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Interesting story about Scherring-Plough, and open post

I came across this story today, and wanted to pass it on.. Many told me that my they did not believe my thoughts, or theory on Dr's, and thought this article was definately worth a read!! Exactlt what I have been saying for awhile. Dr's do not rx the best drug, just the one they recieve the bonus from, or sold their soul to!! Scherring-Plough also has lawsuit against them for cheating Medicaid. They did not provide them with the lowest cost, for treatment. Great company huh?? That article is on same website listed a few stories down.
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Least they got caught now we can rely on the system of justice.....lol
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I see what your saying, but I don'y really blame the scientists, he did his part. I just think that it is amazing that a Dr, would overlook a better medication, and Rx you one based solely on the fact that he is getting a check, or a free vacation out of it.. Greed is amazing!! That is why it is so important to do your own research, and look into what is best for yourself. Then drop the breifcase on the Dr's desk and get his input!! I am going to go with pegysus if I can get it approved.Not selling my soul to them though, Rev..Maybe just 48 months of time, but not my soul!!  
I solicite business for my company. We provide service for retail stores, and I definately have to go around and sell to new accounts. I do not give them anything, or offer any extra services, but see now that maybe they use me, cause I'm just so damn handsome and their hoping that a female manager will take a liking to me. LOL!!!
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20/20 did a segment on that subject a few years back, it is COMMON knowledge if you keep up with news documentaries, just like the armed forces wasting millions of dollars in personal expense accounts and overpriced items while their citizens struggle both here and abroad.
I never expected that things would change after the broadcast or that they'll ever will, call that negative thinking if you want but  there is too much money and power involved, for anything to significantly change.
even with this knowledge of greed, I will chose the proven method a million times  over the questionable snake oil whose sale will also make someone a nice profit.
So I choose to help the  the drug co. earn more profits just like I choose to let Apple make the profit over Billy Gates. CHOICES.
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Scherring-Plough provided all my meds free.  I would not be alive w/o them.  The real problem is the lack of a national health plan that is free and accessible to all.  Until we have that, as every other 'westernized-industrialize' nation in the world, the smae old, same old will prevail..  Shame on America and our leaders.

The system is corrupt and will remain corrupt until the current system is thrown out and health care is nationalized.  So put your outrage where it will really matter-at the ballot box.
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up here in canuck land we have a socalled free med system that we pay large for and the pols screw around with it then cut services ,readd at their whim when elections are called and we still get screwedwith out so much as a kiss. if Judy didnt have a medical insurance plan from her work  I'd. be dead by now . when I went thru' chemo for cancer a few years ago it cost in excess of $100,000. for non govt.paid drugs   so muking fuch for our social med coverage
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So, you're in favor of free meds for hep c b/not the sx's?  what about now, if you lose your insurance for whatever reason, you would now be uninsurable--maybe for life.  so how does the average, hard working person suppose to pay for that heart attach waiting down the road?  Or that genetically caused disease(diabetes? cancer?)to occur.  For the rest of your life.

I've been up and I've been down, i've been rich and poor, insurable and now uninsurable.  It's best to be up, rich and insurable.  B/that's not the reality for the majority.
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