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I'm living in despair please help me

Hey all...
I discovered I'm hiv positive since February 2016...at that time my dr ordered many test among them anti hcv antibodies which came back negative
Then now i read that hcv antibodies doesn't appear in hiv patients so i decided to make pcr which came back as <15
I do also anti hcv antibodies which came back negative
It's now 9 months from my last sexual encounter
The main problem is that i read that hcv rna viremia must be repeated  six months later because sometimes viremia is intermittent giving false negative result which made me going crazy
I don't have here the very sensitive tests which measure less than 15
What can I do?
Thanks alot
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The test you had that measures less than 15 that is the lower level of the test can read to there are no more sensitive for the virus if you had hepatitis C virus you have many many copies of virus circulating in your blood. You do not test positive for hepatitis C virus as your score is less than 15 that means you do not have hepatitis C but the single best person answer this question is always your doctor please ask your doctor about your  risk for hepatitis C
Thanks for your reply...my doctor suggest getting another test after six months just to be sure
He is concerned about very low level viremia or intermittent viremia that may give false negative result on pcr
Is that true that virus maybe falsely undetectable after 9 months of exposure??
I can't bear another six months waiting seriously!!!
The antibody test can be difficult to be sure about for those infected with HIV. The test for the virus is definitive whether or not you have HIV.

My result after cure was less than 20 NOT DETECTED. The number is the LLOQ the lower limit of quantification for the test or the lowest amount of virus the test can determine. Results I have seen other than saying the less than 20 also say either detected or not detected. Did your result say either detected or not detected?

From all I have read the antibody test may take up to 6 months to accurately determine the presence of hep c antibodies in those infected with HIV but mot the test for the virus itself that test should be accurate.

Just to add if you do have hep c also called HCV with the new treatments available HCV is now curable for most patients even those with HIV

Gird luck
Thank you for your response... My result state less than 15 only...no detected or undetected statement... I asked the lab and they said they only write numbers...i do antibodies test after 7 months of exposure and came back negative but i didn't trust it because many hiv people not seroconvert
I did hcv rna to reief myself and when it came back negative i was so happy but when i read about intermittent viremia i got disappointed again :(
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I really as a lay person do not think you have hep c but the best person to ask is your doctor.

What does your doctor say about your results. I am sure they know more than me.

My actual job is as a machinist. I am not a medical person I make things from metal.
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