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Janis & Friends?

What happen to the Janis & Friends website? Is there still a forum for discussion? I spent a few mins looking around and when I clicked on forums it brought me back to this forum. I like the new look and it seems to still have a lot of information. I would still recommend to a newbie looking for information.
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This is the "old" link that takes you to a new page that says that Janis is finished.  Too bad; it was a great site with a wealth of information.

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just found this out myself. It was the best. what other sites they got going on now that can measure up?
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The New Site is

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I forgot to mention:
This message board is one of the boards linked off the new site.
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Thanks for posting the link, I should have done that this morning.

I am still sad to see the Janis site go, as there are many, many threads linked to it and it was a tremendous information site about HCV.

The good news is that your new site also looks to be excellent.  I've bookmarked it and will go back to read in the future.  Lots of the same good information and articles.

Thanks and best wishes for the new site.  

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I hope everyone will be able to find the information they need at J&F New site.
Except the site is no longer called "Janis and Friends". I have started a new
blog called " New HCV Drugs and Liver Health"

I am the founder of Janis and Friends Web Site along with, (Janis), and I was
the sites webmaster.

The format I am using this time around is a blog, it has been easier to keep
it updated, I am also in the process of adding basic HCV info daily.

The blog eventually will have most of what I had on J&F site, but it will be more up to date.
I miss the website also, It was a sad day when I took it down.

Over the years I have frequented these message boards and have added a link to them on the blog.
(MedHelp boards are great)


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wow that is so sad that was alwaysa the one resource we could point people to that we knew was CORRECT.  Understanding that things do change = it still is really sad for those who need the information that it was able to provide.

Shoot I guess this means we'll have to work harder now to explain things....instead of saying here is a good link to the description of (insert word here).

I am very sad to see it go it helped so many, including me.
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One of the great features of Janis and Friends was its indexing; it made referencing even someone that was new to this disease easy. If it’s possible, I’d strongly consider setting up the info using the old J&F ‘checkerboard’ index, for lack of a better description. Having everything categorized in one central place on the home page was very useful.

Sorry to see the site gone; I’ve been involved with this for six years or so, and it was an invaluable site for everyone. Thanks—

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I too am sad to see the old format goes.  The new one looks interesting and I will have to explore it more before I can reference it to anyone.  I particularly liked all of the biopsy information in one place and gave people links many times.  I guess the new name sounds so impersonal or something. We need all the resources we can find so,
Tina, good luck to you on this new site.

Six years, Bill -- it has been a wild ride hasn't it.  I started reading May 2005 and posting in June.  Janis was an easy site to read and navigate, wasn't it.


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I too am sad about the J&F going away.  That site helped me out when I was first going through all of this.
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So as I look at the new site I do not see any forum as was found on the old site. Is that correct.? If so too bad. The discussion was so very helpful to me as I did my treatment
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Hi Duke,
The old message boards are still available, I don't want to mislead anyone looking for support. However the website and myself are no longer affiliated with the support site. Hence the transition from the website to the blog. The members that frequent the support site are great and very supportive. I understand the bonds that are formed during treatment with friends met online, I don't want anyone to think their friends are not still available. Thats how I met Janis so many years ago.
Link To Forum http://******.************.com/friendship7

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HCV Advocate has a lot of good information too. The search tool works pretty well.
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here is the link to the old forums:   http://forums.delphiforums.com/n/nav/start.asp?webtag=friendship7

MH please don't delete this link. They have a link promoting MH so you should allow this. J & F is a well respected website helping many people with HCV.
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WHen you gave the link to the Janis and friends support site part of the address was replaced with asterisks. CAn you supply the missing part of the address?


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the support site is not gone, it's still very active and full of caring and sharing members. I, like so many would be lost without the supportive staff and members at JANIS & FRIENDS HEPATITIS C SUPPORT forum....they are saviors for so many or us.

i don't know what went happened, but I am still a member there and hope to be for years.

here is the link:


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here is the link to the new and improved Janis & Friends Hep C Support forums:


there is a link to the current Janis & Friends Support forum.

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Wow. Just found out Janis & Friends is gone! It was a great site for reference information. I hope the new blog eventually gets all the same information.
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That looks interesting.  I'll have to save it for future reference.  
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I'm seriously bummed about what they've done to Janis and friends.

It used to be the priemer site to send newbies to for a thourough primer, very user friendly, very topic oriented, they've eliminated all that and turned it into a blog.

Not that I mind the forum, but the former format was perfect for beginners, and now it's been brushed aside. Now it will take weeks to find just the facts jack,,,,and that's not helping the newly diagnosed.

I wonder if they knew what they had.

Where do we send the newbies now....any ideas out there.
I wish they'd just give us their info if they aren't going to use or feature it.
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the old forum is still there. i posted a link above in this thread.
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