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Kinda freaked out

I found out that I have hep c in March. My husband and 4 of my kids tested negative. I just found out that one of my twin daughters (18) is positive. I'm devastated. I know it will pass, as i get used to the idea, but right now I am so sad. I know that it is easier to treat the young, so that is a positive thing.

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WOW Marcia...

I can say that maybe your daughter was infected the same time as you?

I'm sending you and your family super hugs and strength. It is completely true that children seem to get through the TX mush better than others - but as with everyone - she might have the opportunity to wait for a better SOC TX.

I'm hoping that all goes well - and please Marcia - no blame - no guilt - OK? She will need you to guide her through all of your information and wisdom.

Hugs babe!

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Thank you! Yes, the guilt thing, I need to work a little through that... It's not deep within, but I can feel it is lingering somewhere. I know I cannot blame myself.  It is not us who make the world go round.

I have had some time to calm down now, so I am heading over to her place to bring her the news. I just talked to my other daughter (her twin) who was on her way to school and she said that she was at home today. I hope she will take it well. It is now that I have to be strong.

Hugs back and thanks again.


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It is possible that your daughter was not infected in vitro or via childbirth.  She may have been infected later in life at a different time.  There are MANY people who are infected at nail salons, surgical centers, etc, who never know until years later.  There are many different ways it can happen.  Both of you will do further testing, unless they've already done that (and let us know when you do get this information on the two of you) on your genotypes, and your respective viral loads.

I would imagine that they may want to do a biopsy on both of you given the possibility that you both may been infected for many years, to get the status of your liver health currently, prior to beginning treatment.

Treatment protocols are becoming more and more effective, so we will cross our fingers for both of you, and please let us know how things are going.
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I'm sorry for your news ... I know I waited anxiously for the results when my own kids got tested and I know it would have hit me hard as well.

There is nothing at all that you could have done to prevent this.  You could not prevent what you were not aware of.  That is a fact.  Many of us get this and have no idea from where.  My whole lifetime, it is entirely possible that I have passed this on to someone.  And there is nothing I can do about that now.  

Get her genotype done and then you will see if she is the same genotype as you or different.  That will tell you something as well.

Stay strong and I wish you well.  I am thinking of you.

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Thank you all for the encouraging words. I told her and she took it quite well. We are going to our GP in a few hours to get all her blood work done. Then we will see if she has the same genotype. I'm almost sure she has, as she has been using my razors in the past. It's good that I am a few months ahead in the process, as all the steps and emotions I just went through are still right there. It also gives her more confidence, that I am a step ahead and can advice her and feel exactly what she is going through. She's only 18, but my twins are very independent young women, I'm so proud of them both. We will beat this together...

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Hi Marcia

Just wanted to send hugs your way, you and your daughter both sound like very strong women..

I am keeping good thoughts for all of us..

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Sorry to hear about you and your daughter. I just wanted to send good wishes your way. It sounds like you are dealing with this difficult situation.  Best of everything to you and your family.

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can imagine how you feel; remember you have a favourable genotype; you can beat this together; on the bright side, the other ones don't have it and you are still a great mother ...a little bit of guilt we all have...
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Thank you sooooo much. It is amazing how she took it. We've just been to our GP and he was so kind not to send her to the lab, but took her blood himself. He will send it on personally. We'll have the liver work in two days and VL and GT in a few weeks.

She's already being supported by her best friends and siblings. It is heart warming to see how much good energy she is surrounding herself with.

Thank you all for all the warmth and kindness you are sending our way.

My prayers go out to you all.


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I am just going to send you a huge hug!  She has one thing going for her for sure, after reading a few of your posts, she has a great mom to get her through this!
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My best wishes to you and your girl.  I think she took it well because she had a great example.  If she has your spirit she's going to be just fine.  
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I am sorry to hear about your daughter.  I do think that with all the new treatments in various stages of development, that it won't be long before there are wonderful, fast acting treatments available to both of you.  I am confident that you won't have to wait for many years to get rid of this.

I agree with Deb, you must be a wonderful mother judging from your posts; that is the most important thing of all!

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I am sorry to hear about you and your daugher.  I knew exactly how you feel, my youngest of my 3 children tested positive too.  I felt so depressed/guilt when I found out.   It is so overwhelming, you need to take one step at a time to get through this. I almost the end of my treatment now and my goal is to see my daughter SVR.  
Good luck to both of you !
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Eric, thank you for your kind and encouraging words. I know what you have gone through. TX 8 times.  WOW. I really lift my hat for you. Finally SVR. Congrats and happy sailing.
As to new meds... I do not want to wait with tx.  I would like to treat ASAP, as I might have been going around with this dragon since the late 70ies. GT3. Also I have been having extreme fatigue since February. It is better now, but I get very shaky if I do just a bit too much. My daughter might have gotten it from birth. (her twin sister is negative) Even though she is the older and bigger one of the girls, she has always been a bit frailer. She used to be tired for some periods on an off and have joint pain. These are some of the growing symptoms some children have, so it was attributed to that. Could have been the hep c, who knows.

We will know where we stand, once we get our biopsies done.

I will definitely start treatment, she might want to wait. She hasn't made up her mind, yet, as we just found out yesterday. And I will respect her choice. She will do her own reading, at her own pace. I will of course be discussing with her a lot. We'll make it into something positive we can do together. Gotta see the best in things. I can see that during this time, the family is becoming even closer. So maybe it is a blessing in the disguise of two mean a€€ dragons.


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Thanks for your kind words. I'm really sorry to hear about your youngest. It's terrible that they have to go through what we have.

I've just been doing a lot of thinking, since yesterday. The guilt is gone, thank God. Somehow I believe that this will give my daughter an incredible life experience and that she will be able to appreciate life even more. It will make her more mature and strong to stand up for herself and to succeed in life, and all the other siblings are learning from this experience we have to go through and it will make them stronger, too. They have become more loving and caring. I've seen the change since I was diagnosed. The way they interact with each other... We all live in the same city about 10 minutes by car from each other (Copenhagen is small). My 4 eldest are out of the house, only the 17 yr old left at home. They have been calling and visiting each other more often. For myself I feel.... Who knows why I got this illness?? But while I have it, I might as well do the best with it.

Children do much better on tx, so at least they will not have to suffer as much as us.

I wish you two good luck as well

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Thank you so much for your kind words and the warmth you are sending our way. I'm sending the same good energy back to you.

Hugs, Marcia
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Hi, you couldn't be in a more beautiful spot than Copenhagen to go thru this as a family.  Take your daughter to Bergen, go to Edvard Griegs and look at how magical it is there, his wife and he are in the mountain together, family can conquer anything....bless you, I believe anything is possible when you do it together.  Annette (Stage 2, week 3 treatment)
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Thanks for the kind words. I've been to Norway many times, as one of my best friends lives in Oslo, but have actually not been to Bergen, yet. Bergen is about 1 1/2 hour flight from Copenhagen.
I might check it out some day. I actually prefer to go South, as it is already cold enough here in Denmark. I grew up in the South of France and Germany and than lived in Indonesia for 20 years. No wonder I'm always drawn South, to the heat. :-)

All the best to you with treatment Annette. I'm sending a lot of warm thoughts.

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Hi Marcia, I've read your other thread on treating Geno types, etc.
  So very sorry that your daughter has this also. As others said, I was terrified while mine got tested (3 sons) as I didn't know until May 07, likely had @ 30 years so along with the risk at birth was the many years of cuts, accidents (my blood) , plus puberty years when they'd shave peach fuzz :) with my razor, etc. All were neg.
Glad to read the guilt is gone. There is nothing you could have done, not knowing, nor did you in any way cause this!
If she also Geno 3? It's so odd that 1 twin has it, one not!
Geno 3 is a 'better' one to have compared to Geno 1.
Your words on...."an incredible life experience and that she will be able to appreciate life even more." is an incredibly positive outlook in this! Hep C has also brought good things to my life, despite the physical issues and the tx.  I come away from this battle a different person in several ways. That way of thinking will get you both thru this time.
  None of us will ever know the why's in all this, and often even the how's, but we're all brought together to learn, battle and beat this disease.
Welcome here and I wish you, your daughter and family an easy journey.

P.S. I am so envious as you have seen a lot of the world, traveled so much :)

Prayers, hopeful thoughts to you all, LL
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Thank you so much!  And congrats to your UND. It must be sweet as honey!

We'll get the GT on my girl in some weeks. The usual waiting.

Meanwhile we will just have to enjoy the early summer which has come our way. (As long as it lasts), you never know here in Denmark. You might have two weeks of summer in spring and then it rains all summer. It is good that all these crazy news have come at this time of the year. The sun definitely lifts up the spirit in every one.

Warm thoughts to you and your family,


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