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I have just been diagnosed with Hep C as well as interstitial cystitis of the bladder which is known as painful bladder syndrome. Because of the hep c was told not to take any Tylenol or ibuprofen, so can anyone suggest any solution for me? I'm in constand severe pain.
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if your talking about minor ache and pains,that you would want to take tylenole for ,try takeing ginger root cut a couple of pieces of and boil in water a couple min to make a tea ,,you'll need to sweetin it a little w/ hunny or watever u like to use for sweetener and drink up I SWEAR BY THIS! IT really works for most minor pains !! I haven't used tylenole or anything like it in a few yrs now gingerroot is a natural pain reliever and i believe its good for your liver as well
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that last thread was ment for you ,,sorry just tired ,but if  you try the gingeroot i hope you get some relief
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Hi Julie,

I see Missy also started her own thread here and got some great responses:


It usually works better to start a new thread than bring up an old one.

You may want to add your comment to her new thread.

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I am a pharmacist, and would suggest staying away from both ibuprofen and acetaminophen (Tylenol) if you have hepatitis.  Unfortunately, the only way to treat the pain in a hepatic patient is to use narcotics which are eliminated from the body by the kidneys.  Im opinion, the literature points more toward mild doses of ibuprofen being better tolerated than Tylenol in hepatitis, so a good option to discuss with your physician is hydrocodone/ibuprofen (Vicopofen).  Keeping the dose low and the interval to no more than 3 times a day will help with the pain while still keeping you from experiencing too many sedating side effects.  Mild doses of Vicoprofen are also minimally habit-forming.  Be sure to take it with food if you get a prescription for it.  I hope this information helps!

Alex, Pharm.D.
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Acetaphetamine (no more than 2000 mg in 24 hrs) is recommended by most hepatologists.  Those with cirrhosis are can also take acetaphetamine but should consult with their doctor for the recommended dosage.  I have advanced liver disease and I don't know what you mean by hepatic pain.  I've never experienced that.  The liver has no nerves.
The capsule surrounding the liver can expand if the liver enlarges producing intermittent pain at times but those with liver disease do not experience pain for the most part.

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Jorge L. Herrera M.D.
Division of Gastroenterology
University of South Alabama College of Medicine
Mobile AL


“Acetaminophen use: Contrary to popular belief, acetaminophen (the active ingredient in Tylenol®) is perfectly safe for patients with cirrhosis as long as it is used cautiously. Any person who drinks alcohol regularly should not consume any acetaminophen. For patients with early cirrhosis (CPT class A or B), the use of acetaminophen is safe as long as the recommended dose is not exceeded (1,000 mg per dose, repeated no more often than every 6 hours). Patients with more advanced cirrhosis should take only ½ of the recommended dose. In fact, for patients with cirrhosis, acetaminophen, when used as described, is the preferred medication for the treatment of pain.”
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"I am a pharmacist, and would suggest staying away from both ibuprofen and acetaminophen (Tylenol) if you have hepatitis.  ... Im opinion, the literature points more toward mild doses of ibuprofen being better tolerated than Tylenol in hepatitis "

My doc and case nurse are firm about avoiding ibuprofen, but they say that even a damaged liver can metabolize 3 grams/per day acetaminophen.  They limit the dose to 2 grams, however, for those us in the program.  I take it for bone pain from Neupogen and for the slight leg cramps from the INF.  
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" I take it for bone pain from Neupogen and for the slight leg cramps from the INF."

I took it for the pain from Neupogen as well.  72 weeks to be exact.  Hmm, wonder how my liver damage managed to regress a stage with all that Tylenol?  :)

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So much conflicting advice.  My doc told me...lol. Ibuprofen was fine to take, as long as it isn't over 800 mg a day.  The guy is the head of one of the largest liver transplant centers in the country, and has published over 300 papers on liver issues.  I'll have to take his word for it.
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I think some of this is contingent upon degree of fibrosis; as patients become cirrhotic, platelets can drop precipitously, and blood clots poorly. Aspirin and ibuprofen can exacerbate that; you’re doctor likely advised you based on your personal history?

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Good point it may not be the advice he gives to everyone.

I've been of meds now for two weeks tomorrow, and like you experienced feeling much better at two weeks.  Good call.
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What a difference a couple of weeks makes, huh? After both treatments I had lab orders at thirty days post; everything had normalized at that point; red cells, white cells, platelets, etc. The first time, the only thing that was off was viral load, which unfortunately had returned. Hopefully you won’t share that experience with me :o).

Good luck, James—

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here's what I know to be true, a pharmacist has 6 years of training in drug reactions and interactions, a physician has 1 year only.

One vs. 6...hmmm... who should we listen to...my vote is a pharmacist!!!

Also the verdicts are clear one that one has to look at the whole patient profile.
Toxicity is common with tylenol, even in children, certainly in sick livers, and unless one was early stage and no conflicks with ones P450 profile....but then only a good pharmacist even knows about that stuff...even though more stuff comes out every year at the AASLD doctors still resist converting from their tylenol brainwashings, as do patients.

ibuprofen and anti-inflammatories can lead to thinning of the stomach wall, and contribute to esophageal varicies as well as increased internal liver blood pressure. Since a sick liver can have pressures several times above normal why  go there, why make that worse.

We are better off to use narcotics, only because they do the most good with the least amount of enyzme elevation. Tramadol raises enyzmes as do many "alternatives" to true opiods. However, opiods are safer, and docs will prescribe them as long as the patient doesn't abuse them.

BTW, Right quadrant pain is very common in latter stage liver disease, not because the liver itself is in pain, but the inflammation caused by sepage and enlargment leave many with serious side pain.
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i was just diagnosed for hep c i am very scared...dont know what to think what to do..im 38 years old got it through sexual intercourse..im in alot of pain few inches below my back around to left and right side abdomen area waiting on dr. appt.. tylenol made me sick  ive took a pain killer from time to time im not much for them...im also a high blood pressure high cholesterol patient and bad anxiety...got lied to *****..ive read all your guys advice and it made me feel better..what really is good to take for the pain and how do you live with it...im a single mother now was engaged and he was the one i got it from...not my ex husbands...he cares but yet doesnt seem to think its a big deal he has had it for a long time and never been treated. he didnt tell me till after we had intercourse and i freaked he said i couldnt get it through sex my doctor said yes you can was tested and positive and only been with the guy a year. from down sad and depressed:(
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Hi there ....It would be better if you have a question to go to the  green " post a question " area at the top  and start your own thread there,more people will see it that way and respond.

Sorry to hear of your diagnosis ...however ,first of all are you sure you have active Hepc? Was the test they did just for the antibodies (in which case you may or may not have active infection ) or did they do a PCR test to definitely test for Hepc.

Also ..if you do have Hepc ..it is for the most part a very slow moving disease that usually takes many years and often decades to do any damage.. and for the most part there is usually no symptoms and very rarely is pain one of those symptoms

So..for now you need to find out what blood test they ran to  ascertain if you have HCV and   if so  ... then be referred to a hepatologist or a gastroenterologist to  do some further tests..(ie genotype and possibly a biopsy)

The new treatment avail. today is in the vicinity of 75% successful..., and in the meantime  a good idea to read up on HCV...   link below.

Good luck ..and welcome

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I've read all the comments here & want to say thank you!! I woke up at 4:00 am with severe liver pain... it really helped to read everyones stories...
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The liver must have adequate reserves of glutathione to detoxify Tylenol/acetaminophen. The safe level of Tylenol is specific to each individual--ie, one that does not exceed one's reserves of glutathione. (Glutathione is the "antidote" used in E.R.s when one takes an overdose of acetaminophen.)  One can take glutathione, but it doesn't absorb well.  The precursors to making glutathione are n-acetyl cysteine, glycine, and glutamic acid (these are amino acids--the building blocks of protein).  Usually n-acetyl cysteine is the limiting factor, so all three are not necessary.  Interestingly, one's glutathione levels are one of the most reliable predictors of longevity.  Generally, a good quality UNDENATURED whey protein will provide the necessary amino acids to make glutathione.  My patients use Standard Process "Whey Pro Complete", but there are others available.  A more expensive, but effective product is Immunocal.  I also met a woman whose Hep C is now undetectable after taking glyconutrients from Mannatech (an MLM).  Same type of glyconutrient product (less expensive, and I'm told just as good) is sold as MPS Gold from Dr. David Wheeler's site. Glycoproteins are normal components of cell membranes that are involved in proper cell-to-cell communication.  This has obvious implications, including immune function, detoxification, and many other cell functions.  They are essential to health, but are especially crucial to those who have compromised health.  I would also use Lauricidin, which selectively inhibits pathogenic bacteria, fungi, and viruses.  One must begin with just a few pellets and can then increase gradually to several mini-scoops per day. The great thing about these options is that they promote a healthy immune system and healthy function of cells in general--and without negative side effects or interference with drugs.   Everything I have mentioned is also available without prescription.
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I have Hep c 1a and fibromyalga and it's making me crazy. I have to work, my Dr. has me on vicodin  and 30mils of methadone a day. It's been 7yrs. on the same meds. they are not working anymore. He wants me to go on treatment. Can't, no support, no emotional support, no insurance. I need to change meds somehow because I have to work. The liver Dr. says she would have put me on a patch antook me off the other meds along time a go.  But I'd have to go on treatment. Now they have a new pain med contract. They call me out of nowhere, urine test me ,and count my pills. I feel like a pill head because they make u feel like crap when u use them. Why give to me then. If u don't want me to take them? Any ideas?
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Teri: I heard gabapentin (Neurontin, Gabarone) or a similar neurological drug can be effective against fibromyalga. You may want to discuss that potential (partial) solution with your doctor. Gabapentin is not metabolized by the liver.
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I have ciroshios of liver and a new desease I acuired due to it.Pulminary hpypertension.My Meld score is above 20 Lung docs put me on a med that causes extreme migraines.I have told them over and over but in order to get on transplant list they must fix hyper tension.I would like something for pain
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I am in my first week of Pegasys Ribarvirin and have been taking 500 mg of tylenol twice a day for the first three days after the injection. It hasn't worked that well so asked and got Vicodan for the next injection. I haven't taken any yet and want to get through this 6 month treatment in reasonable shape and potentially without the virus. Wondering if there may be any bad effects associated with changing out Vicodan (unused) which has Acetaminophen (Tylenol) for Oxycodone HCL which doesn't ?
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You might want to be careful with narcotics. It is easy to become addicted and then you have another problem.
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Call Dr. Schiff at Jackson Memorial in Miami for a referral. He is a world renown Hepatologist (liver transplant dept) @ 305-243-5787 and has had many doctors preform their fellowship under him. I was treated by Dr. Prosopolus in Orlando. Hope this helps. Also ask for Kay to call a doctor in your area to get you in ASAP.
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I HAVE HAD HEP C DIOGNOSED 10 TEARS BACK TYPE ONE. CANT TAKE IBUPROFIN OR TYLONAL. BAD ALERGIC REACTION. JUST FINISHED TREATMENT WITH INCIFIC. IT WORKED TO KILL THE VIRUS BUT IS WAS NOT STRONG ENOUGH TO GO THE DISTANCE. BRAIN IS ALL FOGGED UP LAXITIVE HELPS WITH THIS.CAN ONLY TATHE LAXITIVE AT NIGHT OR I CANT LEAVE THE HOUSE " toilet" Every now and then pain is so bad i cant walk or move. Just spent 4 days in mortal pain. now it's gone again.never know where or when the pain will come back. Going off the deep end. I hate this virus. all i can do now is hope i live long enough for the next new treatment to come out. The old one's will kill me sooner. and not in a fast or good way. Joseph
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I have had hep c for 30+ yrs. Genotype 1A.  This is my 3rd attempt at interferon. This time with ribovarin and victrelis (sp?) in 3 weeks. Since I started almost two  weeks ago, I have experienced the worst pain I have ever had. No comparison to the previous treatments or biopsies. Back, should nerve/joint & muscle pain. Burning, throbbing and searing.  Sometimes it radiates down my spine mostly up into a migraine. I work and have to read and write! No can do like this!

I cannot live with this pain, so I'm either going off the meds, or getting pain relief. Your story scared me a lot! Can you try steroid shots to block nerve pain?  I sure as hell will, if I go through what you are going through!  I'm stage 2-3. Brain fog is due either to meds or new Hep C stage...

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Fameartist posted here once, the post you read.
We know nothing of this person's history, whether they already have cirrhosis or other physical ailments.
Without knowing more about this person's health it's know what exactly is their problems.
And sadly, there are random people who make up posts for whatever odd reason.
I'm not saying this is fameartist's situation, we just don't really know.

Some people cannot work during tx. Have you spoken to your doctor ? Are you being seen by a good hepatologist experienced with hep C treatment?
You should be. They can help you with the side effects of treatment.

I'd encourage you to being your own post if you'd like more help.
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he[c was found in me in 2009, then a doc said I didn't have it.  I can't to do the 48 week program and shots they mentioned.  Any help u could give me, I could greatly use.

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I can't believe a Dr said to use Tylenol!My deceased husband was on list in PA for a liver transplant and they said it was the leading cause of liver disease.and main reason people are on transplant list.The general public think alcohol and hep c is the leading cause of transplants on the liver and it's tylenol!
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Vicodin ES(that of course has loads of Tylenol)was given... for months, to my husband, for major herniated discs and nerve damage.This is what helped to bring him to  end stage liver disease!Please, anyone reading this, who has help C...DON"T take tylenol! If you don't have liver disease and just the hep c virus, tylenol can push a person right into the next stage!My husband was on the transplant list at the University of PA and we learned so much! AS the top surgeon explained to us, the newest research and findings, which are not yet published in the present Doctors manual , but will be; after the amount of years have gone by in which the FDA insists on waiting on, before things are approved and made public knowledge..My husband unfortunately didn't make it....and many others won't make it going by the 'old rules" on hep c , tylenol and any kind of opiate medications. It was always thought to take liver disease patients off of pain meds.Now they found it esscalates the disease, and I am proof as I asked my doc to wean me off of oxicontin which i was taking for chronic pain, tears , herniated discs etc...my viral load shot up from 800,000 to 1,400,000.I cold not understand why i felt sicker and sicker after the withdrawal was long gone and over with...Blood work was done and instead of getting healthier like i figured i should by NOT putting opiates in my system anymore, the Hep C got worse...Symptoms were off the roof with me...Fatigue so bad, I could no longer drive.I could not work!Nor clean my house...my double zero jeans were falling off of me and none of my belts fit!Here I was off of drugs of any kind... taking herbs and vitimans. and anyone who knew me wondered if I was messed up on something, or worried I was dying) as I never let my home get the way it was, or laundry build up.and I always loved to gpo places and drive my car!
Please consider no tylenol in your system.NOT worth what could happen!My youngest child is left with a very sick mom and no dad...There is so much research that needs to come out asap, but this is the world...They go by the book.Doesn't matter that our loved one's are dying.Check into research of withdrawal of opiates in a hep c patients.Google it and you will find out more...
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Were you also checked for hemochromatosis at all? I know that pain in muscles and joints is a side of hep c...my husband has had it for 30 years or so, just found out and will find out today results of liver biopsy...but also found out he had hereditary hemochromatosis, an iron loading disorder that causes arthritis, liver cirrhosis, heart failure, etc, etc. It is the most common genetic disorder rarely diagnosed by medical community. Predominantly found in Celtic/Irish/Scottish/Northern European backgrounds. 1 in 9 people are carriers, in in 200 -300 people will develop hemochromatosis. (HHC) Worth looking into as you also have hep C. Cheers, and best wishes
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My husband is a 23-year liver transplant patient with hepc and arthritis. He has a lot of pain all the time and I'm no longer sure what to give him. His primary prescribed Tramadol, which does nothing. The pharmacist said he could take Ibuprofen not Tylenol. But from reading the comments above, I'm not sure which is safest.
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You would do best with an extended release medication such as opana...This was discussed with the doctors on the transplant team when my husband was on transplant   list .They told him not to go off the medication either, as it could make the virus worse.Thet told us anyone wth hep c should not change any thing with their meds and many Dr's don't know this and they take the person off meds., causing the viral load to jump higher and virus to become very active.I not knowing this, I went off my medication( weaning off thinking I am helping better my disease!...my viral)Instead my viral load jumped up to 1,400.000 from 850,000! I could not understand why I was getting sicker, rather then better.Just know there is a misconception that liver patients are not to have medication.Transplant unit in PA says just" no tylenol !) and the purest medications possible.which is usually the medications most docs do not want to put a person on.!
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Both should not be taken. I went through all experimental interferons and peg intron worked. I have tested neg to hep c for over ten yrs. I still do not take over the counter pain meds. On rare rare occasions I will take a goody powder. But very rarely.
***@**** hep c free
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Pain medications , no matter what  the cause of the pain,  such as Tylenol or ibuprofen are all bad for the liver. Opiates are not bad for the liver.It's baffling. Many methadone treated patients have Hep-c . Methadone is not harmful to the liver, and serves as a good ,yet addictive , pain killer.

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I was diagnosed with Hep C about 10 years ago.  Was told I have liver damage from it that took 20 years in the making.  At the time of my diagnosis, I felt fine - thought they were all a bunch of quacks.  Well, afterr being hospitalized like 1/2 dozen times, put in a 2-week coma. I've come out the other end, not great, but still kicking.  I'm supposedly to 'fragile' to undergo treatment for Hep C.  As a result, I now have severe Rheum Arthritis.  Don't let anyone tell you different, Advil, Tylenol or any NSAID is damaging to your liver.  Since in the beginning I kept taking Advil cuz it works great for me, I was put on Nexium to prevent stomach ulcers.  But my doctor, who I trust with my life (& believe me I don't trust doctors) goes ballastic if he hears I'm taking Advil so I've stopped..  You've got a tough road ahead.  If there's anyway you can be treated for Hep C - do it.  I know people who have and are perfectly healthy now while I'm waiting for the next catastrophe.
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I live in Sarasota area and have hep c strand 1a worst to treat, did a year of there what they call chemo for a year and I am a non-responder I have lots of pain just found out after complaining for 4 years my knee hurts that basicly I have no cushion left between the bones, and bone spurs, 4 buldging dics in my back and neuropathy. I suffer everday there are meds to help I am on transplant list afraid to get my hopes up. they told e 90%chance chemo Anitiferon, riboveron would work spent a year in bed very sick and NO DID not work. I heard it does work for many try looking for clinical trials just goggle Clinical Trials for hep c and if you get into a study they pay for all meds!! I am still in pain x 10 and use fentanyl patches oxycodone 10 mg for breakthrough none have asprin or Tylenol. I am not completely out of pain but feel a whole lot better take Xanax 0.5 up to 3 a day for stress it is awful to not be able to get out of bed 9 out of 10 days from being in so much pain. look uo Bach and Godofsky infectious disease Doctors for liver treatment in Bradenton. THEY WONT GIVE YOU ANYTHING FOR PAIN, you will need your Primary or pain management good luck
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I have just been diagnosed with fatty liver disease. Mild discomfort...could not call it pain. Is this where some of you started?  Am I in denial to think my problems will not escalate?  What shoud I do now?
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have had hep-c since 87 been in  pain the last 5 to 7 years tried a lot of pain meds was on oxycodone 6-8 times a day morphine and to the point of pain management wanting a pump put in me.  dose anyone no of anything that could help don't want the pump but tired of pain .... going crazy!!!
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There is a vicodin with a lower amount of tylenol in it. It's called Norco and the generic med is not expensive. Only has 325 mg tylenol which is normally considered safe. Good luck.
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The medical community has apparently become increasingly aware of the dangers of excessive Tylenol [acetaminophen], because the drug makers are scaling back the quantities.  Most - perhaps all - of the "combination" RX med pills now contain only 325 mg...reduced from the previous level of 500 mg.  You correctly identified Norco as a product that did "lead the way" in this trend....but others are following suit. I noticed recently that Vicodin has been reduced to 325 as well.  If in doubt you can always discuss this with your doctor or pharmacist -
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I have Hep C along with cirrhosis and just had surgery.  Taking 10 mg. Hydrocodone and Dilantin.  Is Dilantin dangerous for the liver?  Please let me know the details.
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Good luck
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Doctors continue to use the 101 level logic that Ibuprofen is processed by the kidneys, and Tylenol is process by the liver so ergo use Ibuprofen.

But Hepatitis C thins the blood and won't allow the kidneys to process Ibuprofen.

All the big liver clinics use Tylenol. And Narco for heavier pains.

who cares if this thread is 9 years old? I've had every doctor in the last 4 years use the 101 logic.
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I am responding to a very old post on a medhelp website.  I have always been a heavy drinker but seemingly healthy.  I was NOT taking any other medications until July 2015 when I had shoulder pain.  I was then prescribed Diclofinac (anti -inflammatory) and Hydrocodone to compensate for the pain.  I regularly used the Diclofinac on a daily basis ( 1 a day- not 2 as prescribed) and only rarely used the Hydrocodone- unless I couldn't get comfortable.  I had my Rotator Cuff surgery in Dec 2015 and have continued to take the drugs above along with new scripts for blood pressure and thyroid. At the first of the year I had to switch doctors due to insurance changes and they did a thorough blood test when I found out my liver enzymes were high!   Other tests followed and a CT SCAN.  I am still waiting on the REAL results but one nurse reported it looks like I have Cirrhosis - or symptoms of it?  I kind of freaked as I had many tests in the past year that showed no alarm-  only thing that changed with my habits in the new meds!  I have researched on my own until getting back with the doctor which won't be for weeks and decided on my own to quit taking the Diclofinac and the Hydrocodone.  BOY do I feel the difference!  My every joint in my body aches now- especially my shoulder which is still healing and I am going through PT.  I was told to try something of lower dose- over the counter- but WHAT!  I am thinking Advil which is the anti inflammatory drug- right?  It is more my joints- knee, shoulder and foot- than overall pain.  Can you suggest?
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Hi have hep c and my doctor prescribed me naproxen which can speed up liver damage will the compounded hydrocodone hurt my liver?
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I'm thankful for your insight.
Most doctors don't believe people who tell them their in pain. I'm so sick of being treated like an addict I've come to loath them. With MRI in hand--third in 10 years--I have found a Spin and Back Center that finally read it and will help. (Although now, my degenerated spin is beyond even surgery and at 64 it's not going to get better)

Here's my question:   You mentioned Vicoprofen, or Oxycodone, for pain in people with Liver concerns. Anything you can add about this med? I also had Hep-C, just finished treatment, but have some Liver Damage.  

I've been online going over pros and cons and drug interactions with these pain meds. Most are mixed with damaging additives but the two you mention sound like a plan. I'm looking into burning the nerve endings rather than long term addictive meds.  Any thoughts there? Of course at my age it's becoming quality of life rather than life.

Thanks again for sharing.

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Good luck
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I have hep c and cirrhosis of the liver plus acute pancreatitis, Im in constant pain and always nauseous and severely fatigued, what is the best thing for pain?
Hi racersmom and welcome,

So I suggest you may want to post your question in the cirrhosis community as a new question of your own.


You have asked your question on an old thread and generally most people won’t find it. You have added a comment on a thread originally started in 2006 and not really very active.

The best way to get your question noticed and the attention it deserves try posting a new question. To do this go to the top right of the page in the cirrhosis community and click on the red button "Post a Question". Then more people will see your question so you can get your question answered.

As far as pain management this is a question you really need to ask your doctors. Pain management is problematic for those with cirrhosis as we are at increased risk of bleeding as a symptom of cirrhosis and most OTC pain meds like aspirin, Avele and Advil in the class of meds known as NSAIDS are known to increase bleeding risk and as such are dangerous for us to take.

The recommendation for those of us with cirrhosis is to take Tylenol but no more than the daily recommended dose as Tylenol if too much is taken can cause liver damage. Often multi symptom medicines may have Tylenol (acetaminophen) as one of the ingredients so if you were to take Tylenol along with a multi symptom medicine you could easily risk exceeding the allowed dosage so always read labels.

So you can see why we need to be cautious with our choices of pain meds. Otherwise if pain is not controlled adequately with OTC Tylenol the only other option for physicians to consider is opioid based pain meds but these meds are also problematic for us.

So sorry to hear about your pain and suffering. I also have liver cirrhosis for 10 years now. Thankfully I do t have other coexisting medical conditions and feel more or less fine.

Here is a link to an article from the National Institute of Health about managing pain for patients with cirrhosis


But I strongly suggest you need to discuss this with your doctor.

Sending my best wishes that you can find the help you need for your pain and other health challenges
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