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I hope this is not a dumb question but I would like some feed back, I have been feeling ( know it is there ) my live more on tx It hurts sometimes. Is that normal? I find ouy my blood work today since the DR cut my riba hope my hbg has gone back up so we can up the riba again, I will post my findings later, Thank-you.PLN
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There are no dumb questions! Liver pain has been a problem for some here. I am sure others will pipe in.

The liver doesn't actually feel pain, it is the surrounding organs and tissue that feel the pain when the liver is swollen. I have RQP, right quadrant pain, sometimes. Mostly before tx, when I had a bile duct obstruction. It went away when I had a stent put in. Lately I have been feeling it again. It isn't bad, just annoying.

Have you talked to your dr? Mine said to let him know if I was feeling that pain again.

Maybe your liver is revolting from trying to get rid of the virus.  Also have you had any stomach problems? sometimes I get pain from reflux and it feels like pain in my liver.
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Actually you know, our livers really don't have any nerves inside to FEEL any pain.

The lining on the outside does and sometimes as it shrinks (from the inflammation getting BETTER) it causes pain.  Like a contraction sort of.

So generally when my "liver" used to hurt - I took it as a GREAT THING!  Anytime you can turn something like this into the positive and realize that treatment is WORKING...it makes the pain actually so so good :)

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LOL,,Thank you both, That is how I am going to be looking at it now treatment is working! I hope to feel this pain all day now!lol
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I saw the question, but not the answer. How's that injured digit of yours?  People still a little freaked out at the job?
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lol isn't it funny how when you look at it that way it changes it all?

the URQ (upper right quadrant) pain is pretty common...but when it happens to me and I think of those creepy little viruses DYING (sort of like packmen being eaten up) and think of the inflammation going DOWN...it makes me feel so cool - like Xena the warrior princess ;)

So next time...picture it all in some bizarre way like that and it will help you smile - and that is the ticket!

Treatment DOES work and we CAN be cured - we have to remember whatever aggrevation it takes and whatever pain...just to be able to POST in here I AM ONE YEAR SVR...that is worth EVERYTHING!

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Thanks again NY, I am always happy when you answer my post, You are a very strong woman and I really admire your strength. What are you talking about being able to post here one year with svr, If all the new people all luckly you will still  be helping us 5 years down the road with your svr. Thanks again.
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