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Interferon Therapy on Liver Chirrhosis


I was suffering HCV Gentype 3. My Age 42 yrs.

On July 2007 My Hepatologist given my Pegasys 180mcq + ribavirin 1200mg/per day 135mcq when platelet count decreases.

After six months of my therapy I found the report:

ULTRA SOUND: Portal fibrosis, Scarred Tissues & Mild splenomegaly
Had my pathology reports followed:

21.07.2009 ALT(SGPT):73 U/L
           S.Bilirubin:1.0 mg/dl
           Prothombine: 1.13 INR
           Anti HCV:Reactive
           HCV Quantitive: Less than detectable limits/Super Raligare SRL Mumbai
           Andoscopy: Grade ii-iii Oesophaegal Varix
           Moderate Degree of portal hypertensive gastropathy
           Duodenal Ulcer
           CBC & Blood Film: are normal except lower platelet count 108x10

After that they Made EVL
From the day the made EVL I was unable to eat very well,It was paining.
Doctor gave me some 3rd generation antibiotic
After that he made pathology test on  


SGOT=100 U/L
SGPT=125 U/L
Serum Total protein: 85gm/l (63-84gm/l)
Serum Albumin:38.00gm/l( - )
Anti –HBs:<3.0mIU/ml
Anti-HAV IgM:Non Reactive
Total Cholesterol:167.0mg/dl
H.D.L:51.0 mg/dl
LDL:102.0 mg/dl
Triglycerides:70.0 mg/dl
Chest P/A View:Normal

Now I am Taking medicine:
1.Leganon 75mg (Sylimarin)2x3 times daily
2.Losartan Potassium 25mg 2 times daily
3.Amino Acid 2 times (Hepa-Merz) daily.
4. Vitamin E 400 mg
5. Vitamin C 500 mg

After 1 month he advised me to made another HCV RNA test report follows:

HCV RNA IN IU/ml:4.7x10(7)

He adviced me to take pegasys therapy & wants to see the response after 1 months

My questions to you is it fatal for me to go on pegasys therapy while i am suffering Liver cirrhosis?

Thank you.
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It is not definitive that you have cirrhosis,although you have advanced fibrosis at least.
Another course of anti-viral therapy is your best and possibly only option.
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Re-reading your notes I see that you do have portal hypertension with varices,so cirrhosis is pretty much confirmed.
Same answer though-get back on therapy.
The drugs are only dangerous in so-called  'decompensated' cirrhosis which you do not yet have.
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Dear Friend,

Thank you.
Unfortunately i failed to get a liver biopsy,so i don't know what portion of my liver are damaged.

Also i am confused on PCR report HCV RNA which done on 27/09/2009 it shows the Virus are not detectable,i am wondering is it possible to increase the viral load with in a month as mentioned above!

do you have any idea?
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Sir,would you please let me know the symptoms of decompensated cirrhosis?
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For the symptoms of decompensated cirrhosis use google,but the key one is called ascites.
Look it up.
Your doctor obviously thinks you have active virus again or he would not want to do more treatment.
If you became virus positive again a few weeks after stopping treatment it is called relapse and quite common.
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Therapy is not fatal but you must be watched very carefully.  They will be watching you for dangerous drops in platelets and further decompensation.  Successful therapy is about the only thing that can help you now.  If it were me, I would take the doctor's advice.
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