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Injection site

Hey so my injection site is extremely bruised and it worries me its almost a dark purple.. Has anyone expire mixed this? My other shots were unusual as well but I have sensitive skin but they were read and like the size of 2 quarters. Itchy and just a large lump.
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Hi i am on week 13 of 24 i would say my first 8 shots were very red very itchy and if i put any kind of heat on them it got more itchy but now my shots r much less irritated sometimes i get next to nothing what shot r u on ? im am not an expert just my experience im sure someone that knows a little more then me will come along to help you

Take care racky
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Hi that never happened to me but I have read about it here on the forum. You very well may have nothing to worry about. Click on this link and read about what Dr. Melissa Palmer describes as "Injection Site Reaction" in her Guide to Hepatitis C:


If all else fails you could always contact Pegasys at 1-877-Pegasys (1-877-734-2797) or check out the web site Pegasys.com.
Either way you could call your doctor on Monday morning but based on what you describe and what it says in the book it sounds like a common occurrence that may very well resolve on its own.

Here is a link that explains how to administer a subcutaneous injection. I realise you know all the steps by now but maybe there is something in here that will offer insight to prevent this from happening again.

Take care take & a deep breath & have a great weekend♫
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Oops here is the link :)
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It was my 5th shot that bruised me bad.
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Are you warming the IFN between your hands prior to injection?  We found this to be very helpful, along with gently massaging the injection site immediately after the shot.  Resulted in less redness at the site for sure.
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¡Ahoy!  Hope your bruise is heeling :) I put the link  in case there was a step or tip that might offer insight on what caused the bruise. In my case I did my first shot at the doctor's office but they never really "trained" me. I followed this huge chart that had step-by-step instructions until week 15 or so.
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i used to bruise when i injected myself.  it was only the first 5 shots.  i always let the IFN warm up a little.  it really helped.  good luck to you.  belle
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Thanks everyone yeA my bruise is healing .. Freaked me out because I've never bruised but I will try all suggestions thank you for link
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I bruised a few times and I started making sure that there were no superficial veins at the site. I also move it around and alternate legs. Since I have done this, no more bruises...Mark
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I noticed it hurts a little to much for my liking in the legs so I always switch it up on my stomach
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Yes I have the same thing. I'm not to  worried it means it went in. Ha! You can ice it before shot and after.  Doesn't this just suck!!! I'm new here and very inept with this tablet! This site is a joy to read, old posts new ones. I use my thighs for shots (plenty of room) and I can count where all 7 have been. Good luck to you sweetie!!
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I am done with tx but I experienced the same thing. It goes away and my doctor said it was nothing to worry about.
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I bruised a lot around my belly and thought it would be there forever. I had additional bruises in my thigh area from Procrit. It took a few weeks after ending treatment and the skin looked normal. It depends on your degree of liver damage also. Mine is severe so I bruise easily anyway.
I watched a youtube on it a few times also. That might help? Soo glad it's over. Yours will be too!
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