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Interesting Treatment Denial

Friend who works in the state's HCV told me about a clinic who had someone with the Oregon Health Plan and they denied him treatment because he was a cigarette smoker. I think it was Harvoni. Pretty heavy duty. I guess the line has to be drawn somewhere. Glad I don't smoke or have to quit.
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WOW!!! I am surprised, I think they are looking for reasons not to pay.  
I am amazed at the hoops people have to jump through
Thanks for sharing :)
Congratulations for getting new meds! I am really happy for you
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That's absurd!  Our country has a backwoods mentality.
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I live in Oregon and have cirrhosis and three separate doctors refused to write scripts for me by saying my insurance would not pay. A NP finally helped me and insurance did pay. I have Medicare with Oregon Health Plan as secondary. The Health Authority here does not want anyone on OHP/Medicaid to treat even if they do have cirrhosis. The mystery for me is why the doctors go along with it. Sometimes I feel like a broken record telling my story but I feel strongly that people need to take a stand on this.

Actually, someone needs to use the doctors who deny care.
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Oh yeah, no, a line does not need to be drawn somewhere. Everyone with HCV should be able to treat. What the check does smoking have to do with Hep C treatment anyway?
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what in the world is going on here, I live in Alaska,smoker, including weed, (fho I had to stop that for treatment), ; ( ing like a baby, helps for pain and other things, a lot of things
on SSI disability and, some state help, and my copay was $3.36 for a 12 week plan,
BTW last pill last night,
I'm just mad and venting, not mad at the world, just the propel in it, ie; big business gov.and so on............
I'm so sorry for you, why can't they fix you, and propel, that are productive instead an old goat like me, hell I've had it for 33 yrs, GRRRRR! GRRRR! GRRRRR!
my payers are for you  and beat wishes
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I also live in AK.  I would like to know how you received tx at such a low co-pay.   I am to see my gastro MD in two days to discuss test results and treatment. I am really worried that my insurance will deny me.  I am employed, no SSi, no disability - just employer group insurance.  Are you native?   I have been told that ANMC has been very supportive with HCV treatment.  Anyway, good for you for getting treatment.  My prayers are for you to have a continued and complete recovery.
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This thread has gone all over the place
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We don't have the whole story here. I'm going to leave it at that.
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