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Ingesting Marijuana

I have been HCV positive for at least 20 years. I've never had anykind of medical treatment for my condition.  I am a 48 yr old female and in excellent shape because I exercise regularly with weights, run, and do Bikram yoga. I eat vegan and don't drink ANYTHING. I smoke marijuana on a regular basis.  Ususally before a workout.  I am concerned about smoking just because it is harsh on my throat and lungs so I am considering eating it.  I am concerned about my liver so i wonder if it is bad for my liver to eat marijuana?  
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works great in spaghetti....you stay stoned longer...
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Smoking or eating it will tax the liver. Anything you eat, inhale and even touch goes through the liver.  Not long ago I read about studies done on people that smoked weed and how it was bad for the liver. I'm sure if you google HCV & marijuana you will see the studies. Good luck
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According to links provided by NORML (national organization to reform marijuana laws), frequent cannabis use is associated with acceleration of fibrosis. I figure if NORML cautions against cannabis use among the hep C population, it don't look too good.

Some other links  seem to suggest anti-inflammatory and anti-cancer effects though. I wonder if the chemicals used in growing pot might have anything to do with increased fibrosis...although the researchers were likely using pure materials, and not some back alley dealer's moldy closet pot. I'd like to see some research specific to Sativex and hep C, but haven't found any yet.

I remember, eons ago, there was some grass on the market known as "Chemo", the idea being that it was produced by the government to help people get through chemotherapy. After smoking a lot of it though (really harsh), we pretty much concluded that that the stuff the stuff was likely to give you lung cancer, and came by its name that way.
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I believe in RSO (Rick Simpson Oil:  phoenix tears.ca  or   ricksimpsonoil.ca  the 'ca' referring to Canada).  This discussion can just omit smoking pot for curative properties and move on to ingestible oil (as are 'dabs').  It is not difficult to make nor to become tolerant to (no drowsiness) and his formulas WORK.  There's no question in my mind that between Rick Simpson and the work of late Hulda Rueger Clark NP (e.g. The Cure For All Cancers or The cure for All Diseases- books can be purchased through Amazon) that you will find your way to a healthy lifestyle free from HCV.  I have found my way through stage IV uterine cancer, refusing surgery and chemo and losing my MD as a result of my decision, to having my first Class 1 PAP smear after 3 months of intensive self healing. That was in 1994. I have countless stories from friends of other ailments as well being CURED w/o western med treatments. RSO and parasite purges (HRC NP) will be my only future sources of remedies. I'm a retired RN who Knows and despises our pharma based and capitalistic medical industry.  Hold strong. Remain clear. Rest (in order to have energy to heal and to put into this avenue).
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