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Itchy skin

Hi!  Wondering what have people found to help with the itchy skin.
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hi there.  hope you had a good thanksgiving.  i use gold bond lotion, grren bottle with the red cap.  works great for me.  and 1/2 a benadryl tablet before bed.  it lets me sleep without feeling itchy.  hope you find relief.  best wishes.  belle
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I use Benadryl at night (itching) and hydrocortizone cream for any rash as needed day and night. I also keep the thermopstat lower.  I notice if I get hot I get a rash and start itching. I also use Keri lotion as a general lotion and that helps.
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Are you on treatment for hep c.
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One half benadryl. I was I the sun yesterday and paying the price today. Was up all night with itchy skin. Just took my first half pill about twenty min ago, already feel better.
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Oops. Just noticed that someone asked if you are on tx. Let us know! That changes things...mo
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Pruritus is one of the most common symptoms
reported by people with hepatitis C (20%), but is
more commonly found in people with advanced
liver disease and cirrhosis. Pruritus is itching that
may be localized to a specific part of the body
such as hands and feet, but it can also be a generalized
itching all over the body. Some people
even report that it feels like their internal organs
itch. Pruritus can be related to high bilirubin
levels,autoimmune disease or dry skin, and can
be a side effect of treatment. Use of moisturizing
lotions, oatmeal baths or lotions, antihistamines,
and cortisone creams and opiate drugs can help.

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Cholestyromine, I was tested for HCV because of my itching, Dr tried allergy meds and steroids and creams to no avail and then looked for hep and there it was.but I didn't have elevated biliruben, I changed diet to low fat and liver friendly but still had issues. cholestyromine is a bile acid binder, it is not the best stuff, looks like sand, tastes like sand (you mix with water) and you need to watch your vitamins as it takes some out of your system. Dr figures that my liver being swollen was putting pressure on my gall bladder and squeezing out to much bile. you take the chole and it picks up the extra. Was prescribed 2-4 paks a day as needed, it is very cheep, but find I only need 1 every couple days. This all being said I just started Triple therapy and don't want to take it in case it takes any meds out of my system as I want to go for the best chance I have to hit this critter as I am treatment naive with cirrhosis, plus it probably wont help with riba rash.
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Hydroxyzine  HCL 25 mg 1 – 2 tablets every 6 hours as needed
Triamcinolone 0.025% OINT twice per day as needed
Over the counter:
Eucerin cream
Eucerin body wash
tea tree oil (on blisters that form with rash)
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baby oil and aveneo
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The is a lotion that the dermatologist recommended for my brother(hes on tx) Its called Cera V and you can get it at Walmart.He told him if that didnt help hed write him a script for something else.It worked and also took the red rash away-no more itching or rash.
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Thank you so much!   My husband has hep c., being a supporter, I'm searching for relief.  
Wishing you the best !
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