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Just curious

What would one look for on the lab results that I get every 3 months for hep c that could be an indicator for pre-diabetes or diabetes????Just curious-cindy
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I was checked for low and high blood sugar and both times were special tests, one was a 3 hour test and the other was a 5 hour test.  Empty stomach and I drank this flat coke tasting stuff (I forget how often) then they would take blood.  This was a while ago so it might have changed
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  Hey Cindy ..Most DR.(at least here in Canada) will run the ... "Plasma Glucose test"  then if there is a higher than normal reading on that they will run the... "Glucose tolerance test"  I believe if the reading on that one is higher than 140mg/dl you are considered pre-diabetic and higher than 200mg/dl you are diabetic.

The second test is the one GDSgirl mentioned where you drink the sweet stuff and they take blood after a few hrs.

Hope that helps

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Hi Cindy,

Your comprehensive metabolic panel often includes a fasting glucose test; you might check there. Typically, we like to see a result of less than 99 mg/dL. Results between 100 and 124 can be suggestive of pre-diabetes, while results above 125 mg/dL can indicate a diabetic condition. All those results are fasting; i.e. nothing but fresh water for 8 hours prior to testing.

A better diagnostic test for diabetes is the A1c test; but this won’t normally be ordered unless the health care provider feels it’s indicated.

There’s another test called ‘HOMA-IR’ as well; this is the ratio between blood serum glucose and insulin, and actually defines insulin resistance.

The test Denise mentioned is called a ‘glucose tolerance’ test.

Good luck; do what’s necessary to avoid developing diabetes if it looks like an issue; you really don’t want to deal with that if you can avoid it.

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