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Is this dose right ,how do u know:Vic, 800 mg RIBA ,, 180 peg

I am starting tx this month
180 Pegasus , 800 mg ribasphere (2 pills a day)and week 5 victrellis (12 pills)

How does your md know how much ribavarin I should take?

I think it has to do with a persons weight
But I see people on a lot more than 800mg

I weight 135lbs, 5ft 1 1/2"

Sorry if this is dumb question:-)
58 yrs old
Garage 2/2( hep 1b , TT)
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Hi and welcome to the start of triple tx. If you go to this site and scroll down a bit you'll be able to see the dosage of your RVA. You have to take to pills in the morning (each is 200mg) and two in the evening.


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Dosage for ribavirin is based on weight, but it is also based on genotype.  People with genotype 1 need higher doses than people with 2 and 3.
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Can you share where you got that info from "based on genotype" I would love to see it as I never heard of that. Thanks

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Everyone does 180mg pegasys unless they have cirrhosis or the doctor makes a reduction. It is not weight based. ( I asked)
Riba is weight based. 800 for your size sounds right. I'm your height but weigh less. They started me on 800 but when I complained of side effects, 14 weeks into tx, they reduced it for me to 600.
( I'm geno 2)

I question doctor's about all kinds of things but they have chart to tell them about dosing. Dosages may be changed if there are problems but they begin by the book.
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I never heard of change in dosage by genotype either. Being small, genotype 2 and having a top notch hepatologist, he never mentioned this to me at all.
It'd be great if you could share the resource of this claim for us.
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orphanedhawkThank You
Yes I think I may weigh too much for 800
But maybe I am high end cutoff?

My md says she thinks I will lose weight as most do, so maybe she thinks it will happen quick

That would be a double benefit
Thin and hep c free :-)
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Is this true from the reduced peg when cirrhotic?
i ust heard that cirrotics have to reduce peg when platelets go down to much.
iam still on 180 micrograms
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It looks like you're Genotype 1b.  I think that Ribavirin is weight based.  My husband is a big guy, and his dose is 1200 mg. (3 tablets twice a day=6 tablets total).  Last year he was on an extra high dose of Ribavirin (1400 mg.).  
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Yes... Riba dosing is weight based and given your current weight of 135 lb or 61.4 kg then according to the chart below 800 would be the correct amount.
Having said that if you weighed 7 or 8 lbs. more then your recommended dose of Riba would have been 1000.
Something you may want to take up with your doctor as you are right on the edge of  the recommended amount ,given current weight.

Tolerability is always important.



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I am 5 1, 114 and take 1000mg of riba ( 2 in morning 3 at night)and 180 interferon and have for 18 weeks of treatment along with Victrelis 12 pills a day. Never heard it was based on Genotype. I asked at the beginning and they said Riba is weight based.

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I am gonna to speak to my md bout dose, since you both weight less than me but take more RIBA  (Brian mo + orphanedhawk

thank you both
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Ribavirin dosing is weight based for genotype 1 & 4, but not for genotypes 2 & 3, (800 mg).  

Based on your weight you appear to be at the correct dose based on the following.  I can't locate the reference to post at the moment.
65 kg – (143 lbs) 800 mg/day
65-85kg (143-187 lbs) 1,000 mg/day
86-105 kg (189-231 lbs) 1,200 mg/day
106-125 kg (233-275 lbs) 1,400 mg/day

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flcyclistThank you so much for the information
So I guess I am at the right dosage(and with any luck on weight loss vanity they name is me)
I will lose some weight and it will be even more effective
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Now I am concerned I am doing to much RIBA !   I am talking to my doctor on Monday after blood draw and will ask her. Thanks for posting that information,

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I was able to find the reference.  Do understand the numbers I posted above are from a 2008 publication,



The following with Ribasphere has the following weight/dosage recommendations for those retreating:
65 kg – (143 lbs)                800 mg/day
66-80kg (145-177 lbs)    1,000 mg/day
81-105 kg (178-231 lbs) 1,200 mg/day
> 105 kg (231 lbs)           1,400 mg/day

And listed further down for treatment naive:
≤75 kg  1000 mg daily  
>75 kg  1200 mg daily


This is a bit confusing.  I hope the doctor can address your concerns about dose.  
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Now I am concerned I am doing to much RIBA !
If your HGB, is holding  which I believe you said it was you will be fine at the dose you are taking. However if you get  to the point where the HGB is not tolerable then because of the weight based protocol and how far you are into tx. then a slight reduction would not adversely affect your chances of success.

Hang tight..
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