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Just diagnosed, seeking treatment

I just stumbled across this board and have spent hours reading but it just seems to add to the confusion.  My husband was diagnosed with Hep C, Type 3. We are in the process of trying to get treatment but now so many questions have come up that I am beginning to be completely overwhelmed.  Originally we were prescribed Pegasys and 800mg ribavirin daily but our copay was like 600.00 per month.  After discussing this with the nurse today I was told that he could probalbly take Peg-Intron instead.  I kind of feel as if I am settling for less?  Is one better than the other?  Does one have less side effects? Can anyone shed any light on any of this in laymens terms for me?  I am wondering if perhaps we are not seeing the right dr. or one who has enough information because so much of what seems to have been discussed on theboards has never been revealed to us? We were just kind f told to start treatment come back in two weeks for tests and Dr. followup and we would go from there.  I am sorry I am sounding like such an idiot but I am just beyone confused and overwhelmed.  Also... should I be paying this $600.00 co-pay or should I continue to search for a better price or a program that might help?  If you have any questions or need any info to be able to help, please ask away....  somehow I just need to get to the bottom of this and start the road to healing and recovery!  Thank You so much for any input!
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welcome! this is a good place to be; many folks here know a lot about hep c; first, if your husband decides to go on treatment, he should consult a liver specialist, preferably one who treats plenty of hep c; there are different treatment outcomes for different medicines, good source of info is hivandhepatitis.com; don't freak out yet; type 3's have pretty good treatment results; however, 800 mg of riba sounds like the old regimen; make sure if he goes for it, the riba is weight based; about the money, there are programs available, i don't know any about them, but many on this site do; i whish you guys good luck
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Thank you for the kind words and welcome!  Actually I was starting to question the riba just by reading others posts, so you kind of confirmed that for me.  We are seeing a GI as this was who the family md recommended, maybe we should seek out more help on our own?  He did do the genotyping and viral load thing so I feel better about that, I am not real pleased with his overall personality but I guess a lot of specialists are that way and my hubby really likes the nurse he would be working with most of the time (so do I).  It took us so long to get to this point and now it seems like maybe we should be starting all over?  Wow!  I don't know where to begin...
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check out this thread I started on  another hcv site:


I have decided to go with the redi-pen, peg-intron....  They both have the same success rate but the redi-pen has less of a relapse rate, and less sides, and more of 4 week clear rate.... my g.i. tried to tell me it was all marketing but these were independent studies.
don't know if redipen is cheaper yet.

I read somewhere that tx cost is around 3000.00  per month!   so think of 600.00 as a bargain if you can.

Ouch!  but since I had to give up drinking I can use my beer money!


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in the thread that I referred you to ,there is a comment by Doug that the redi-pen does not have to be refrigerated... this is not true!  redi-pen DOES have to be refrigerated!

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Hhmmm... and here I was starting to lean toward the Pegasys for the very same reasons. I have heard  from the GI, asst. literature and other posts that the Pegasys offered a lower relapse rate and substantially less side effects.  I guess some of it really boils down to a matter of personal preference?  Now I have another viewpoint to look into, thanks!
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if you get on the manufacturers web sites (google schering as well as roche,   or redi-pen, pegintron, ... pegysis , etc..
find their web sites and they should have info about financial help.

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