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Kidney pain?

I am a 27 yr old male, dxed geno 1a last August.  No visible liver damage and baseline VL of only 200k.  Began treatment in January w/ Pegasys 180/once a week and 1000mg Riba/day.  My GI told me being young and otherwise healthy that I should eradicate this demon now.  I have been UND since my first PCR test week 8, and am now at wk 24, halfway through, and just got my 2nd PCR done a few days ago, hoping it is still UND.  My question is, sometimes I feel a pain on my side towards the back which is in the area of my left kidney.  I had an ultrasound done on my kidneys about 8 mos ago and everything was fine according to it.  For my first few months of treatment I probably didnt drink nearly enough water and too much caffeine, but for the last 2 mos have drank plenty of water and hardly any caffeine.  Could the kidney pain be due to taking too many Riba pills and not drinking enough water?  Has anyone else experienced this while going through treament?  The pain is very intermittent and is not severe whatsoever, but I feel it.  I will talk to my GI at my next appt about this.
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Hey i dont know what that could be from, you may want to talk to you doc before your next appt.  just call and see what he says.

good luck

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I definitely will ask him.  Has anyone else heard of this pain at all while on treatment???
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the riba builds up...less water means concentration higher than normal.

In one study by K. LIndahl in Sweden higher Riba concentrations led to greater SVR but also to more anemia problems as well as higher rates of kidney failures. The riba is known to be rough on your kidneys.

Caffiene can cause kidney stones. Usually you have to drink it for many years, but the alkalines, inclusive of all forms od speed, have an irritating effect and change PH making stones more formable.
Also your genetics and cholesterol levels determine if and when you will get stones and how resislient your kidneys are, so at any age there is risk to certain people, and certainly to those on Riba therapy.

I would tell your doctor about the pain, especially if drinking water does not clear and keep it at bay.
Kidney and bladder infections are both more common while on chemo therapy.
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God I hope it's not a kidney stone...that would be worse than chemotherapy...
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before getting too worried, and most stones pass while small and aren't painful if they pass when small...

but before getting worried, just go get a pee test.
Bacterial infection, lymphatic infections and the like are very common while on chemo.
Even though the INF boost your immune systems ability to fight HCV the Riba combo lowers disease resistence. PArticularly as your white cells, platelets etc go down...and everyone's go down...you resistance to simple bacteria goes down similarly.

Often a bladder infection will precede a kidney infection but not always.
Testing for bacteria etc. will rule out and nip any infection before the kidney is compromised.

when you drink caffiene it acts as a duiretic, removing essential minerals and flushing water from your system causing dehydration. Don't statrt drowning yourself in  water, but try to keep water with you at all times and sip throughout the day. Buying a water with added electrolytes (but no sugar) might be really wisdom.
Since you said excessive use I say this: I did know of one case where coffee alone, in excess led to coma...and almost to death....so the stuff really can drain you of natural elements your body must have. Nuff said. Love your body, without stimulants...long term you'll be glad you did.
You also should avoid all cola products, (except Hansens) as cola's and some non-colas contain phosphoric acid, which has to be neutralized in the stomach by calcium, which becomes bound in the process, which robs you of large amounts of calcium with every can. Calcium losses effect brain, bones, nerves and more.
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