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Is RVR the same with a PI in the mix?

In the thread where I posted my PCR results, dointime suggested the RVR MIGHT not mean the same thing (as a predictor of SVR) when a protease inhibitor is part of the therapy.

From conversations I had with researchers, I believe it is the same, but no empirical data exists to prove it conclusively.  You can infer from my test results that Telaprevir eliminated the wild virus within a week and infn/riba eliminated (below the assay) the mutations over the next two weeks.

What do you all think?
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Please don't interpret this as me looking for a reason to opt out of the rest of the trial.  I have decided that I will do my best to stick it out as long as I can tolerate it.  The reason for the post is my desire to understand the meaning of the results - nothing more.
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Preliminary SVR data suggests it's the same, but an excellent question I wondered about from the beginning. In fact, I questioned my own RVR for similar reasons since I double-dosed and did high-dose riba instead of SOC which much of the RVR data is based on. But again, RVR in these situations as well does seem to translate into SVR, both for me and in other studies such as later double-dose studies, if I'm not mistaken. Another good question might be is Telaprevir SVR as durable as SOC SVR, since it hasn't been around long enough to test. Again, we can only extrapolate, but I see no reason it shouldn't be, and in fact -- some of the "occult" nuts (I use this endearling) here might suggest you will end up with a better type of SVR, although I'll happily take SOC SVR, or as my doc calls it, being cured.

Be well,

-- Jim
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I see no reason for it be different considering what we've seen so far from 24 week participants and the odd story of a few people who had to discontinue very early (as early as week 4) because of rash etc and still managed to SVR. And it's funny what jim said about another possible flipside of a VX born SVR compared to an SOC SVR: "...and in fact -- some of the "occult" nuts (I use this endearling) here might suggest you will end up with a better type of SVR..."  I've secretly wondered this myself, although thinking it's just too silly to believe it might be true. But one thing I've anecdotally noticed so far is that just about every single VX950 SVR I speak to, they just seem to be happy as clams. I don't recall seeing any of them (as they move away from treatment) speak of excessive long term sides, or having a long recovery, or any of the things that I've heard about frequently with SOC after treatment is over. And based on how I've been feeling, I just wonder back in the darkest anecdotal corner of my mind: Does VX950+SOC impart a "betterer" and more thorough cleansing of the virus? Is it possible that if this whole occult/low level thing is really legit, and there is some kind of constant low level immune response that makes people feel crappy, then maybe VX950+SOC really cleans it ALL out so there's absolutely NO virus left, and therefore no grinding low level immune response??

And then I just say NAHHHHHHHHHHHH. Sounds dumb, can't be true. But??????????  ;-)
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If the results of any of the other protease inhibitor trials are any indication, no - the RVR is meaningless. Everyone gets it including those who relapse immediately. Here's hoping VX is different.
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The other trials have all been phase 1 short duration and never expected to produce SVR.

My question relates to probability of SVR with 24 or 48 weeks of treatment.
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I meant to also ask about RVR after a previous failure of treatment; does it mean the same in this case?
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