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I have Hep. C and live in S. Africa. I don't no what genotype as with my first blood test they "lost" the blood for that particular test, as it had to be sent else where. As not many people have this test or virus in in south africa (Heb B is common here) My doc said not to worry my count is 2million and my liver is fine -no need for a biopsy yet. I had liver function blood tests last month and all came back fine. I see a hematoligist in a private hospital. I presume I contracted this virus 20years ago when I was injecting.I really need as much info as possible so little seems known about Hep C in South Africa "
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You really need to see a GI doctor who has experience in hepatitis, just going by liver function test is not a good way to judge liver damage, 20 plus years with an active hep C virus is when alot of damage can start to occur. You really need a good experience doctor, have a biopsy and try to rid yourself of this before it becomes to far along......... Best to you and welcome to the forum...
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"My doc said not to worry my count is 2million and my liver is fine -no need for a biopsy yet. I had liver function blood tests last month and all came back fine."

Your viral count is unrelated to liver damage. Liver function tests do not tell the whole story by any means. Only a biopsy or a scan that measures the ‘stiffness’ or ‘elasticity’ of the liver, using an ultrasound scan can measure the stage of liver disease. You should be aware that having chronic hepatitis for 20 years can cause extensive liver damage in some individuals.

Sorry, but your hematologist appear not to be educated about the basics of hepatitis C virus and its relationship to liver disease. You should be seeing a gastroenterologist (specializes in digestive system disease) or a hepatologist (specializes in liver disease). Not a hemotologist who specializes in blood disease. Hepatitis C and liver disease are not blood diseases.

To not know how much liver damage has been caused by hepatitis C is dangerous. You are potentially risking your future health based on one doctor's opinion who does not have extensive knowledge and experience with proper diagnoses of liver disease.

The first thing anybody should do that has a chronic potentially serious disease is to get the best medical help available. To do less it to risk progression of the disease without adequate monitoring and oversight.

Good luck.
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