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I started taking Harvoni at night since I was corcerned with fatigue, now I have all this energy and cant sleep.Like to know if anyone here has same problem and they changed it to the morning. Does this energy go away after several days  or does it really last.  
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Hi Fred, I started Harvoni 11 days ago, and have been taking it in the morning.  I have been bedridden with massive farigue for the last two years due to cryoglobulinemia and I guess hep c symptoms.  Surprisingly despite taking ribavirin as well, my energy continues to increase.  I did not expect to be feeling better and be up and about - quite the opposite.  I Believe it's a combination of genuine improved wellbeing, as well as perhaps as you say the effects of the meds, although it just feels like regular energy to me rather than any 'wired' type feeling.  I am sleeping very well.  Hope this helps.
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Hello trigger, I am glad you are also doing better on Harvoni. I too did not think I  was going to feel this way and I am hoping it does not change. Hope we both reach SVR on this one. Good day!
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My gp gives me valium. I would rarely get a good night's sleep without it. It is fine to take it with Harvoni and my gastro OK'd it. I'm feeling good on Harvoni but this brutal cold weather in Michigan sure makes me feel lazy.
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Lol Carl, and I though Valium was for the opposite of lazy.  Just kidding, I'm know you meant you are taking it for sleep.  Good to hear you are doing well too, yes, freezing in NY also!

Great to hear Fred!  Yes, it is unexpected!  Let's just take it as a good sign on our journey to wellness.  I am particularly happy about it, as I had planned for the worst, and had the exact opposite so far.  I am on ribavirin though, so anemia may be lurking at some point.  Hope not because this is great.
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Carl, my doc wants me try to sleep without any help since I always sleep well. I am going to change the meds to lunch time to see what happens.

Trigger, I cant do Riva so for me its Harvoni and hoping for the best.
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I had a liver transplant in August. Today is day 3 of Harvoni. I feel like I can run down the street. I sleep deep for 6 or 7 hours. You MUST get up and walk.  No exercise = misery. Let you body tell the meds what to do, not the other way around. Hep C 10,000.000.

I feel great!
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Hey guys, before changing the time you take your meds, please check with your doctors. The trial  I was in insisted on taking it within one hour of my regular time and told us it may not work if you weren't careful with timing. I know that was true in the early days of HIV meds but am not positive about Harvoni and Viekira Pak. Please check.
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First, congrats on taking Harvoni. I just received news that after taking it alone for 12 weeks in 2015, I am undetected and have reached SVR24. This after 3 failures and 1 relapse over a period of close to 30 years. Second, it was my experience that it didn't matter when I took the Harvoni, my sleep patterns were anything but consistent. I was lucky because at lunch  time I could just close my office door and take 20 minutes or so, I know most people can't do that. My advice is to just build in time in your day to take naps, this med is absolutely worth it, best of luck to everyone for SVR!!
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