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Is Metformin safe with Alina?

My doc may put me on Metformin for fatty liver during treatment.  Will Metformin cause any problems interacting with Alinia and/or PPC?  Also, what doseage of  silymarin and Reverbatol would one take with stage 4? Any comments/opinions appreciated.
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Are you planning to treat with Alinia on board? Nobody knows if Alinia interacts with Metformin, so the answer is probably not by general likelihood.
Are you overweight?? Prediabetic?

Do you mean Resveratrol?
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Thanks for the reply. After I failed the second tox, went to a hepatologist (Cleveland Clinic). It is his opinion that I most probably have NAFLD due to the fact I was overweight (6 feet tall and 250 lbs); as well as being a geno 3a. Stage  4 portal hypertension. He said to spend 2 or 3 mos with diet and excercise. (currently down to 215 lbs)  He said he will most likely put me on an insulin reversal drug. He didn't specifically say metmorfin though. I talked to him about Alinia and/or double dosing but he didn't feel comfortable with that given the lack of studies. After researching Alinia, I am determined to add it to current SOC. I am trying to find info on possible interactions between Metmorfin and Alinia/PPC.   Yes, I meant Resveratol. Also plan on adding Omega 3's. After second TX my platelets and WBC continues to stay low. So looking for the right combo of things to throw at this because the clock is ticking, so to speak. Thanks for your time good sir.
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Having a fatty liver and being overweight is unfortunately recognized as one of the reasons to fail SVR.
HCV and NAFLD work together to drive the liver fibrosis progression.you needd to steadily further lower your wieght by a combo of proper diet and very systematic exercise. You do know that once on Metformin, you cannot use any "crush diet regimens" because of the risk of lactic acidosis. See the recent post about diabetes by Kittyface.
How do you know you have portal hypertension?
What was meant by your doc using the term "insulin reversal drug"?
Meaningful doses of resveratrol are between 100 and 500mg/day, but nobody knows anything about using it at the same time as SOC/tx.
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Bloodwork 6 mos. post showed problems, so went to a hemotologist who did an abdominal cat scan. That along with more bloodwork led him to the portal hypertension diagnosis. The spleen is only slightly enlarged. Insulin reversal were the hepatologists words, knew nothing about nash or prediabetes before that; my own study led me to believe he may have been speaking of metformin....  My visit with the doc was a consultation, and am not currently in communication with him.
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Any glucose values fasting, postprandial (after eating? current ALT?
What exactly are your diet habits now? Did you participate in the thanksgiving metabolic liver beating?
How strict can you be?
Mildy depressed or steadfast determined to pull this through?
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I have no glucose fasting numbers; I don't believe they were ever checked. I have been steadfast with diet and excercise BUT did succumb to the holiday gorgefest. Back to working hard and holding weight at pre holiday levels. Tougher to progress though. I have platuead at 215 and pushing hard to get beyond it. I am not depressed, in fact I am upbeat and determined to hit this disease with everything in the arsenal. My mindset for the 3rd tox is to do everything I can do within reason, and push the envelope.... If I fail, I don't want to wonder if "I had only done this, or that, maybe..." All or nothing, let's rock.
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