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Itching and Sun Poisoning

I know itchy and dry skin is one of the sides,,,,however, I have discovered that if i am out in the sun any length of time,,
I get sun poisoning,,,does anyone know what helps,,, sunblock??
or just stay out of the sun???  I am so excited,,,because this is the first time in 4 months that i have had the chance to post a Q!!!!!!!!  I am on 18/48,and 1A.    Also, I found out that there are 30-40 Heppers on tx at my Dr's ofc,,, I found a place to have a support gruop mtg,,,but tha RNP acted like I had 4 eyes and was green,,,which I am sometimes.,,,lol,,,any suggestions?
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Sun tends to be a common complaint and an enemy to us who are/were on the hepC meds. I finished my treatment of 56 weeks with Pegasys 1ml injection weekly and riba 1,200mg daily. I was also injecting 1ml Procrit weekly to assist my rbc.
I've heard this complaint regarding the sun from many others along with just the dry and itchy skin.  I also suffered with both.
I stayed out of the sun mostly the whole time while taking the meds.  I had a reaction on my arms from being out in the sun and it was indeed a bad reaction.  I started off with my treatment last April 2003 so I missed the whole summer.  I did go on a cruise ship the first part of November to get some different scenery (besides my bed and couch) and some fresh air.  I also avoided the sun then as much as possible.
My skin, hair and mind is all coming back to me nicely now since ending all the medicines.........whew!!!
You can use some 'tan in the can' for some color but I would not challenge being in the sun. It doesn't work well, even with sun block.
Good luck with your treatment.  You will have many more summers to play around in the sun.  Welcome to the forum.  You will find allot of support and love here.  Post questions anytime that you have them. Read allot of stuff on this forum. We are real people with real experiences.

I also am/was 1a genotype.  Cleared the virus and remain to be clear as of today.  I won't have my post PCR test till the end of August.....so I have my fingers crossed and much hope to have kicked this deal out of my system completely..!!

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Hi and welcome, I know I have a hard time getting to post a question sometimes, but you can always break in on another post to ask any questions you might have. It is allowed and no one cares if you have to break in on their thread.

About the sun, you do need to stay out of the sun, while on tx. I have a friend that learned that the hard way. She and her husband go on lots of trips and crusies. She didn't think the sun would bother her, but she eneded up in an ER on one trip. She has finished tx and has CLEARED!!!! YEAHHHHHH! But she still has scars all over her body, that look like chickenpocks scars, but about the size of a dime. When I go out in the sun I wear a light colored long sleeved shirt...one of my hubby's. I also put tons of sunblock on and wear a large brimmed straw hat. So please take care of yourself while on tx. You will hear of lots of people here on the forum that like to garden and I think they take the same precautions as me. Try not to be outside @ the hottest times of the day. Try being out early am and late am. We have been out and used the car lights to finish up when we are planting or weeding. I'm sure the neighbors thought we were digging @ nite, burying bodies!!!! BBut now everyone knows I was on tx and I will be starting again in 4 to 6 months. I relapsed, and I will be starting a trial to try to find out why I replased. I will keep you in my prayers. And I wish you the best on "clearing" this nasty virus we all have. Love @ prayers, Cindee
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Hi  I think if you are having a reaction from the sun,,,yes you should definitely take precautions.  Some people seem to do fine on tx and with sun and others have allergic reactions so if you have to get out....use a good sun block and don't over do.
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Thanks, I just started thyroid meds about 8 days ago. My doc did say to come in for a test in 4 weeks. I guess I didn't notice symptoms as I chalked everything up to tx. In hindsight I can see when it started. (Well that doesn't do me any good now). My TSH level was somewhere in the 60's. I also have elevated antibody levels and assume this is also an indication this is permanent but will ask the doc next visit. I am not sure what exactly antibody levels mean here. Did you have these test results also and do you know what this means?
I am quit concerned about this sudden renewal of joint pain. I am sooooo sick of this. I am sure we all are. LL
Dollface I sure hope you don't have fibromyalgia....Are these test results you get back quickly?
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