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Kinoke foot pads

I have a friend with MS, who is normally a real skeptic, but she ventured forth and tried the kINOKE (SP?) Foot Pads, and said that it may be all in her mind, but they seem to be working for her. I believe they work by removing toxins from your system. Has anyone heard of these being Rx'd for HV patients. Seems to me that anything that removes toxins would right up our alley, (with liver issues).  Let me know please.  Hugs, Ant B
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sounds so far fetched to me.....when i see that on tv i just think about how much dirt is deep in your feet ..and of course it would take days to get out..so i would think it's in her head...anderson cooper did a thing on toxins..i was amazed how many toxins he had in his system...they say it was from make up on the set....and why would everything go to the bottom of your feet???...we will see.......billy
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No - Kinoki foot pads are an herbal & metallic powder mixture in a pad with a waterproof bandage that seals on to the bottom of the foot.  They do not chelate (detoxify and remove heavy metals) any better than a repeated Epsom Salt foot soak would through osmosis and ionic equilibrium.  Kinoki pads actually turn brown because the sweat excreted from your feet reacts with the iron in the powder and subsequently turns them rust brown.

The liver is the only means the body has to truly remove heavy metal toxins from the body.  

In terms of your friend with MS, dehydration and heavy metals are always an issue with that disease.   Assuming we feel the heavy metal detox relationship is not all it is cracked up to be, let's review dehydration.  

When you place something like a waterproof bandage on the bottom of the foot it traps heat.  Your feet will start sweating until the body gets accustomed to the continuous increased heat.  Over time, the body adjusts to the increased temperature and naturally reduces its sweating.  Without the sweat the Kinoki pad mixture stops oxidizing and turning brown.  

So what may be happening with your friend could be two-fold.  First is the natural placebo effect that homeopathic treatments have on a person and the second is an ancilliary reduction in sweating - which is common when people sleep.  I would suspect that your friend wakes up feeling better as she is more hydrated over time from less sweating - which could improve her general feelings of health.  With MS, even a small improvement in hydration helps.  For example - MS patients should not drink caffeinated drinks as every 10 ounces of a drink produces 12 ounces of dehydration.  This can cause a potential constriction problem with the myelin sheaths around the nerves as they become less hydrated and supple.  She may want to try using a waterproof bandage with gauze in place of the pad to see if the effect is sustained for a lot less cost than the Kinoki pads.

Hope this helps.
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In response to your reduced liver function point, there are those in holistic medicine who believe that chelating (bonding elements to a heavy metal to improve expulsion by the body) is a key to detoxifcation when the liver is not up to the task.

Many organic acids found in the body or in foods can act as chelating agents, including acetic acid, vitamin C, citric acid, and lactic acid.  Others feel that selenium, beta carotene and vitamin E are also very helpful in bonding to and removing heavy metals from the body.  

The odd item on the list is selenium.  The others are found in regular foods such vinegar (acetic acid), oranges or tomatoes (vitamin C), citrus fruit juices (citric acid); milk or cheeses (lactic acid); carrots, kale & spinach (Beta Carotene); and wheat germ, almonds, and broccoli (Vitamin E).

Selenium also has the odd distinction of also being very related to sperm quality and motility but that is another topic.  Selenium is most prevalent in Brazil nuts with tuna being a distant second and grains or meat from grain eating animals a distant third.

So you may want to consider adding some of these foods to your diet to help improve the capacity for chelation (forced detoxification).  Depending on how you include them, there is a notion that you will want to improve your hydration to provide a vehicle for expulsion of the chelation byproducts without over taxing your liver or kidneys...

Hope this helps
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As a reflexologist for over 8 years now, the feet are extremely important. The main reason is that there are 12 meridians in the body and 6 begin or end in the hands and 6 begin or end in the feet. I think the foot pads are excellent for detoxing. In fact, I have tried them. The one's on t.v. are much cheaper than the one's online. Try it out and see how you feel. You must feel better after detoxing. Drink lots of water. When I work on someone's feet they feel great for 2 weeks afterwards, whereas with massage you only feel good for a day.  
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I would have to agree with KD8587 in saying that while the foot pads probably do have some detoxification properties, they most likely are equivalent to remedies such as Epsom Salt Foot Soak sessions.

Definitely be wary of the infomercials and commercials boasting miracle cures, while some of them may produce some results for some people the truth about a majority of them is that what they boast and what they deliver are very different. Because this tends to be the case, I recommend if you don't have money to throw away on placebos, that you do the research before you buy things like these. Get opinions from regular consumers on independent forums and message boards. Avoid taking advice from people who tend to profit from the same type ideas. Basically I am saying "use your head and remember most things that seem to good to be true...are just that."

You have the whole internet at your disposal, use the search engines a be creative in using key words in your searches and you will more times than not find the information you need.
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I think they are doing a story about these on 20/20 tonight.
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I just watched it on 20/20.  Another brand of snake oil!

They showed that even distilled water would darken the pads. And when they tested them after someone took it off-the pad tested clean for all chemicals.  

So, we keep searching!!
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well said........I've got some mud inserted bandaides I sell ya!!!!  : ))))))))))
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Go to Dr. Mercolas website and see the testing that NPR did on the Kinoke footpad. RIP-OFF product, as the pad turned brown after having steam (heat) applied to the product. The same effect after wearing the pad all night!http://articles.mercola.com/sites/current.aspx
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check quackwatch.com

i seem to remember an article on these.

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I've been watching the new CBS 'The Doctors' show.  It's a daily show that features a panel of doctors and they cover various topics.  Yesterday, the topic of these foot pads came up.  They basically discovered that they are not what they're hyped up to be.  If you can somehow, watch the episode from yesterday, then you'll hear what they said on there.  Two of the doctors wore the foot pads overnight and then had the results analysed and there was absolutely nothing going on w/releasing toxins.  Actually, your normal body 'like sweat, etc.' would produce the discolorations on the paper, without any toxins coming out.  Watch it if you can.

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The Hepatitis virus takes up residence in the liver, and you're considering paying good money for footpads that suck the virus out of your FEET?!?!?

Good old Wikipedia says:

Detoxification foot pads are adhesive foot pads or patches that manufacturers claim can dramatically improve health when placed on feet during sleep. Pads contain ingredients such as "distilled bamboo vinegar" that allegedly pull toxins from the body. These claims are not scientifically plausible as the skin is not permeable and is not able to conduct toxins out of the body.

While there are claims of widespread use in Asian countries, there are no known studies on foot pads. On January 3, 2008, the FDA released an urgent warning regarding the potential dangers of many imported pharmaceutical substances including several brands of detox foot patches.

In April, in response to questions from the Associated Press, an FDA spokeswoman said regarding the agency's investigation of the claims made for Kinoki foot pads that "basically, when we open up a case it means that the violation might be in terms of the Food, Drug and Cosmetics Act, such as when (product makers) make false, misleading claims."

In August 2008, National Public Radio commissioned a laboratory test to look for heavy metals in used pads, which Kinoki claims are extracted from the body. The test found none. NPR also discovered that the pads change from white to grey when they are exposed to moisture (not necessarily because they are absorbing other substances).

https://www.kinoki.com/ cites articles from the Journal of Immunity, which is not an accredited medical or scientific journal but a collection of anecdotes and testimonials - the plural of anecdote is NOT data.
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I have been using differant foot pads for the past year,I have found BioEnergiser to be the most cost efficiant ones that work.At least they work on me and my wife.I don't care what some other guys says , they work for me! They lighten the Varicose veins in my ankles, make my feet and legs stop aching,and  kill the pain in my knees. If  I go to bed with achey knees and don't wear them, I wake up with pain throbbing knees all day. If I put them on, I want up painless with a spring in my step.I don't care what anybody says, they work for me,and the earlier I put them on at night the more sludge comes out of my feet! I put one on upside down one night by mistake,Now  here is the kicker,...........Wait for it.......there was nothing on it, no brown stuff, no sweat, just a dry foot. My other foot  had brown sludge on it, that knee felt good, my other knee did  not.So all you naysayers can kiss my foot! HA!  They work for me. BilBil
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these are helpful even in pain coz of high heels....i really love it...
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If sludge comes out the feet, wonder what would happen if you slap a couple over the liver?  Wonder what color liver disease is?  :o)
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I'm thinking I should put them across my forehead to suck out all the dirty thoughts hiding in there... so what color would those be, miss smarty pants :o)?
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Heehee, for an accurate assessment I suggest starting out by applying at least a case.

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Oooo, burn!
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Hahaha, and the longer I ponder the question, the more I need, huh :o)?
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A foot bath can help detoxify the body in a pleasant way and get rid of the many associated problems. This is because thousands of sweat glands on the feet sit on the diversion is possible.

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