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Improving LABS

most of you know I relapsed and that my labs shot up from the 30's to the 250 range.

here are my latest labs and how I got them there:

Alt 57  (down from 250)

ast 30  (down from 180)

iron 47  (down from 400)

ammonia 22  (down from 125)


for alt/ast= discontinued every drug I could including all the helper drugs I was put on during chemo

for inflammation which also causes cell death=included several natural anti-inflammatories, melatonin curcurmin, milk thistle and more

to reduce and maintain low iron=included iron binding lactoferrin nd calcium, reduced red meat and acidic elements when eating heme foods

for ammonia level= lower protein serving sizes and increased fiber in diet

So far so good!!!   Only thing still needs improving is my platelet level, still low at 109, but other than that,
there are ways to improve things.

My thanks to all the forum members who contributed to my understanding of how to achieve better liver health.
It is wonderful to get this news today!!

I've a lot to be Merry for!!

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Wow! I am much impressed and know there are folks on the forum who will really appreciate your how-to.  Might I suggest trying to add some strenuous exercise, like say, speed walking, to up platelets?
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Come on ,start taking the mushroom extracts it will boost the interferon naturally.I hope ur not drinkn tap water and using commericial soaps. and toothpastes.
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I've every intention of trying that. Unfortunately I already began physical therapy and ended up with sudden onset essential body wide tremors.

at first the docs thought this was vertigo, then parkinsons, but now they are beginning to agree with me that it is a withdrawal response to discontinuing so many mind altering drugs such as:
ambien, lorezepam (ativan) and remeron.

Even though I withdrew these slowly over several months, they are known for messing up brain chemicals and for rebounds such as I experienced.
tachacardia (heart palpataions), tremors, headaches etcetc etc.

usually these settle down in a few months, so I am hoping to return to activity soon, but have to be careful for now since activity sets off tremors that keep me from sleeping. They have me on Requip now to offer some small dopamine antagonistic effects and this is helping. However, the tremors were so bad I only slept 2 hours a night for about 10 weeks...so I'm taking things slow for now.

You are right though, normally, activity is the best solution for low platelets. Thanks!
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well, I'd most like to get my hands on the fuzheng huayu but they won't sell it here.
I'm thinking of growing my own to be honest.

filtered water always, used to distil it until I learned better...
only toothpastes made state side, nothing from overseas.
not as worried about soaps as the molecules are only on me for a few moments, and most are too large to absorb.
not sure about the mushrooms...what is your source?  As you know they have to be pure to work. I'm getting all my vitamins made in the USA, and am not convinced foreign sources can all be trusted. Especially the stuff from China is suspect.
Where is you extract coming from? Do they run any quality controls, etc?
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Looks good.  We would be thrilled to pieces if Joe's platelets ever hit 109.  
Keep it up,
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You have to know me by now,i eat nothing but the best..all organic

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BTW....they are also chocked full of minerals and vitamins...
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Protecting liver and kidneys. Cordyceps improves blood flow to these organs (as well as to the others), which results in their better activity and ability to fight the diseases, including Hepatitis and chronic kidney disease.

Some people may think of the fungi as of something disgusting and ugly. However, the mushrooms do not look so when in a tablet or a capsule. Moreover, Cordyceps will definitely become even attractive to those, who have no trust in the pharmaceutical drugs any more. 2-4 grams (some people consume even up to 9 grams) of the mushrooms per day – it is nor an exorbitant price for the health improvement, which may become obvious as soon as in 1-2 months.

Cordyceps is said to be safe and has no side effects. However, pregnant and breastfeeding women, as well as children are not recommended to use it, since no studies have been conducted in such persons.

Luckily, time, progress, and the growing demands of the modern society make the scientists keep on working on the unsolved problems and open questions of today. That gives us hopes that soon Cordyceps will become an open book easy to read and understand for all the people.

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Nothing like seeing some good results !

I am currently very close to start tx for the first time and for that I am boosting

Vit D and also try to lower iron. My last test showed serum iron at 116.

47 is really great . How much lactoferrin and which brand are you using ?

what is nd calcium ?

where does ammonia come in ?
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rocker...well I'm half way there...I mean, the 2nd ingrediient is the shrooms in FZHY formula is a complex preparation to treat liver fibrosis. FZHY consists of six Chinese medicinal herbs, namely Radix Salvia Miltiorrhizae, Cordyceps (Chongcao), Semen Persicae, Gynostemma Pentaphyllammak (Jiaogulan), Pollen Pini (Songhuafen), Fructus Schisandrae Chinensis (Wuweizi)

the slides are pretty impressive as to results...posted them on my fuzheng huayu thread.

bali....calcium with vitamin D is all that is...lactoferrin is from lef.org
ammonia levels effect brain function as well as all else. Increases create cellular breakdown and brain fog, lethargy and general feelings of malaise. Ammonia is produced cheifly as a byproduct of protein digestion so keeping serving smaller and more often, as opposed to a large 10 oz steak, have 3 meals with 1-3 oz of protein in them. The body, even when healthy can not metabolize more than 3 oz at a time very well, so large servings produce much more ammonia, which the liver cannot fully detox when one has liver disease.
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you can also take green tea extract (or drink it)...I take the decaffienated type, it also binds iron. Any tea with tannin in it will bind iron.
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Be careful of green tea extracts,,problem is,its too potent,do a google,sometimes i pill is egual to 10 cups of the tea.
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what dosage of lactoferrin are you taking ?

I am taking Allergy Research Lactoferrin 3 caps before bed but it does not

seem to have any effect. I do watch iron in diet such as trying to avoid enriched

flours ect... and I drink black tea with dinner which does help but not all the way

to 47. What`s your secret ?
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Great results. Congratulations!

Could you tell me what stage are you? My husband's platelets are about the same as yours-114 in his latest labs.
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Orange Peel
Extracts from bitter orange peel, or "Citrus Aurantium" have been commonly used in traditional Chinese medicine for many years. Citrus aurantium promotes metabolism, burns fat, increases energy, and it is a general stimulant. Its fat burning effects are useful for clearing fat deposits from the liver. Citrus aurantium’s main active compound is synephrine, which is chemically similar to the ephedra alkaloids found in many over-the-counter cold and allergy medications and in weight loss supplements containing Ma Huang. However, it does not have the adverse side effects of Ma Huang.

seems like there is more and more conflicting info on healthfoods lately
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One site says its bad mayo clinic,another says its good..who runs mayo clinic?
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I hope everything goes well for you MB and your bloods are all in the healthy range.......take care xx
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"ended up with sudden onset essential body wide tremors"
Tremors remind me of seizures....as in the kind that can be caused by melatonin.

"The Mayo Clinic has found that melatonin may increase the risk of seizure or cause confusion in some users."


"at first the docs thought this was vertigo, then parkinsons, but now they are beginning to agree with me that it is a withdrawal response to discontinuing so many mind altering drugs"
That's the problem with your doctors.  They always end up agreeing with whatever you say....LOL

"tachacardia (heart palpataions), tremors, headaches etcetc etc."
Melatonin is a powerful hormone....as powerful as steroids....which means that it can also affect glucose/insulin levels, thyroid and growth hormone.

From the NIH......

"low doses of melatonin have reduced glucose tolerance and insulin sensitivity. Caution is advised in patients with diabetes or hypoglycemia, and in those taking drugs, herbs, or supplements that affect blood sugar. Serum glucose levels may need to be monitored by a healthcare provider, and medication adjustments may be necessary.

Hormonal effects are reported, including decreases or increases in levels of luteinizing hormone, progesterone, estradiol, thyroid hormone (T4 and T3), growth hormone"


"the tremors were so bad I only slept 2 hours a night for about 10 weeks"
Bad tremors at night.....and when do you take the melatonin?  At night.

"usually these settle down in a few months"
Wait, don't tell me!  I know the answer to this one!

Because in a few months you will have developed resistance to the melatonin?

I missed you.  You keep me sharp.

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That's all very interesting.
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yes, I thought of that too, the melatonin....read up on it....believe me, I had about 12 theories....and yes...they don't diagnose....or when they do it's absurd....like my GP thought it was vertigo causing everything...yeah right....

it is seizures...trembing quivering uncontrolably...feels like someone loaded me up with mexican jumping beans...flesh all in uncontrolable tick mode..

thing is, it was sudden onset, after a PT session....made me think adrenals, or growth on spine, thyroid, parathyroid, hypothalamus etc etc//

rules out MEL. doen't seem to change things...but have lowered back to 1 mg to be on the safe side.

parathyroid ok calcium level is 10.
thyroid is right on the dot.
haven't done a cortisol test yet but will soon....no doc wants to...they won't do ANYTHING anymore that isn't their specialty...so now I've go to go to the endo to get that checked...sheesh.

I suspect the Rx's because all 3 are listed as causing tremors during withdrawal from long use.  the benzo's especially (ativan) but AMBIEN is also a benzo cousin, and the remeron is a tetracyclic....they all mess up the GABA and other receptors.

Somewhere I read you actually lose the receptors over time, not just the chemicals...that's because we are flooding out brains with the helper chemicals...so the brain figures it doesn't need as many receptors...then you withdraw them and suddenly everything is out of whack...the brain forgot how much dopamine, seretonin, Gaba norephinephrine etc to make.

the thing is, staying on those drugs can ALSO CAUSE permanent seizures.
ost literature says it takes 7 to 10 years to start having seizures....
BUT for those of us taking 3 drugs, not one, that time could be much shorter...
ergo I was anxious to get off these things before they permanently messed with me...

plus having a compromised liver means it all could happen sooner due to clearance issues.
I'm wary of all the citrus bioflavoid type solutions only because again, clearance is the issue. Also citrus products do increase iron absorption.
I only use decaffienated green tea, and not everyday. I use more on days where we have heme meals. Example beef stew, corned beef. etc...that's the time to take the lactoferrin or grren tea, or calcium...or all 3 even.

plus, looking at the drop in alts I got should be proof that this crud is not good for us.
I got 90% of the drop before adding the bulk of naturals to my tx, so that tells the tale that the pharmceuticals are dangerous..I'd take them again to get through treatment, but getting off them after tx is equally important..IMHO.
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believe me, I had about 12 theories....and yes...they don't diagnose...."

Merrygirl I have to say when it comes to theories you are the QUEEN!  :)  

Sorry I didn't see this post earlier so I could say something - it's good to see that in the midst of all of your problems (which just about are including everything known to man now I don't know HOW you deal with it all!!!) that you are having good results!  Just goes to show when you stop and think.....voila.......there you go, success!!!!!!!!!!

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try this


then try this;

I think it's valid to try as many antioxidants as can safely be administered.
Where we differ, is one has to look objectively at Mayo info, web MD, and pubmed research because there are contraindictions for some bioflavoids, chiefly those that have drug interactions and those that help iron to absorb.

Like I said, I'm using several antiinflammatory agents now, but I keep my vit C and acidic intake separate from all else in an effort to not add iron while I'm trying to avoid oxidative stress.

think of it this way...the main object of antiinflammatory agents is to reduce inflammation and oxidative stress right? Yes if some of the antiinflammatory agents are acidic, they lay down more iron, which increases oxidative stress and ergo this is counter intuitive. On the one hand, some studies show that inflammation is reduced, yet this is chiefly due to O-methalation changes, but then, more iron long term will cancel that out...the more iron molecules laid down, the worse the oxidation becomes. Ergo my reasoning is to find agents that reduce inflammation without the iron overload backlash....and citrus oils don't fir that bill.

Plus ephedra?  who on earth would want to add that as a liver patient?
Depession is a major issue with hcv, and ephedrine is speed which can massively effect that....in a not so good way.

you might want to add a calcium with D supplement as well as the lactoferrin...calcium binds iron, it's cheaper than the lacto even. Just be sure and eat fiber or take a fiber tab...as calcium can slow down bowels.
Also, don't eat vinegar, oranges or tomatoes with your protein meals, eat them separately, or in salads. Have a salad meal sometimes. I cut meat down to once a day and not much. I wouldn't use caffienated tea, the alkaloids will mess up the chemistry and increase your metabolism.
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at some point I had to much calcium on my lab test , so I am a little careful

with that since I like to lots of organcic yogurt , mozzarella  ect..  I have plenty of

clacium by adding supplemts it would go to high I am afraid,.
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Another case of how differently we are all effected by treatment.  I tx'd about as long as MB, our liver stage is the same and we both relapsed.  The only drugs I used were interferon, ribavirion and Tylenol.  I ate and drank anything I wanted to and still do. My liver enzymes 6 months post are AST 21, ALT 25 and all other blood values are in normal range.  
I  think there is credence in not overloading the body with supplements or drugs, not over thinking how to enhance the body's natural ability to repair itself and eating whatever you want using moderation.  That was my strategy all along and it seems to have worked well as far as my blood values go.

Good luck MB, I hope those numbers stabilize.

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