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Just diagnosed with Hep C how worried should I be? Test results in the details.

Hep C virus AB >11.0.   AST 826. ALT 732 alkaline phosphate 176 not sure what else to include please help thanks in advance
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Have you had an HCV RNA by PCR test that looks for the presence of the hep c virus itself? This would include tour viral load how many copies of the virus are in each mL of blood.

An additional test is also needed to determine the best treatment for you. This test is to know which specific variety of hep c you are infected with. The test is called the hepatitis c genotype test.

Those are fairly high liver enzyme tests mine were always below 100. I am wondering  if you have additional things irritatingyourliverbeyobd hep c. Are you overweight or drinking alcohol?
I am going to the doctor tomorrow I am assuming they will do these test. Not over weight had issues with drinking
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What has your doctor told you? Are you planning on seeking treatment for Hepatitis C?
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Your HCV /AB test being >11 means you have been exposed to the virus.
If you know of a recent exposure it would most likely explain the very high enzyme numbers.
Often when someone is first exposed( the Acute stage)these numbers can be elevated significantly, sometimes> 1000
What happens in approx 20-25 % of Acute cases is the body will clear the infection on its own and for the other 75-80% the infection becomes chronic.
If you are in the acute stage it can take approx 4-6 mo. To resolve itself.
Your physician may want to track your enzymes  to see what happens or run the PCR and genotype test and discuss treatment.
Treating  has excellent results in either scenario.
Thanks for the response.  At least I know something's to ask.
With those enzymes that high and if you and your doctor suspect this may already be a chronic infection , if not already , you should be seen by a liver doctor(a hepatologist or a gastroenterologist knowlegable about HCV). As well as the PCR and genotype test there should be discussion about doing tests to assess amount of liver damage you may or may not have.
If you are still drinking alcohol you need to stop as that will certainly be doing further injury to the liver.
Treatments today are very successful  and which one you do , and for how long,can be dependant on genotype and amount of liver damage you have
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