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Immune system depressed

Hello again.  My husband went to the doctor just recently and he came back and said the doctor said that his immune system is depressed.  I think it had something to do with the ulcerations on his tongue (which now I see several of you have had) but the doctor said "Oh, that's not good.  Your immune system is depressed."  He's Indian so my husband does have trouble understanding him from time to time, but he's pretty sure that's what he said.  Is this a problem?  Thanks for your info!  Hey, by the way only 5 weeks to go!  Praise God!
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It is a reaction to the interferon - does the doctor realize he is treating?  I have trouble even understanding doctors speaking english sometimes..........it would have been way too much for me during a riba rage to try and get what the doc was saying! Kudos for him for having PATIENCE something I have none of to begin with!

If he only has five weeks to go...that means in about six weeks the tongue ulcers will be almost totally gone. It really was about that quick...as soon as the peg started getting out they cleared up like a miracle.

Good luck.
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i bet this is something called...."immunomediation".  When we take interferon to deal with our immune systems, it starts taking over for our natural immunities and starts "driving the car". Sooooo, toward the end of the week if he is shooting once a week......well, let's say he shoots on a friday.  around wednesday or thursday, the shot is starting to grind to a halt.  it was at THAT point each week if i was going to catch a virus or something, i caught them good.  His immune system is "mediated" by the interferon.  Thus, on saturday he was "immune king" and on thursday he is immune weakling.

Does that make sense?

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Well, the doc gave him med for the ulcers and they cleared up pronto, so that worked out well, however, I made a mistake in saying his doc said his immune system is depressed.  He actually said his immune systems is suppressed.  Debnevada, yes what you said makes sense, but he treats on Fridays and he saw his doc on Monday, so I'm not sure that immunomediation would hold true. But, maybe it is.  I don't know.  Anyway, with that different word in there (suppressed) does that strike anyone as something for us to worry about?  

Other than that, he's doing really well.  Almost done.
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