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KNOW THIS, is could be the treatment nobody wants to give you, that will save you

This in not quackery it could change your life, it's modern not alternative medicine.
I will try to keep it simple.
one thing that happens as we age is we begin to lose our ability to make growth hormone.

this hormone is produced in the pituitary and is ESSENTIAL to tissue repair which occurs mostly at night in 3rd and particularly 4th stage sleep.

the goal of treatment is not just to kill the virus but to see the liver repair itself.

FOR SOME REASON Hepatitis can stop the pituitary from functioning.

If this happens the disease progresses rapidly, and you feel far worse than your years with lots of odd ailments popping up.

The test you need to ask for is called an IGF-1.
It stands for Insulin Growth Factor 1.
this is an initial test, since Growth Hormone (GH) is almost impossible to measure (it is produced in such miute amounts for only minutes each day, and particularly each night.) but the IGF-1 is easy to measure, an inexpensive blood test, and it's level indicated if any GH had been prodiced in the last 24 hrs.

If you have trouble sleeping or dreaming it's quite possible you are low on this hormone.
If you have autoimmune stuff, or trouble healing or exaustion same thing. Thyroid, arthritis, vitilago, fibromyalgia, even MS, where the body attacks the nerve sheath, and many more things are directly related. the pituitary is the MASTER gland which tell the others what to do. It's like the General, the thyroid is the next in command and on down. Our pancreas, our sex glands, are all part of this glandular system. when one thing breaks, then everything begins to break down.

Children who produce no GH age in ten years to about age 80, with all the accompanying pain. this disease is called progeria.

However, aldult onset GH loss is called Pituitary Dwarfism.
for some reason HEP people are often low in it.

In our teens our IGF-1 number should be about 400, this is because we are growing rapidly.
By age 50-60  150-200 is in normal range, depending on the lab.

If you are low on this test, most insurances will allow for a further test, (expensive) to prove you aren't making enough or any GH. My number was 40.    I'm in my mid-fifties, so this number should be seen at 90 years of age. This lowering of GH is considered a key in why we age and develop disease.

You have to go to a good endocrinologist to get this testing.
MY doctor insisted I couldn't have this, but I bypassed her for the initial testing, after 2 years of arguing, and sure enough....

the only draw back to this therapy, side effect wise, is it can mess with blood sugar, leading to diabetes. the idea is JUST to bring you up to normal, NOT turn you into Barry Bonds, or use it as a fountain of youth. It does have profound effects on the thyroid, mine is working agin for the first time in 30 years, and my fibromyalgia is gone.
there is a great deal of research now into whether this is a key to most autoimmune stuff, and Merck and others have come up with several oral secetouges (drugs that stimulate production of GH)

The trouble now is, it's expensive because the only REAL known treatment is the injection of the actual hormone, a 191 chain protein, very delicate, and the cost is 800-1200 per month. Naturally they don't want to test or inform us that this drug may be a key factor in healing, and the race is on with all the companies to see who can make the first inexpensive oral form of this hormone.

Bets are off as to the billions whoever wins this race will glean. But I put myself in a stage 3 trial just to get the oral until I could jump through all the insurance, waits for specialist and testing, and approval etc.

Before getting this drug, I couldn't go to sleep thinking I would wake up. Exaustion doesn't cover what I felt. Sometimes showering, dressing, and getting to the car felt like a marathon race the day after.

So, enough said. Do not expect docs to inform you of all this, but there is a plethora of stuff on pubmed which is how I found and diagnosed myself, looking the key to the fibromyalgia (before I discovered that I also had Hep C.)

I hope you all take this advice seriously. It's true, and I did my homework!!

PS, If you have ever had a head of neck injury from an auto accident you are also at greater risk of having this deficiency since whiplash can bruise or even shove this glands location, resulting in impaired function. I was never told of this either. Thank God for forums and Pubmed.

Take this seriously people. Even autoimmune attacks on the brain are part of this syndrome, I'm dealing with all of this, and don't want anyone else going undiagnosed.

PPS. I have 2 endocrinologists now, both willing to subscribe me growth hormone and the insurance pays, times are changing. they can only keep us in the dark so long, and now that I don't have to go to the library to read the New England Journal of Medicine, and Jama etc, it's just gotten a whole lot easier for us all!!
there are more doctors willing to fight to get you treatment if the insurance denies or balks.
there is also a program through Lilly Pharmaceutical now, to help fight the denials, they make the brand called Humatrope which I am on. Because of this, and my low number, I breezed through the normal "fight" some insurances give people.
Thank the Lord, and may this, my trial, PLEASE bless you all.
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i often tought about this, especially after reading Suzanne Somers book along time ago about HGH and all the benifits. The only question I would have today with Hep-C , would be , will it speed up my metabolisim and make the virus multiply faster???? I have a feeling this would not be good for us heppers. I am sure that you would not be abloe to do this tx while on intfn. / riba. tx. So haw can this help us with Hep. C , it for sure can't cure it ?  

                                                       Confused and need clarity, Deb :)
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loaded question::

neither my Stanford educated neuologist, Standford allergist, not my top tier hepatologist could answer this.

however, here's my theory. I am on it. It has cause all my fluid retention and fibromyalia to leave.
It has also cause me to become slightly diebetic, but it is borderline, so I control it with diet, healthy, so sugar, complex not simple carbs. small price for what has happened in the benefit dept..

could it cause your hep c to intensify. maybe. and I've no proof that it does or doesn't.
what it does do is cause you to begin to heal better and make more antibodies to fight disease. It causes cell replication so that could mean more healthy liver tissue or more fibrosis.growing, depends on what it does to your immune system. so far, it's boosted mine, I'm trackinf all labs, and my liver enymes are back to normal...so somethings working.

The verdict is out on GH gwowing virus because there is no HISTORY Yet, not enough is known.
find me some research
, seems to be none. I have started to get 3 colds my husband came home with, but they never fully developed. Thats good, cause before I wouuld have been twice as sick ashim. I don'y need any more virus the one I have is pleanty!

what it did for me is, I started resting again. dreaming for the first time in many years. waking up 3 or 4 times a night instead of 30 plus. so this better rest means better chance to fight disease.
It also returned my memory to me. My alertmess, mental acuity, ability to follow, all were lost before in "brain fog".
It also has made all the soreness leave my muscle tissue. Before, anywhere you touched me lightly felt like a bruise.
Growth hormone helps your cartilage repair, it helps teeth and bone to grow.
the list is endless almost/
My hope is that the virus will not also respond to the GH, that since the GH will boost my natural lymphocytes, white count, interferon, interfergen etc etc that all those extra fighter cell I'll be making, and injectiong as well, will give this virus a run for its money.

None of my doctors, all top in their field had any issues with me remaining on the GH for the duration of treatment as the return to normal function of the pituitary is viewed as highly favorable to slow any disease process. the only counterindication would have been had I had any tumors already on the gland. Mri showed I did not.

the verdict is out on GH causing cancer, not proven one way or the other. Obviously the list of things SOC can cause is just as long and scary. remember though that there are lots of conditions that happen to lots of people on treatments. A guy has a heart attack at 45 because he took treatment. doesn't mean the treatment caused it. could have been his genetics and a million gut bombs..or that he was a prison subject, still it will go down in the list of possible side effevts. there's no way to prove a drug causes evert reaction. Not when they are only around for a few years anyway.Part of the bad rap for GH comes from all the misuse, athletic and hollywood, but docs won't prescribe megadoses for people to become the hulk. A return to normal is the goal.

If someone did over do it, yes, tunnel carpel, muscle weakness, and other bad things happen.
but overdose on anything and sides follow.
If your blood sugars go higher, and you aren't willing to eat healthy and contol that, then yes again.
don't commit to a treatment you are not willing to deal rightly with. if it's Haagen daas no no life, choose wisely.

finally, they did a study on rats genetically breed with no GH. these were 2 or 3 eimes more obese and more tumors on the exact same calorie and excercise level. So not having this hormone is deliterious on so many levels it's not funny. Do some reading on pubmed, rather than suzanne summers website, and I think you'll come away with some excellent info.

Although the final answer, to this or any treatment is, they all have their possible risks.
Anyone with high blood sugar risks heart and other bad things. You deal, or you go blind and loose limbs, but most diebetics choose to inject and control the disease not let in damage and control them, right????
In this case, lots is still unknown, however, basic treatment for dwarfism and low growth children and people has been around for 20 or so years, with no real tumor/virus increase data that provable. (by provable I mean, if the kid get's the average number of colds as a kid not on it, it doesn't prove his injection of GH helped or hurt his didease rate. Statistics don't bear out increased risk at normal therapy levels, again minute amounts.
Now the wrestlers of the world are dosing at several times what is natural, this is a whole different ball game. So is overdosing on most drugs.

I'm still hopeful. It's a risk will I crash on the way somewhere today, or will my airbag inflate when it should....doesn't stop us from keeping what general knowledge and our goals in mind. Same idea.


I'm willing to be the only test tube if need be, but having read for weeks before deciding, my choice was benefit outweighed risk, same as for SOC. So that's just my take.

It doesn't hurt to get tested and see what the IGF is at. Obviously, if you are repairing ans sleeping like a 90 year old, as I was, thats not going to improve your chance of a full recovery.
for my case, it was a no brainer.
Hope that helps.
Some in here have been critical of me not giving links, others distain those who do. I'll be glad to share privately with you whatever I find, should this appeal to you; and vice versa hopefully.
Last thing I'd want is to steer anyone wrong.
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ty  so much for your posts.  this is what i thought u were talking about.  i've come to think that i have a problem with my pituitary caused from the hepc or tx for the hep c. im svr typt 1 but have alot of the sides that just keep slamming me. never realy got back to normal and it's been 20 months since finishing tx.  i'm worse now than before treatment and the explanation that i'm getting older doesn't get it. docs have been worthless but i don't want to start diagnosing and treating myself.  made an appointment with an endrocrynologist and i'm going to get a 2nd opinion on the hep c to make sure it's gone.
  God bless you, hope you have much success with your treatment im praying for ya  elm
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Are you going to a longevity clinic or are you getting it from somewhere and injecting yourself ? Do they have it in liquid form and is it as potent taking it orally then injecting it ? I know that if you go to a longgevity clinic, it is very excpensive for the visit and shots. I really don't know for sure, because I heard  it from some people in conversation. Please tell me the information that you have on the goods,bads and uglies.

                                                           thanks, Deb
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nothing of the kind, I'm seeing a top endocrinologist, trained at Walter Reed, to whom most pituitary patients are sent.

I would not do this without medical supervision and approval and the real drug, it would be dangerous.

the product I use is Humatrope by Lilly. Just enough to bring my Pituitary back to normal function.

the expense to me is ZERO as the INS pick it up as I was legitimately low.

the tests, good bad and uglies are in the above posts. contraindication would be heart conditions....if you are diebetic it could mean changes in insulin level required, if you aren't, it could mean your sugars will fo up, since it kicks your pancreas and other glands into a younger gear. My thyroid went down, better functioning, my sugars are normal as long as I avoid sugar products.
MY sleep is much improved as is brain fog and exaustion. If it weren'y for the tx and spot of angry liver I'd be up and about much more because of this. Also, without trying I have lost 20 lhs this year.
the benefiys far outweigh the risk, but as I say, this is only if you legitimately need it.
MY level was only 20 percent of what is considered normal, so I did need it.
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Thank you for your information. I will look and see what I can use to work with the VA. I know that I have PPMS I have one of the best nero doctors there is at the Barrows Institue DR. Vollmer if you go to the NMSS and plug his name in he pops up.He is the Dr. who gave me the second opion, and the nero dr and Rummy doc are the best in their field that diagnosed the Fybro. I am not sure about the RA the Viral count is there and then not, it doent matter though my bones, joints hurt every day. I think my body went through such a tramatic time with the Hep C treatment that my auto immune system went bunkers and that is what I am trying to prove to the VA They agree the Hep was from my Virtnam day's and give me 10% not much but they recently after I sent them a form for medical help so I would not have to pay so much on insrance and they sent me back  a okay and put me in priorty 1 which is the highest you can get, they will take care of me but will not up my service connected compensation. I have a appontment to just get checked in to the sytem on the 31st but the doctor does not say disability should be more. The last time I was working to increase it they blamed everything else on the MS not the Treatment for the HepC. It seems everything is blamed on the MS now I am just trying to prove what activated it being as soon as I came off the treatment things went down hill for me. Did not mean to ramble on just that I am on SSD and was approved in 45 days but I cant work now and need all of the help I can get before the PPMS gets any worse it is the worst type of MS. Have a great day. Scotter
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I'm so sorry to hear of your trouble here, but be comforted that you are not alone in the madness.
that was my point exactly to several docs with no reply.... was, what is the underlying cause.

Is it just my imagination or has the hep c AND the Fibro AND the MS etc. all taken a huge jump in cases at the same time?

In other words what caused all the autoimmune stuff, the virus, or did the immune system break down allow the virus.
It appears the former is more the case. Just my theory.

yes, I also went to Pill Hill here is Oregon, Cook and Bennett doing lots of MS/fibro/diebetes(also an auto immune disease research.  the trick to know is what happened first the chicken or the egg.

which we may never know. In any case, some thing taxes the system, left untreated it means more things go awry.

couple this with they NEVER tell whiplash victims their pituitary can be injured and quit...

they NEVER suggest testing pituitary in general practice...by the book...still calling it rare.

also, half of the baby boomers were exposed to radioactivity...don't believe me, go to the government site goggle nevada test site....and look at the map of where the thousand mushroom clouds came back down and which towns got nuked....hint, east coast no exception, entire farm belt etc.
also, look at the top diseases around the chernobyl site....again pituitary/blood/auto immune

it's pretty impressive what medicine does not know or share.......I'll shut up now before someone decides I'm whacko......but it's all true. Keep on it......

all I know is, when I was young adults died of cancer, or smoking diseases........then came heart disease when so many left the farm and still ate like they were farmers....now everyone has autoimmune.......you have to get at the why of it....AND if it's AUTO...then in theory it should be reversable, particularly if you kick out the one virus that keeps everything on high (and eventually confused) alert.
autoimmune just means your immune cells attack the wrong cells, this goes for demyelinazation as well/
hope that helps. and keep me advised as to your progress.
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this exposure helped destroy out thyroids and pituitary glands.both essential to fight diseases
It's proven.
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This is very interesting...
I e-mailed my sister this thread. She has had fibromyalgia, allergies, asthma...and more. Not yet 50 yrs. old. I hope she follows up. We did come from pretty "good stock." All our grandparents died of old age.
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I can't belive it. I have thought about what you were saying about fall out exposure. My father was in the Navy during WW2 and ther was a lot of islands that got nuked to see what would happen before we did the nasty on Japan. I won't go into all of how the experiment went but there was a lot of ships etc. there to see what would happen. My fathers ship was blown around and a large hole was put in the side of ship from the waves and blast. I looked it all up and WOW! They had no protection and only had to rinse off with water and they stayed in the area for awhile. I wonder sometimes if any of my problems came to me through his exposure? I was the youngest and I was born after the war. I know alot of Vietnam Vets that came in contact with agent orange their children had problems. I am running out of energy just trying to chase down why I am so screwed up but between the Hep C treatment and things like that make me wonder.
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Could you please put everything you said into one sentence? Kinda short sentence please? I am too bummed out and don't have enough time to read all this even if my life depended on it.
Dirk Pearson talks about natural ways to trigger growth hormone release from your pituitary glands in a real old book called "The Life Extension Weight Reduction Method".
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ok, I'll try for 7 first, then rolled into one...here goes...

1.. As we age our glands stop working so well. that's why we don't have the umph we once had.
2. as gonads and ovaries slow down we see erectile/menopause arise.
3. as thyroid glands slow down we see weight/water retention/metabolism changes.
4. as pancrease slows down we see blood sugar/nutritional issues.
5.all these glands are regulated controled and repaired by commands from the Pituitary gland in your brain. Ergo if this gland slows down too fast it pushes us into all other glands beginning to fail as well.
6. Pituitary controls not JUST the command chemicals telling the gland to work...but the hormone called HGH (human growth hormone). this hormone tells the cells to divide and replace old worn out cells with new ones.
7. If you do not repair tissue...you will die. The general knowledge is that every tissue cell is replaced in a 7 year period. So you literally are not the same person you were seven years ago....except for bones...everything else has been replaced.

so in one sentence-
everyone needs to get an IGF-1 test to see if their pituitary is working at normal levels because if it is not, it won't matter what else you do to treat the disease or get well your liver needs this hormone to repair itself; in other words, if your brain gland (pituitary) does not give the signal to heal to the cells, you very simply put, won't heal.

does that help???
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yes, the verdict on some genetic mutations is in following hiroshima etc. the rate of thyroid and blood diorder all skyrocketed.
the chernobyl thing is far worse, with an area the size of california polluted with p239 and do forth,,,,pituitaty changes abound there.

the agent orange thing is pretty well known now...though whe they;ll really acknowledge or pay people whi knows.
they are paying downwinders 50 grand now....a drop in the medical bucket, I'll consider applying when feeling better.

the sad ones are the new ones, mostly from the gulf war....something sure did some of these boys in...I've been at the VA and it's a sad state of affairs. They got some exposures that stipped away all their health.

I think the reason to know is because most docs don't know.
like when I told my doctor they used to come in and grab all our milks away and say, no don't drink you milk today, it's radioactive" and she just sat there stunned and thought I was making it up.

but this happened every coule weeks all through grade school. The cow's got burnt, the farmers milked them anyway, neverr thinking the milk was toxoc...and we'd be slurping it happiliy when they'd figure out  oh, yesterdays batch was hot...and go call it all back.  too late in most cases I'd drink 2 quarts a day.....and they recalled maybe 19 times out of 1000 bombs....go figure.
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I believe you
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233616 tn?1312787196
as of now, research has shown that in vivo at least Human Growth Hormone has shown no ability to make any virus grow, which is very good news. It helps us grow and repair, but not this virus.
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OMG This is so interesting and complicated.  You have done your homework MerryB, thank you for sharing that.  I would like to put all these kinds of research done by patients in a file and then check back when all the rest of studies research are done to see how long it takes our medical community to get this information in the manner that allows them to treat us properly.  My provider only pays attention to information that comes up on her "radar screen".  She doesn't want to hear about Alinia until it comes up in her information base. She told me to stay away from herbs except for milk thistle because some herbs can be deadly for the liver... So I'm grateful that we have people on this site able to sift through whats real and whats not.  thank you, M4now
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Hey, I am all over this!  IGF-1 That is the first thing I am asking my rhemy for when I see him this week!  Thanks!
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I am going in this week to request the IGF-1 as a starter.  My endocrinologist said to start with my GP, who is a real whiz kid, and knows lots about almost every illness.  I will see what shakes out, and report back to the board, as I suggest anyone else do if they pursue testing.  Let's see what our doctors say about this, let's compare IGF-1 profiles, and let's see who ends up going on GH replacement therapy!  I am really curious about this issue, and have long suspected that some central hormonal issue was the culprit in many of our symptoms.  Maybe this is why thyroids fail, and other hormonally regulated parts of our bodies begin to malfunction.  We will soon find out.

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glad to be f help. You know, especially in a day and age when almost everyone has had a whiplash or head injury at some point, and with this virus, it just makes sense t test it.

Unfrtunately my GP did not listen to any of my symptoms and assured me nothing was wrong with my liver, so I went looking on my own and found this deficiancy fit the profile of my symptoms to a T.   Of course some symptoms overlap with those of HCV as I later learned. Hwever, I do think this has improved my chances of fighting this and perhaps generating some newer, healthier liver tissue.

In the research GH deficient rats burn calories at a much lower rate and are 3 times more obese on the same calorie excersise count, so not having enough of this is also bad for your heart etc.  
One of the key indicators for knowing mine was low was that I lost n weight on a 1200 calorie diet, STRICT.....and that is highly suspect of metabolic shutdown.

fibromyalgia is a catch all word for we don't know why you are sore and tired.
However, they are testing now both protein and non-peptide secretougues as they think the GH will turn around the condition.

as I said, it may also reverse and restore many things, such as arthritis, MS etc. It may not regenerate totally missing cartilage, but even if it were to halt the progression of these degenerative diseases.........

well it will become the next multi billion dollar pill.....as soon as they can get a pill they can sell for 100 a month, instead of the 1000 the shots now cost, I predict half the people over fifty will end up on it. this is one class of drug where it would pay to be in the loop on, for investment purposes.
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Thanks for sharing your research! The process in which HCV interupts our bodies complex terrain  is still a mystery in many ways. Dealing with the side effects of being HCV+ is a very important part of the whole healing process.
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here's smething regarding HCV and low pituitary:

The American Journal of Gastroenterology
Volume 102 Issue 12 Page 2724-2731, December 2007

To cite this article: Ursula Plöckinger M.D., Denny Krüger M.D., Alexandra Bergk M.D., Viola Weich M.D., Bertram Wiedenmann M.D., Thomas Berg M.D. (2007) Hepatitis-C Patients Have Reduced Growth Hormone (GH) Secretion Which Improves During Long-Term Therapy With Pegylated Interferon-α
The American Journal of Gastroenterology 102 (12) , 2724–2731 doi:10.1111/j.1572-0241.2007.01445.x

Prev Article Next Article
Hepatitis-C Patients Have Reduced Growth Hormone (GH) Secretion Which Improves During Long-Term Therapy With Pegylated Interferon-α
Ursula Plöckinger, M.D.11Interdisziplinäres Stoffwechsel-Centrum, Denny Krüger, M.D.11Interdisziplinäres Stoffwechsel-Centrum, Alexandra Bergk, M.D.22Med. Klinik m. S. Hepatologie und Gastroenterologie, Charité-Universitätsmedizin Berlin, Campus Virchow-Klinikum, Berlin, Germany, Viola Weich, M.D.22Med. Klinik m. S. Hepatologie und Gastroenterologie, Charité-Universitätsmedizin Berlin, Campus Virchow-Klinikum, Berlin, Germany, Bertram Wiedenmann, M.D.22Med. Klinik m. S. Hepatologie und Gastroenterologie, Charité-Universitätsmedizin Berlin, Campus Virchow-Klinikum, Berlin, Germany, and Thomas Berg, M.D.22Med. Klinik m. S. Hepatologie und Gastroenterologie, Charité-Universitätsmedizin Berlin, Campus Virchow-Klinikum, Berlin, Germany1Interdisziplinäres Stoffwechsel-Centrum and 2Med. Klinik m. S. Hepatologie und Gastroenterologie, Charité-Universitätsmedizin Berlin, Campus Virchow-Klinikum, Berlin, Germany
Reprint requests and correspondence: Ursula Plöckinger, M.D., Interdisziplinäres Stoffwechsel-Centrum: Endokrinologie, Diabetes und Stoffwechsel, Med. Klinik m. S. Hepatologie und Gastroenterologie, Charité-Universitätsmedizin Berlin, Augustenburger Platz 1, 13353 Berlin, Germany.
(Am J Gastroenterol 2007;102:2724–2731)

OBJECTIVES:  In vitro and in vivo data indicate multiple, but contradictory effects of interferon on pituitary hormone secretion. We therefore investigated prospectively basal and stimulated pituitary hormone secretion in 21 patients with chronic hepatitis C virus (HCV) infection before and during antiviral therapy.

METHODS:  Twenty-one patients received pegylated interferon-α plus either ribavirin or levovirin. Baseline and stimulated growth hormone (GH), cortisol, luteinizing hormone (LH), follicle-stimulating hormone (FSH), prolactin (PRL), and thyroid-stimulating hormone (TSH) responses were measured using standard pituitary function tests, before therapy in all and during therapy in 17 out of the 21 patients.

RESULTS:  Before therapy 17 patients (81%) had severe GH insufficiency and 9 of these had low insulin-like growth factor-1 (IGF-1) concentrations. Basal and stimulated GH concentrations increased significantly during therapy, reducing the number of patients with severe GH insufficiency to four, but IGF-1 remained low. Basal PRL and TSH concentrations were normal before and during therapy, while thyroid-releasing hormone (TRH)-stimulated concentrations increased significantly during therapy. The adrenocorticotropic hormone (ACTH)/cortisol axis, basal and stimulated gonadotropin, and testosterone concentrations were normal throughout. Neither the HCV RNA level nor transaminases correlated with hormone concentrations before or during therapy.

CONCLUSIONS:  GH insufficiency is common in patients with chronic HCV infection. While GH secretion improves during antiviral therapy, IGF-1 remains low, indicating persistent GH resistance of hepatocytes. Whether improvement in GH secretion during treatment is due to a direct drug effect or related to the suppression of viral load could not be differentiated, as most patients demonstrated a positive virologic response.
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Here is a link to this test. As you said, "you don't know if this hormone hurts or helps hepatitis." Seems like a very big question to me. I understand that this hormone will help growth,  but where is there evidence that it also stops hepatitis cells from growing or even a liver tumor.
Be careful what you throwout to the community.  
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