky if I change them every couple days...sleep, eat in whatever is the most comfy thing I can find. Bra's have become obsolete in my new wardrobe as well. I know I scare even the grubby work guys that come over. Who cares?

lilmomma; I have been having the same thing going on with food. One day I can eat like a truck driver and the next I just want to heave. What's interesting is I get cravings like a pregnant lady. Lately I am hooked on turkey and avocado sandwiches. I couldn't STAND standwiches my whole life! Now I eat them breakfast noon and nite.

I know what you mean about the moving pinched nerve. I can't even move when I wake up with out pain meds most days.

Miss: That 24/7 pain is getting me too. A few good days in between to regroup sure would be nice! I am jealous how little time you have left!
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