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Just a quick poll: did you lose weight or gain weight during tx?

I have not been back to the doctor as I am waiting on results of my bloodwork to see what genotype I am and choose which duration of treatment.  I am 5'1" and weigh 117 right now and could stand to lose about 12 lbs. on the high side.  I have read about losing weight on tx and wondered how it varies for each person.
How many weeks in did you start losing/gaining etc. and what did you eat when you were nauseated and DID NOT want to eat but had to in order to keep up your strength?
Thanks for sharing.
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I have been on tx 14 weeks and I gained about 5 lbs over all, not sure if it was the holidays or not but I didnt lose regardless.
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gained 15 lbs first treatment, never lost it. Debi
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I lost about 15 lbs but then it came back shortly after stopping tx!  I ate lots of soups and salads during my tx.  That always tasted good if I was slightly nauseated but needed to eat.  I also drank lots of tea and the peppermint tea would help upset stomach.
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So far, 20 weeks into tx, I've lost 7 lbs.
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I gained 4LBS in 48 weeks of TX. Two weeks post We'll see what happens
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I lost weight.  I lost more weight on my 6 of my treatments than on the last one that I just finished in June '06, but lost weight still.  Since stopping this last time, my weight has been harder to keep off than before.  This could be because I'm not slightly hypothyroid and have been started on low dose Synthroid.  It could be normal middle age metabolism slowing. Since stopping treatment I've gained 20 lbs approx.  I need to go now, have to exercise!!!

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I lost 30 lbs. I am in week 25 of 48. I blame some of the weight lost on depression. I used to eat alot of red meat, spicy food and fried food. I can't tolerate them now. I have regain my appetite but I am still down 25 lbs.  

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I lost 32 lbs,  but I've also been on tx for over 70 weeks. Most of the loss has been in the last 6 months. I think it's a comob of things, number one being the same as HepcD, diet changes, little to no red meat, big reduction in any "bad foods" no fried foods and no saturated fats. That alone is a big factor for me. My appetite has improved lately but Im still very low on amount of food I take in. I think some of the loss is in muscle mass from laying around so much feeling crappy.

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I'm on week 20/48. I've lost about 35 lbs so far.
This was the perfect time to quit smoking. (don't have to worry about that weight gain from quitting)
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I gained about ten pounds during treatment. My nurse told me, when I started treatment, that I'd probably lose weight. I decided to eat ice-cream and pie whenever I wished to, and because of that, I put on weight rather than lost weight.
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lost 20+ lbs while on trx meds and i ate ice cream every nite!! i agree loss of muscle mass is a factor and it is a GREAT time to quit smoking!!. sadly,.post trx i am gaining and those old jeans are not so comfy
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i got down to 108 lbs on tx.   not good.   as i am 5'6" tall.   now 3 years later im around 150.   the most ive ever been.  
    i think they would have taken me off tx. if i would have lost much more weight.  coundnt eat very well, depression, stomach upset, etc.... not hungry
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