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Have read about R7128, ION 3 and others.  Do insurances cover them? If I can get rid of the HepC will the hep endopath go away?  with as far as insurances go I am sure you have to submit for permisson to cover.
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What genotype are you?
Right now most of those drugs are for genotypes 2 &3 and they are still in clinical trials and not on the open market quite yet.
There are posts as well as members on here who can provide more detail as a few should be available soon.

I am not sure about insurance coverage. This is an interesting topic. My insurance covered the PIs otherwise the cost would have been prohibitive.

There are things you can do to manage your HE. I would post a separate thread about your current health and diagnosis so others can provide insight.
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my genotype is 2a.  I did the pegasus several years, which didn't work.  tired of the lactulose but got to keep that ammonia level down, right.?  Went to Hopkins but awile ago, maybe they have those clinical trials which I would be free?
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I would web surf over to clinicaltrials.gov and enter in search terms "hepatitis C" and the name of a big city near you (or maybe just the name of your state of residence). You can play around with further tailoring your search parameters, if need be. If you find any clinical trials that are actively recruiting in your area for your genotype, each study will give contact information to assist you with following up.
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