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Kidney Problems

Post tx now for two months.   Started feeling right side flank pain into about my 10th month of tx.  Told my GI about it and he kind of blew it off (twice!)  (I have herniated disks, so he attributed it to that). Left another msg for him about it after completing tx & never got a call back (he's not the best with return phone calls). Then went for an overall physical with my primary last week & & told him about it, & he also attributed it to back/disk probs, however my back probs are all lower, not middle. Each week it gets worse. Couldn't take the pain any longer & went to my chiro yesterday, and he said, your pain is generating from your kidneys!  He said, "I'm not an MD, but I'm pretty confident something's going on with your kidneys".  I'm very upset right now because it took a chiro to figure that out!  Has anyone experienced kidney problems/disease while on this?? I've just about had it with these doctors.  I knew all along it was a pain I never felt before, but as usual, they don't listen.  I've just about had it with my doctors.    
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And you are telling us you believe ur chiro over a dr for an internal medical issue???

Did he give you any idea what it is since he obviously is so accredited.

I have back pains from the kidney area from time to time and I am sure that it is from my back area since I do have compressed disks there. These pains have been going on for years and I have had my kidney checked out thoroughly on other issues.

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Get blood work and see what your creatinine and urea nitrogen levels are. If they are within normal I think you could rule out kidney disease. Mike
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Sorry to hear that you are going through this. My friend's MD told her her pain was back pain and she went to a chiro who told her it was definitley gallbladder. He was correct and she just had surgery. No more pain. Her PCP just assumed it was her back because of her disk problems. Chiro's are great! They actually listen to you when you tell them your symptoms.

Hope you feel better soon.
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A chiropractor did my transplant and he was great. He listened for a really long time and then he did the surgery. After he closed me up he did an adjustment and that made all the difference. Mike
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hardy har har. Very funny, but I'm trying not to LOL because I want to be just like you when I grow up.

What I have found is chiro's seem to have a better understanding of 'deferred pain,' as in the case with my friend.

My mother was misdiagnosed for appendicitus for so long that if I told you, you wouldn't believe me.This was years ago.  Again, the MD told her it was her back because it would come and go.  Well appendix burst and then they believed her.

Hey btw, Simon, I heard chiro's can adjust a persons mouth to help them laugh out loud. I wish you the best. Please let me know if the adjustments are successful by typing LOL's and he he's.

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If they stuck to what they're supposed to know I wouldn't have such disdain for them. But, they make such preposterous claims that I think the majority of them are charlatans and that's probably too kind of a term. But, he he he, they're bound to get something right sooner or later. I bet I could out-diagnose them 90% of the time but then I am a real doctor. Mike
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Man oh man. Isn't this 'be kind to chiro's week?" Thats not nice, really.
You're just closed minded at times. Very strong opinions, but of course all your opinions can be backed up by studies and data.  Try to be nice, because you are nice or at least so you've said your nice. I do believe you or at least I try to.< he he he<

Come on gotta quit here, our jesting is upsetting to those that peak in and I don't want to upset anyone Miguel.
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You've got to learn to relax and chill out a little bit. Mike
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yeah sure chill out. Teach me doctor. Good luck.

No, no its not that I have to learn to chill out, some others have to learn to not jump in and go after me (if my type of humor is misinterpreted) or if they do,,,you can tell THEM to 'chill out,''but it seems you like to see me get hit over the head as you walk away unscathed as usual.

You can wave to me from a distance from other threads. But I must say, your personality has improved so much since you met me. Well maybe I shouldn't take credit, it was probably in there all the time, I just helped to release the 'real you.'

Bye, don't forget to wave.
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Well...thank you! I'm sitting at my desk at work.. and upon reading  your response about transplant and ajustment.. I roared with laughter. Man...that felt good! Gotta keep a sense of humor..I say...I say :)
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I'm very happy with your response as well. I'm not roaring with laughter but I do have a warm feeling inside and that's good enough for me. Thanks, Mike
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What field of medicine are you involved in? It's good to know that there's a doctor in the house!
Are you being treated by a hepatologist or a GI?
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I was kidding when I said I was a doctor. I am treated by a transplant surgeon and it will be 7 years post transplant in June. I have just studied this stuff for so long that I feel like I should be licensed by now. Again, I am kidding, sort of.
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I'm not roaring with laughter but I do have a warm feeling inside and that's good enough for me.
try Nexium
Now you have this girl really believing you are a doctor.

Hey btw did you renew the license for your hot dog stand on 49th street? I heard they were giving all you vendors a hard time. Good luck. I'll stop by for another dog next week. Leave the kraut off tho. It made me sick. Do you ever change that water?
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Please don't interrupt a pleasant conversation with your banality. You really do need lessons in etiquette and refinement but it probably wouldn't improve your situation. I thought you said you weren't going to respond but apparently you were unable to restrain yourself. Try harder this time, please. Mike  
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Yeah I can't pass up making myself laugh, you're right.

Looks like its time for you to get the Archie bell album out again.
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You guys should get work in a  comedy club....doing skits. Ya kinda remind me of Abbott & Costello... Dean Martin & what's his name...there goes my memory...well, at least you are both entertaining!

has the hep c returned after transplant...are you still taking interferon/ribo?
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The format has sure changed, has taken me awhile to figure things out but after seeing you on today, thought I'd write a few lines.

Husband and I have just returned from 5 months in Mexico and am wondering how you are doing. 7 years post tp...wow, time does fly, doesn't it? Has everything leveled out for you? We stopped at TP center on route home, doc's are amazed at my hubby's health and all his blood work is right on target. Liver enzymes are "pristine" but iron load is high so is going to do 2 months of phlebotomies (?). Anyway, although they have NEVER treated a TP patient with perfect numbers like him, they have relented and a have agreed to his starting tx in 2 months. Being genotype 2 helps, but we find it very strange that they would would rather wait until the liver is being noticably attacked before they would proceed. Chance of rejection will go up to 20%. (Does that number seem right to you?)

Just wanted to say hi, and let you know what's going on. Let me know how things are going for you and if you make it to Vegas......enjoy yourself...you deserve it.

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not to get into any controvesy, even though the one on here already is pretty funny....long time ago I had anxiety attacks (we're talking over 20 years)....but real anxiety attacks, so bad that I'd have to lie down on the floor at a shopping center....went to the er a few times, I mean really, really bad and I was at college and I had a hard time with my studies....Went to 3 very prominent Beverly Hills doctors, all telling me the same thing, to take tranquilizers, which I did, but I was nodding out in class not - to mention I hated being drugged up feeling all the time...

Well, went to this chiropractor/nutristionist and he told me it was probably hypoglycemia, and I should be tested for it...and that instead of eating the way I was, which was my first meal at 2 pm, the next one at 7pm, etc...that I should eat small meals, every 3 hours or so, with complex carbs and protein and to exercise more, but not more then 4 hours prior to sleeping...did that for one week and blamo! Anxiety attacks were gone, I had been suffering really badly for almost a year and a half and they were gone just because I started eating differently and exercising more...my take away from this is not all doctors are on the money all the time (same thing goes for chiros as well) and you never know where youre going to get good information from sometimes, (I've gotten some good advice even from laymen on this board) and it's worth at least a look see...if you've been going through all the usual channels and not coming up with much....
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cents not to get into any controvesy, even though the one on here already is pretty funny
Controversy, what controversy? I like to think of it as a crescendo that sorta builds with our every conversation. Controversy sounds too negative. ha!

But so glad to hear that you received help for the attacks. That had to be horribe being thrown on tranquilizers. thats the whole thing, conventional medicine puts a bandaid on the problem and doesn't look for the root of problem (as you know)

I know a woman who (and this is years ago when I was a teenager) who all of a sudden became so depressed and really went into a  full blown mental illness. Her husband took her to so many doctors. This wasn't anxiety attacks. She was in another world 24/7

She was on all sorts of meds and sedatives to the point that she had a fungus under her fingernails from all the meds. She was like a Zombie. Her husband just happened to be telling someone about his wife and this fellow said "take her to doctor so and so over NY. He is a medical nutritionist.

Well LET ME TELL YOU!!!!!  The turn around was amazing! This lady was taken off all drugs and put on mega vitamins etc. She never had the problem again in all the years I knew her. There needs to be more doctors like HR. He seems to look at the entire picture. SFB was telling me some real nice things about him a couple of months ago. We would have more cures than we do now if ther were more doctors like HR.

see ya later!

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You guys should get work in a comedy club....doing skits.
We can't. I'm permanently disabled from the knife throwing act we had with Barnum and Bailey.

He lied. He's not a good knife thrower. He just wanted to throw them at me for some reason.
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You put HR as a dr who accepts alternative medicine?

How did you get that impression? He was very skeptical of Dr Franco's homeopathic cure for HepC.

The point is, you just tell one story however for every story you tell, there are thousands of misdiagnosis, ill advised treatment causing death from non medical qwacks.

One antedodal story does not prove a point.

Just like I can point to saying I know IV drug users who have naturally cleared the virus so therefore drugs are a definitite cure for HepC.

That is why we have randomized double blinded studies.
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I believe in holistic but it doesn't mean that I would accept every holistic doctors opinion as being gospel and I am not familiar with Dr. Franco's 'cure' to comment on it.

I have seen posts myself made by HR and he has mentioned immune building supplements etc. I believe that HR truly wants to find cures for people that have diseases such as us and he doesn't appear to have tunnel vision as some doctors do.

I think I remember you from a while back and I could tell by your comments that you are probably a drug sales rep.
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I think the man is very busy, and I know I shouldn't speak for him, or even conjure him up.....he's a wonderful man possessed of a truly astounding intelligence and knowledge base, and a big heart to boot...I just think he looks at these types of issues on a case by case basis, and saying he outright doesn't believe in alternative medicine of any kind would probably be a misnomer...course, I shouldn't speak for him, and here I am doing it anyway...my bad...
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