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Just started S/O treatment

Hello All, I am new here. Just started treatment with only Sovaldi and Olysius. Are there any others out there doing this?
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I started S/O yesterday. Have great hope for a positive result. G1a.Had serum hep back in 1970 due to behaviors that were more accepted at the time,before HIV and other life changing diseases came on the scene.Nuff said.So far, the biggest challenge is drinking all that water but if that is the price to pay,bring it on.Very aware of sun restrictions so I will tailor my life around that.Good support here with answers to questions. Personally,I find my relationship with my higher power,who I choose to call GOD to be a source of strength.I am also a freind of Bill so that adds to my arsenal of tools.Good luck.
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Hi Palace
Welcome to the forum

Many here hae treated with Sovaldi and Olysio some treated with and some treated without ribavirin.

I treated from 3/19 to 6/10 with Solvaldi Olysio. I am a 3 time null responder, Genotype 1a, with cirrhosis. I was undectable at 4 weeks and at EOT waiting now for 12 weeks post treatment om Sept 2nd to see if I have made it to SVR.

I experienced no notable side effects on treatment

Good Luck
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I started Sovaldi/Olysio May 8th and will finish July 30th.  I'm gt 1a with compensated liver, first stage cirrhosis, low platelet count around 67, and a small liver lesion which is monitored every 3 months with MRI.I've had hep c since 1977 but never knew it until I started having bruising problems last December and started going through tests to see what was causing the low platelets and bruising.
I'm being treated by a hepatologist at a teaching hospital/liver transplant center. I feel like I've been living like a vampire this summer trying to stay out of the sun, but other than that my only real side effect has been that I'm tired and sleep alot. I drink lots of water, eat as much organic and local food as possible, heavy on the fresh fruits and vegetables.
I started visiting this site in January when I was diagnosed and have learned alot here. I haven't told alot of people that I have hep c, so the support everyone gives  to each other of this forum means alot to me.
I'm praying that this treatment will cure me, but realize that there's a chance it won't, and will keep going on to the next treatments until I get rid of this.
Good luck to you both!
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Thank you all for answers. I see that the sun allergy is something to take serious. I have lived like this once before, when I first came off all the dope etc. I had all kinds of bizarre physical reactions to he world around me. One was a serious allergy to sunlight. But it went away eventually.
It really has shaken me up t see so many people having to repeat treatment.
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I realize now that here is so much information and knowledge here. I wish I had come here earlier. My situation is this: I have had HCV for many years; from drug use. Been clean for a very long time. And I now have insurance through my job. A friend of mine who is same age, with same virus, same background told me about the new drugs out there. The non-interferon treatments. I got close to starting interferon years ago, but was refused by the doctor because I was so crazy and mixed up back then.
I went to a well respected Gastro, about a month ago. It was my very first visit with him. When filling out the initial paperwork I checked the slot asking about past psychological issues; depression etc. When he asked me to elaborate on that point I told him truthfully that this was all rehab- based. I had gone though lots of depression and hallucinations back then.
The insurance co. approved the S/O drugs very quickly. before my second visit with the doctor I already had the drugs.
I almost feel rushed into this. Only now am I finding out more about the pros and cons of the S/O only treatment. I have begun taking the drugs. The doctor is very excited about the new non interferon treatments. But I am seeing here that many have had mixed results with it.
Is is 90% success rate?
PS If there are certain posting policies that I am not doing right please let me know.
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