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Just found got hep c test done came back reactive

Ok so I freaked out at the Dr I had him give me a Hep c test because I was a drug user and me and my soon to be husband Shared needles we ever injected eachother blood in one another only by using the Cotton's so he had got tested awhile ago it showed up negative but mine showed up positive but Dr said it was reactive so what does this mean I have 5 kids 3 that are teens and almost 2yr old twins how do I protect them from getting it and just another question while I'm here can you get it from reusing the same needle u heard it gets rust in there
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What test did you have? Was it a hepatitis C antibody test or the test for the virus itself called something like HCV RNA by PCR?

If it was the antibody test that means you were exposed at some time in your life to the hepatitis c virus. However about 25% of people who are exposed to the virus can beat the virus on their own without treatment. They will forever test positive for hepatitis c antibodies but will test negative for the virus itself when tested with the HCV RNA test.

So first of all to confirm you are currently infected you need to have the HCV RNA by PCR test. Only then will you know if you are infected with the hep c virus.

If you do test positive for the virus the test will also provide your viral load (how  many copies of the virus are circulating in 1 mL of your blood).  You also need to test to determine what genotype of hepatitis C you have as treatment method is determined by what genotype you have. Just to add that with the new drugs approved I just the last few years hep c is very curable for most people. Treatment could be as simple as 1 pill a day for as few as 8 weeks in some cases and you can be cured of hep c. You will still test positive for hep c antibodies but will test negative for the virus.

Hepatitis c is a blood borne virus and requires blood to blood contact for transmission. The most common method of transmission is IV drug users sharing needles. There are other way to catch hep c also like having a blood transfusion before hep c antibody testing became available in 1989.

Hep c is not easily transmitted in the household between family members. Things to avoid are sharing of personal hygiene items like fingernail clippers, razors and toothbrushes or any thing contaminated with blood.

In general hep c is not considered by the CDC to be a sexually transmitted virus at least not for long term  monogamous couples. For those who engage in rough sexual practices especially if involving blood letting, have multiple sex partners or in the presence of HIV there is an increased risk so for those persons the use of barrier protection is recomnended.

So first up, get the test for the hep c virus the HCV RNA by PCR test. Then if that is positive your doctor will test you for your genotype. Next get treated and get cured of your hep c if you are currently infected.

Best of luck to you
The Dr told me it's nothing to worry bout right now it's not hurting anything but I'm just trying to find out if I tested reactive and say I beat it on my own how would that effect everything now I'm saying my first husband and I shared needles and we both shared with some close friends of ours should I tell them​ I have a reactive test come back or should I have my Dr order more be blood​ test and he said I have not been protected from hep B either I go see him Monday should I ask for that shot and the other hepC tests
I also have 5 kids at some point I'm sure we have transferred blood
Hep transmission in a household setting is rare. Hep c infected blood must enter the blood stream of an uninfected person. You currently do not even know you are infected with hep c unless you have been tested for the actual virus and not just antibodies to the virus.

Antibodies are not the virus they are made by your own body when it tries to fight an invading  virus.

Have the HCV RNA test then go from there.
As far as disclosing to your friends who you shared IV drugs with once you know the results of your HCV RNA test then while not required to do so that would be a good thing to do so they can get tested.

However, whether or not you have hep c your friends are also at risk for hep c and many other blood borne illnesses. Solely for that reason they should be tested for HIV, hep b, and hep c just because they use IV drugs.
Hep b is a series of shots make sure you complete the series
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