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Just Got the Call...CURED!!!

My Doctor justed called to give me the results of my 6-month post tx pcr.  He has never called before, it's always been the receptionist, so I was really scared when he said who it was and thought it was bad news.  All he said was he was calling to tell me I am 'cured' and that the pcr came back UNDETECTED!  After all the worrying, I feel so blessed to be in this position.  The Doctor actually said that he didn't even need to see me, but I told him I would like to keep the appointment because I have a few questions I want to ask him.  I thought it was odd that he didn't think he needed to see me.  Thank you all for your encouragement and support over the last year, it was much appreciated.
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Let me be the first to congratulate you for a hard battle won. I hope this clearance will last forever!

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what good news big congrats and continued success.  peace
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Congratulations!! Well done!

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You and me at the same day big congratulations!!!

Now we just wait for the headache to completely leave I have had that problem the last 2 months aswell you see comes and goes!!

Lets live that HCV free life now!!

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Wow, a slew of good results this week!  Congratulations!
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That is fabulous news. How wonderful! Congratulations and enjoy.
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Comeagain, I was following your progress and knew that you and I were almost on the exact same timeline.  I gather from your response here that you have also received your results and are SVR!  If this is true, congratulations to you also.  The headaches I was having are not as bad or as long as they were before.  Now I get one maybe twice a month and they last from 1/2 a day to a full day.  I am guessing it's that the medication is gradually leaving our bodies.
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What wonderful news! Congratulations. I hope you enjoy SVRsVille.

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Congratulations to You!!!   (hopefully you'll be able to change to 'neverconfused' very soon :-).    It is a celebration to us all when SVR is shouted from the rooftops.  Well done!!!
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YES TO SVR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Thanks for all the well wishes.  For those of you who aren't there yet, may you experience this wonderful feeling of SVR and for those of you who are waiting, may you get the same fantastic news.
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Congratulations on SVR!  I remember your concerns about your rising ALT's after EOT, so it's great to know that all turned out fine.

As a former genotype two with minimal testing before, during, and after tx, you had to endure a lot of unknowns and lack of information about your situation. So I can only imagine how great the relief is, after being in the dark for longer than many of us.

I would have also felt scared to get a surprise phone call from my doc. Like yours, mine never calls. Thank goodness yours was bearing the best news possible. How great is that!?!

I'm glad you're going to keep your appointment with him, even though he said you don't need to. Some docs brush their patients off when  tx is done and offload us to our family doctors.

SVR is so sweet and I send you my warmest thoughts. It may have been a confusing journey but you arrived safely at your intended destination, SVR.

And let me know the secret to waiting six months for a first post-tx viral load test. I wish I could calmly do that.

I will send you a note, since I won't be posting on the board until tomorrow, except for phenomenal news like this.

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Excellent news!!!  Congratulations!
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Thanks for sharing your wonderful news!  This is helping me to carry on!   Congrats!!!
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Beautiful news!!!!! Congratulations!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Here's to a HEALTHLY LIFE!!


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Wonderful news!!  Here's to wellness........Pam
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Congratulations!  All the best to you...

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Isn't it great when the doctor calls you himself........scared me to death too but at first my doc was so excited he kept calling himself by his first name and I had no idea till he yelled his doctor name.  But it is nice when they care so much.

Anyways nope you really don't need to see your doc for a year or so to get another PCR (which will come out negative too but you'll still be just as nervous that never changes)

Congrats great great news for you!
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Great news!  You made it!  Congratulations.  Confusion is in the past for you.  Happy HCV free life.
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Congrats on your SVR!  Although, I would ask you to refrain from calling it a "cure"...

There are a lot of folks who buy into the cure theory and once they reach SVR start drinking again (not saying that you would!) .....and of course then they relapse .

Once you hit SVR it's important to realize that its always going to be lurking in your body so you need to live a healthy lifestyle to keep it from going active again .

Be good to yourself and hopefully it will be gone 4-ever!!  Consider yourself one of the lucky ones!!  You've won a very tough battle.
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excellent!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! life is good
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Yay for you!!!  Congratulations!  It' so good hearing success stories =)

Wishing you the best,

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