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Itchy skin

how can I help my itchy skin side effect - it is driving me crazy!!
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Are you drinking enough water?  This treatment is very dehydrating and you need to drink at least 1/2 your body weight in ounces of water a day.  For example, if you weigh 120 you need to drink 60 ounces of water a day.  I tried for a gallon a day.  

You also need to get some good lotions.  One lotion works for one person and not another so you may have to try several.  I used Aveeno, many use Gold Bond, and I have heard good things about CeraVe.  Put it on right out of the shower and several times a day.  You have to keep your skin moist because as this goes on you'll notice your body isn't putting out the natural oils it did before treatment.

Don't shower or bathe too much for the same reason, you body isn't putting out much natural oils and bathing will dry your skin.  Don't use very hot water.  Warm is much better.  And three times a week will usually be enough.  I used Olay body wash with shea butter and used a brush to reach the middle of my back because it would get itchy where I couldn't reach.  You may need help to get the lotion to those areas.

Well, I hope this helps.  You can try typing in itchy skin in the Search this Community box up to the left of your question.  You will find many discussions of the itchy skin problem.  Welcome, and good luck!
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Good suggestions from Carol. Also, Sarna lotion helped me a bit.
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Ditto on Susie's and Carol's post.

I had used Gold Bond Triple Therapy (green bottle/red cap) however it didn't work for me. I switched to Eucerin Calming Cream and that worked wonderfully. Target seemed to sell it much lower than other stores.

I also took Benadryl which helped the itching.

Good luck ~ I feel for you!
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over the counter cortisone helped me. i mixed with olive oil or gold bond. later higher dose steroid topically was the only solution for me but i was careful to use sparingly. the itch can make u stark raving riba rabid!
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I used Atarax instead of Benedryl because it doesn't add to the drying effects of tx meds.  I used Coconut oil in my (weekly, lol) bath and it helped, but a new lotion has come on the market that may be worth trying....Aveeno for Excema.  It has oatmeal and may help.

Drinking lots of water will help also.

Good Luck =)
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