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Injection Problem

Did my 5th injection this week and had a real tough time.  Injected on the left side and the plunger wouldn't push.  Looked down and saw that the edge of the needle was poking through my skin.  Pulled the needle out and then re-injected.  Immediately got a big bump and blood.  Called a friend of mine who is a nurse and the Pegasys hotline and both said to ice the spot until the bump went down.  Took about an hour of ice to make it go down.  Have a giant injection/blood burn where I did the shot.  Has anybody else experienced this problem with the needle piercing through the skin?  I am guessing that my hand dropped and that I was pushing up instead of at a down angle.  Didn't see any medicine leak on my skin so I am hoping that I got it all in.  Looking forward to next Friday's adventure.  Thanks for the help.
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  I don't understand how the needle was poking through your skin. Maybe you should go back for more assistance on injection. I hope they didn't rush you through it and left you on you’re own.
"Didn't see any medicine leak on my skin"
You should be fine.

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Ouch. Sounds like you need some serious target practice.

A way to avoid all that is to pinch up a nice chunk of meat, then just stick the needle straight in. You don't have to worry about angles, or any of that nonsense.

Just stick and pop. It's all gonna end up in the same place anyhow. I was "careful" the first time. It was a time consuming PITA, so I just decided to:

1. Wash my hands, assemble the syringe/needle and prime it;
2. Clean the area with the alcohol pad, let it dry for a minute or so;
3. Pinch fat, insert needle at 90 degrees, inject (this step takes about 400 milliseconds);
4. Wait 10 seconds, the remove, recap, and discard the syringe/needle.

Using my patented "stick, pop and drop" method, I haven't had a red mark since my 2nd shot when I perfected it.

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