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Is anyone familiar with treatment using LDN? Is this stuff for real?
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Not familiar with it, except for what I found here:


If you scroll down, there are several interesting references to its use for HIV and Multiple Sclerosis.

Have never heard LDN mentioned in association with HCV/CHC. The drugs currently available for treating HCV are, unlike LDN, very expensive and therefore not available to most people in the world with Hepatitis C.
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I know someone doing LDN with very significant drops in viral load. He is also using selenium and other hepatoprotective antioxidants of course (everyone with HCV should do this) but the really significant drops in his VL came after starting LDN. LDN seems to correct the auto-immune aspects of hepatitis and work against the immuno-supressive effects of the virus. Of course you can't do it if you're on methadone like me. But there are other cheap ways of elevating endorphins; not as spectacular as LDN perhaps but effective; cayenne (either eating hot curries, or more likely, dropping capsules of ground cayenne at bedtime) is effective (I can attest 1-2 caps is very good for restless leg syndrome), and the amino acid supplement D/L phenylalanine (DLPA) works, though I haven't tried it yet the science is sound. L-phenylalanine is the essential amino acid in the conserved sequence of all endorphin and enkephalins, and d-phenylalanine inhibits the destruction of endorphins.
Endorphin isn't just a painkiller, it also regulates the immune system, which is one reason why addicts are more likely to become chronic and don't respond as well to Tx. Also, giving morphine after some cancer surgeries significantly increases the rate of relapse (tramadol is safer). So the endorphin-immune link is well-known; also the reason "feel good" psychology - positive visualisation and the like - can actually help with HIV, cancer and HCV.
I will try to get my LDN friend onto this thread.
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Hi George!

My name is Mike and I am George's friend that takes LDN for hepatitis.

I have had hepatitis c genotype 1a for over 35 years. Five years ago I tried interferon-ribavarin and had to drop out after 12 weeks. Six months after that my viral load reached 7 million.

A year after that I did a 10 week green juice fast that brought my viral load down to 1.6 million. Seven months ago I got on LDN and IV treatments and my viral load was brought down to 58 thousand.

I am going to do my 7 month labs this week and I am hoping for a non-detected.

LDN works by causing an endorphin bloom. Low Dose Naltrexone causes a temporary blockade of 10 percent of your endorphin receptors. After four hours or so the Naltrexone degrades and falls off the receptors. The blockaded cells then respond by up-regulating endorphin production and its release into the bloodstream. The resulting endorphin bloom causes the immune system to activate and optimize.

The optimization of immune function is the reason that LDN works so efficaciously for autoimmune diseases.

For hepatitis c, I believe that LDN works better the healthier the user. The power of the immune system at its starting point is the key to how much further it can go with improvement from LDN.

The IV stuff I do is phosphatidylcholine, glutathione, lipoic acid and Laennec human placenta extract (2x per week). My current strategy is that while my viral load is down, this is a good time to eat up the fibrosis with the phosphatidylcholine and regenerate my liver with the human placenta extract.

I also have a fitness and diet regimen, and I am in excellent condition and health. Quite a contrast from 4-5 years ago when I was doing very poorly!

Everything can be reversed if you enable and empower your system to do what it knows  it needs to do.

Nice to meet you all!

Mike H
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Hi Mike,

I wish you the best but I don't think anything will cure HCV except the combo treatment of interferon & ribavirin, or the new drugs in trial right now. The viral load fluctuates on a daily basis so the changes you have most likely are the norm that everyone sees. I do believe in supplements but not that they will totally clear the virus. Best of luck and please let us know how you make out.
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Hi Copyman,

I agree that the virus may not be eradicated, but my goal is to recondition my liver, eliminate fibrosis and inflammation, and restore proper function.

My enzymes are normal and the drop in viral load with LDN was 97% - much greater than normal fluctuation. Also, all my liver functions are all good, many of which were out of range at one point. Examples are platelets and clotting times. Both were out of range and now are in range. In fact all my labs are now in range and I believe that my fibrosis, which at the time of interferon treatment was stage 2 for inflammation and stage 3 for fibrosis have totally reversed.

I'm 55 now; all I'm asking for is another 35 years or so! Five years ago that was a seeming impossibility. Now I consider it in the bag!

But you are right, I might be delusional. However, my experiences tell me that I am much healthier today than after tx. I am actually much healthier than all of my non-ill friends, and that includes liver health.

I regret having tried interferon. It did kick me to the curb however, and I never would have had the discipline to fight the disease without hitting bottom, so it was good for one thing - motivation!

Also, LDN has been shown to increase immune function. I can't think of a reason why enhanced immune function wouldn't be desirable for hep c patients.

Best of luck to you!

Mike H
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That is great, Mike!

I have not gone on LDN nor the ones using IV...no placenta either....but have been doing the others orally plus Milk thistle and have improved greatly.
However i use the precursor to gluthathione which is made into that in the body.
I also use medicinal grade Stevia.
I would like to know where one can get treatments such as yours?
I have known that /iv treatments would be far better. Bet it's expensive though and insurance won't cover that.
I'll check around if you don't reply.
thanks for posting.
I know that certain things really do help significantly. My tests and blood works are proof of this to the amazement of my allopathic doctors.
I would rather live well with this virus than to do more damages from more treatment.
It has made a mess of me but am much better from what i am doing now.

how do you know that the liver fibrosis has reversed? Did you have a biopsy recently? or?

I have improved in every way but liver histology has not changed..but I won't complain about that. it is not worse and have good blood flow when it was sluggish prior to my regiment.
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