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Is this arthritis, or side effect of post Hep C treatment?

A year ago I finished a study for Hep C with TMC435, slowly but gradually I have been developing joint pain, with wrists, hands, and fingers hurting the most.  My knees are now beginning to hurt too, like a stabbing pain, and sometimes the hip pain can get unbearable. I have been thinking there might be a connection between the medication used in the study and the joint pain, since I met another person through MedHelp who was also participating in the study the same time I was, and she too is experiencing the exact same symptoms as I am. So far, every doctor I've seen can't seem to help, one doctor says one thing, the other says no it's something else. I have an appointment to see a rheumatologist, but I just want to know if someone out there might know something about this. The pain is affecting my sleep since it wakes me up many times during the night, and I can't even stay in bed because of the pain. Is this arthritis, or is this the side effects of post treatment?
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Arthritis is a pretty easy diagnosis. Have you had blood work for rheumatoid factor? Xrays for osteoarthritis?
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I was just wondering if your study included the TMC435 plus pegylated interferon and ribavirin and whether you cleared the virus.

Hope  you feel better :)
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Hey there, remember you from some time ago.  Sorry to hear about the joint pain.  Hope they can help ease it some for you.  Don't have anything to offer for advice, but want to say a quick hello.
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you need to tell us a little more of your history...genotype?  were you on ribavirin and/or interferon?  did you achieve SVR?  sorry to hear about your pain.  best wishes.  belle
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funny that this came up but I have been having joint pain, knee's one wrist and legs not feeling just right. Some days worse than others. I was putting off to old age. LOL, but serious. I am g2 and treated with soc......was so excited when I got the SVR news at dr.s that I didnt mention it. I see him in six months if it gets worse I will call.
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Hello my friend!  Sorry to hear this.  For now, see if you get relief from soaking with Epsom Salts, and putting Bengay on at night.  Advil or Aleve, if that's alowed for you.  At my post check up, my doc mentioned that my bone marrow was recovering nicely, soooo I wondered what it would mean in terms of pain, if it wasn't.  There are several other things that could cause this type of pain, so keep at it.  Not sure that arthritis would present all at once.......but the meds I was on, seem to have sped up the issues I had pre-tx.

Here's an article, but I'm guessing your studydidn't include this drug:

Also, you should contact the FDA and the drug company to let them know your experience.  If no one lets them know of the possibility that arthritis could be a side effect, nothing will be done.

Be well and go to the hospital or urgent care if you need to.
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