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Injection site red spot

Hey everyone! This is my 6 injection and so far, every one has left a red silver sized spot. They are fading but stil there. Am I gong to have 24 spots when I done? What is the deal with this?
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Yup..better get used to it. Mine show up around 4-5 days after the shot, and they fade in a couple of weeks from the time of my shot. But I ALWAYS have, at minimum, a bright one (last week's), and a faded one that shows. If they get itchy, try not to scratch them. I just touch the spot gently with my arm or something and it relieves it. I also heard that Gold Bond Medicated powder works for the itch. The one in the green container. Good luck! :)
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It depends, I originally got the spots, then stopped getting them.  It also depends upon which medication I'm injection now (i.e. IFN, Procrit, Neupogen) as to whether I get them now or not.
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Hi, I to originally got them, then around week 5 stopped. good luck.Pam
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I have huge red areas 4-6 inches around and I had giant black and blue marls in the same areas before I started using and ice pack (20 min)after shot...I only have 3 more shots after tonight.I'm a 2B at 21 weeks and have been virus free since a week 3 pcr..Good luck to all current txers!!....alan
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I meant silver dollar sized red spot!
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Thank you guys... But thry do eventually go completely away? And does the ice help to not get the spot?
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