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Interferon Damaging the Thyroid

Does anyone know anything about this?

I was very relieved to get my UnD...but hearing that my thyroid is being damaged by the Interferon and that it actually may need to be removed has me a bit freaked (as you can imagine).

Does anybody know anything about the thyroid at all? What this might be about? What the thyroid does etc etc.

I am googling it of course but think if anyone else has had any thyroid issues - it would be more helpful to me to hear what you have to say.

It's ALWAYS something = get the good news with the bad and keep on fighting that fight.

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Try here deb...

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Thank you my friend.

I'm sure SOMEBODY else must have gone through this but so far - nada.

It had better NOT make me gain weight I tell you that much!  ;-)
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Dang Deb, what next???  That's the first I have heard of a thyroid problem.  Let us know what you find out.  I do know there are drugs for thyroid.  Just what you need, more meds! Guess nothing is easy.  Seems we are being tested over & over.

Congrats again on being UNDECTABLE, didn't I tell you so.......
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congrats on the undie-i know how bad you were sweating that one. my thryoid went haywire around week 28 or so. i went hypo-my TSH was rising-they started me on synthroid it's alittle pill i take once a day-i was amazed at the difference in how much better i felt even still on tx. it did take about a year off tx for everything to stabilize and not have to keep messing with the dosages (adjusting up every other month or so) i don't know much about hyperthyroid other than it is the opposite of hypo and your body produces to much TSH(very low #'s)-there is a thryoid forum on this site that has a dr that answers questions. you will probably need to see an endocrinologist (sp) to get the right answers and tx for thyroid. hope this helps-hang in there & take care
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removed????  Did your Dr tell you it might need to be removed?

Having thyroid problems develop on TX is as common as anemia.

Imagine your thyroid to your body as the gas pedal to your car.

I don't know how they can know it's dying while your still on TX.

In many cases thyroid problems will clear up after TX, but like anything else in some cases it won't.

BTW, Congrats on the UN.  Keep us informed about what the dr says about your thyroid.  And see my post in the next thread down about how to take the meds.
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Heard blowing your thyroid is not that uncommon on tx. You will most likely have to stay on meds for that from now on.

P.S. Been worried you did have a pcr and NOT a brainwave test right?  Might want to check with your Doctor and make sure when he said you were UD.
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Thank you so much for that info!  He said oddly he thinks I'm getting HYPER instead of HYPO but I refuse to believe that - reading the symptoms...there is NO WAY you would know on tx as it's ALL OF THE SX!  ;-)

As long as I can "just take a little pill" I won't worry much. It's just when he said something about REMOVING IT I went duh huh what duh do?????

The symptoms look like this - is this NOT all the sides of treatment (except inability to lose weight that is ;-)


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I agree with the others.  Thyroid problems both hypo and hyper are VERY common on tx.  Your blood test results should yield a lot more information. Thyroid issues are easily remedied with meds, and often resolve once tx is over!  I hope it turns out to be no big deal for you.  Sometimes it seems like things are never going to end! Keep us posted.  I believe you could start with a visit to your primary, and if things get more difficult to deal with, they could send you to an endocrinologist!
Good luck :)
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my GI referred me to an endocrinologist(sp) they specialize in things like thyroid & diabetes etc. would be best to see if you can get into one rather than rely on primary care for this (at least until you get it regulated either way) i think removal is way extreme at this point-usually they shoot it with radiation and kill it(obviously not med terminology there)-to correct extreme situations of hyper-then you go hypo and they treat w/synthroid. symptoms of hypo are similar to hyper so without knowing your #'s it's really hard to say-especially while on tx.
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hahaha I am not letting them "shoot" anything!!!!!!!!!  ;-)

I feel better - he had me over reacting like a crazy loon (nothing new) but why he even SAID that Lord knows!

As soon as everyone here goes down for lunch I'll call the primary and find out if she wants me to go to an Endo or to her. I hate to "waste" a doctor visit going to her just to get referred - more time passes for nothing but it's the game most of them play.

$$$$$ is the name of that game I think...I hope I can get lucky.

Still waiting for them to fax me the test results from last nights phone call - don't they know I am standing here drooling with my tongue hanging out?

Thanks for your help so very much
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The incidence of antithyroid antibodies and thyroid dysfunction is enhanced by interferon alfa treatment. Thyroid dysfunction is reversible only in a minority of patients following discontinuation of interferon alfa treatment.

BLAH more fighting now!
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lol-can't say as i blame ya there. i don't know what it is about some drs that do that to you-go all extreme-drives me nuts!
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Deb -- a big congrats on your undetectible.  I was crossing my fingers -- those last 400 sure were tough ones.

Seems like when I first started posting in about May there were some really good threads on thyroid function.  There were several members that had thyroid problems that cropped up during tx.  Try going thru the archives for thyroid topics, Deb.  I am sorry, but it does explain some of the way you feel.  Since you were thin before, could you have been borderline hypo before tx?  To me this is one of the worse side effects of tx.  I am sorry it happened to you
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I am so relieved you are ND. I've been on edge all week for your results.
Stay the course and slay the dragon.

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the good news/bad news cliche at work!
here is a link to NY thyroid center
good luck!
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My older brother (he's much older, he's now 72, remember my dad is 98, this brother is from his first wife who is not my mother. My dad was married 25 years to her and 53 years to my my mother....YIKES!)

Anyway, he had hyper-active thyroid, he got so weak he could hardly walk accross the room, what they did was take out his thyroid (I guess they radiate it off? not sure, guess you better search-engien it) and then put him on thyroid drugs that duplicate the hormones...that was kind of a process until they found the right amount for him, and I'm not sure but they still might have to tweak it now and then...positive take away from all of this is he's as good as new now and it really didn't take that long...he's thankful he had one of the only glandular conditions that they can actually "do" something about he said...I know it's just anecdotal but I hope this helps...

here's hoping you get better soon....
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Even if you do go down the road of Forsee's bro, I hear it's not that bad. In fact, a lot of famous people have had it, and you might never know. Remember the tranny dude from Rocky Horror? See?

Plan on a scarf to cover the adam's apple and weekly facial wxings, and no one will ever know....
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My TSH is LOW at .01 (regular is .049 - 4.70) it's almost as if they are non-existant.

The TOTAL T4 is 10 (regular is 4.50 - 12.00) so that looks fine.

Does anybody UNDERSTAND the difference of TSH vs T4s and T3s?

I read it but of course I'm not too bright.

I believe that means my thyroid is HYPERactive like the doctor had said last night in total confusion like he was mystified (he is a GI) Only I am not losing weight or anything - I don't eat all that much (except I thought I wasn't losing anymore because of the ice cream LOL)

Does anybody understand this stuff?


I just wish the paper just said in big bold letters UNDETECTIBLE - that would have been cool LOL.


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hi, ole Goof and I are of the school that it's better to laugh then to cry...I know you are too...but he's right, (if you do have to go this route) it wasn't that bad, you know me, I grilled him on it...and it didnt take that long at all till he was really well, he said it was so fast it surprised him...so yeah, definitely go to a good endo guy and see what's up...my girlfriend (I know some people are thinking, how many friends you got? WHATEVER!) had to have hers taken out because of the treatment and she's fine now, busy with her life...forgot about her..ha ha! she said getting clear of the virus was well worth it to her...

anyway, hope you get some answers soon! Guess old Ringo was right when he said "you know it don't come easy"...
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Married for 78 years!!! God Bless that man.  I've been married for a quarter of that and it feels like twice that number.  Hope you have those longevity genes too.
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yep you are hyper-check out the thryoid forum here @ medhelp there are lotsa folks that are hyper and there are meds you can take to fix it-you might even be one of the lucky ones that only have a temp effect while on tx
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Just a thought.  It may bounce back on its own.  Mine did.  That doesn't mean it won't happen to me again but the second blood test a few weeks later showed all was normal.  Since you aren't losing any more weight, maybe you will bounce back.  Course, you may not have any more weight to loose either. lol

Just hoping for you.

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hi nygirl,

brilliant news on the undetectable - that is well deserved, but the thyroid is a bit uncalled for, I know exactly what you mean about the good news bad news, seems to be the story of my life too!!!!! Don't have any experience of thyroid, so I am afraid I cannot offer any advice there, but just wanted to offer some support. you seem so strong and positive so I am certain that you will deal with whatever your thyroid may or may not throw at you.

Best of luck,

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You said  what they did was take out his thyroid (I guess they radiate it off? not sure, guess you better search-engien it)

NOW I know why the doctor said what he said about taking it out - I guess it's harder to make it stop OVERworking than UNDERworking which you can supplement with medications!

Man I do NOT want to have an operation like that - it had better resolve itself (even though I read it very rarely happens after treatment we can see above it DOES happen).

I mean how do you go through your life without such an important thing like that it seems to run everything?

Oh God now I am scared. That IS what he had said about taking it out and radiating and all that - exactly.

Made doc appt for Thursday afternoon I know she is just going to refer me to an Endo doctor so I am taking Friday off - I'll get in there one way or another on that day if I have to sit there all day long. This is scary!
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